B!Digital - Social Media Marketing Cascade - 2010


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Social Media Marketing model to provide brands a tool to implement social media effectively as part of their marketing efforts.

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B!Digital - Social Media Marketing Cascade - 2010

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Cascade Being Social: • Share & Exchange Strategic vision Buongiorno Digital • Develop & Design • Create value • Inspire • Being part of everyday life Brand’s Trusted Circle of Friends • # of active users on Transaction Social Media Part of the • # of users Loyalty Referral consuming conversation Social Media Time on a mobile Interaction device Community UGC Apps R&D Interaction Connection Dedicated  Monitor Content Feedback (Online) Social Media Advertising  Measure manager Presence  Optimise Hyves Twitter Facebook Netlog LinkedIn YouTube Listen Buongiorno Digital copyright 2009
  2. 2. How to read the Social Media Marketing Cascade? • The Cascade is a fountain-like model where the force comes from the basis and rises to a predefined longterm goal. • It is a continuous flow where you can work on several levels at the same time, while in time moving up into the Cascade. • The levels on the left side of the Cascade show the steps in the process of reaching a Brand’s Trusted Circle of Friends at which point a brand should be able to drive direct sales using Social Media. • The speed of moving up is partly based on how fast the number of people actively participating in Social Media is increasing (both online and through mobile). • Eventually a brand can be labelled as Being Social when it Shares & Exchanges, Develops & Designs, Creates value, Inspires and Is a part of everyday life.
  3. 3. Social Media Marketing Cascade – Explanation (1) Listen Who is talking about you? And where are they talking about you? Is it good or bad? Presence On which Social Media platforms are you present? Or should you be present? In NL the main Social Media platforms are Hyves, Twitter, Facebook, Netlog, LinkedIn and Youtube. Connection Content Advertisers add content to their Social Media presence. Content ranges from news, updates, promotions, introductions using text, photos, and videos. Feedback Once you have established a presence you will start to receive feedback from visitors. Use this to optimise your input and feed the feedback back to others in the organisation Dedicated Social Media Either someone within the organisation or an external resource to manager keep the flow of input going and making sure the initial presence is not going to waste. (Online) Advertising To attract more people to your Social Media initiatives you advertise either online (Social Media sites and other relevant sites) or offline. The Social Media presence in it self will also attract others.
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing Cascade – Explanation (2) Interaction User Generated Content (UGC) People respond to the brand’s presence with uploading User Genereated Content (such as photos and videos, but also suggestions) Apps Offering applications embedded in the social media platforms to engage the audience and stimulate the viral effect the app has, therefore attracting more people to the brand’s section (e.g. fan page). Community Interaction Brands with successful Social Media presence give their audience something to talk about. Once the content is relevant and interesting enough, visitors will talk about it within the brand’s social media presence (e.g. fan page). The interaction in itself will attract more people. R&D Using Social Media interactively allows the brand to make the audience part of the R&D process. In an early stage of product development the ‘fans’ can be invited to comment and provide feedback. At the same time this group can be the starting point when introducing a new feature, flavor, product or service to the market
  5. 5. Social Media Marketing Cascade – Explanation (3) Transaction Loyalty Giving (content, information, something to talk about, invitation to participate and give feedback) will create loyalty. The brand’s social media presence has give a face to the company behind the brand. Now it’s people talking to people. Part of the conversation The brand no longer broadcasts it’s (commercial) messages but has taken part of the conversation around or about the brand. The brand can, listen, ask questions and talk back. Referral Once you are part of the conversation and the brand has created a sense of loyalty, the audience will serve as ambassadors to the brand and therefore refer the brand to others (ie. word of mouth). Social Media platforms facilitate this in a great way as it’s just one click to share the brand with someone’s own trusten circle of friends. Brand’s Trusted Circle of Friends Ultimately the brand has reached the stage where it is on a similar level as human friends are within the context of Social Media. The brand has created it’s own Circle of Trusted Friends. In time this will make a huge contribution to commercial success.