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Social Network Marketing with Facebook Pages & Applications


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This is a talk that I gave at the Austin Ad Federation at the end of 2008.

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Social Network Marketing with Facebook Pages & Applications

  1. 1. Social Network Marketing With Facebook Pages & Applications An Introduction presented at Nikhil Nilakantan President & CEO Creating rich brand experiences through New Media Marketing Campaigns...
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  3. 3. Facebook Facts 120 million+ active users. 4th most-trafficked website in the world. Most-trafficked social media site in the world. More than half of Facebook users are outside of college. Fastest growing demographic is 25 years old and older. &
  4. 4. Facebook Has 70 of America’s100 Biggest Advertisers
  5. 5. What Companies & Brands Are Trying To Achieve On Facebook Product & Brand Awareness Product Market Announcements Research & Driving Trial Facebook Traffic Buzz Generation Consumer Distribution Engagement Channel & Feedback
  6. 6. How Companies & Brands Are Creating Facebook Marketing Campaigns Sponsored Applications E-Mails Pages Newsfeeds Friend Banner Ads Viral Videos Recommend- Widgets ations
  7. 7. Facebook Pages Applications Pages
  8. 8. Facebook Pages
  9. 9. aerie by American Eagle Outfitters Community Videos Participation From Opportunities Other Marketing Programs
  10. 10. Keep Users Engaged While Providing Product Information Photos by New Product aerie Announcements Photos From Special Offers Fans Fan Profiles Link to a Branded Facebook Application
  11. 11. Get Consumer Feedback & Suggestions Discussion Board & Community Feedback
  12. 12. Keep Consumers Updated Regularly Regular Updates Messages to a User’s Inbox
  13. 13. Facebook Applications Pages Pages Applications Applications
  14. 14. 46,000+ Applications
  15. 15. Typical Goals of a Branded Facebook Application Building Brand Awareness CokeTag 56,000 Monthly Actives Driving Traffic to a Destination Site Cities I’ve Visited 1.3 Million Monthly Actives Creating a New Distribution Channel Picnik 433,000 Monthly Actives
  16. 16. Application Options Sponsor Build Buy Coca-Cola & CokeTag TripAdvisor & Cities I’ve Visited Sony Pictures & Vampires
  17. 17. Application Examples
  18. 18. The Good: Cities I’ve Visited by TripAdvisor Simple, Easy to Understand Concept That is of Interest to Facebook Users
  19. 19. Clean, Easy to Use Interface Clear Logo & Branding Throughout Application Additional Ways to Reach the User Get Productive Right Away Tell the App Where You’ve Been
  20. 20. Features Provide Utility & Traffic to External Sites
  21. 21. Involve Friends and Compare Travels Use Your Network to Get Advice on Places of Interest See Where Your Friends Have Been
  22. 22. Test Personal Knowledge & Challenge Friends Takes Advantage of Additional Marketing Opportunities
  23. 23. Acquire Additional Users Integrates TripAdvisor With Cities I’ve Visited Functionality
  24. 24. Leveraging the Viral Loop Newsfeed & Mini-Feed Message Integration Attracts New Users
  25. 25. The Not So Good: Travel Bag by American Airlines Fairly, Simple to Understand Concept That is of Interest to Facebook Users BUT Nothing Unique That Differentiates From Competitions
  26. 26. Utility is Not Immediately Obvious Boring Opening Page With No Information Does Not of Interest Take Advantage of Existing Data and Forces User to Enter Information First
  27. 27. Complicated & Time Consuming Requires a Lot of Information for Each Entry
  28. 28. Complicated & Time Consuming A User Has to do Too Much Work for Features That are Not Very Engaging
  29. 29. Not Enough User Data & No External Integration or Traffic Generation A Search for “Egypt” Brings Up One Result
  30. 30. Application Best Practices • Don’t Look at An App as a “One-Off” Effort. (i.e. make sure that the concept is in line with your overall brand strategy) • Make Sure the Concept is Engaging to the User • Balance User Value With Brand Goals (i.e. don’t forget about the brand while you’re building the app and vice-versa) • Carefully Decide Between the - Build, Buy or Sponsor Options • Create a Simple and Easy User Interface That Everyone Can Understand • Provide Incentive to Maximize User Engagement & Viral Spread (i.e. keep the user coming back AND entice them to spread the word)
  31. 31. Application Best Practices (continued) • Look for Cross Marketing and Cross Promotion Opportunities. • Take Full Advantage of the Advanced Features in Facebook’s Development Platform (i.e. make sure your developers stay up to date with new features Facebook provides) • Be Willing to Experiment and Be Ready For Fast Iterations and Change (i.e. be prepared to learn from what your users are telling you) • Create a Roadmap & Plan for Future Development - Time and Money (i.e. users get bored easily - new features keep their interest level high)
  32. 32. “In a recession, social applications with measurable results will pay off.” Strategies For Interactive Marketing In A Recession by Forrester Research Forrester Research Well-designed social applications are eective. • Leverage voice of customer for increased word-of-mouth. They’re cheap. • Much cheaper than traditional media spend such as TV. They motivate consumers in the middle of the funnel. • Helps people in the consideration phase when they’re on the fence about purchasing.
  33. 33. QA ?
  34. 34. Contact Info Nikhil Nilakantan President CEO email: nikhil [AT] socialspan [DOT] com web: The Social Span Media logo is a registered trademark of Social Span Media LLC Any trademarks mentioned in this presentation are owned by their respective companies.