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Your small business' social media strategy - PowerPoint presentation


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A guide to show small businesses an easy way to develop their own social media campaign. Any quote? Just contact me @gmolinag

Your small business' social media strategy - PowerPoint presentation

  1. 1. What is this Social Media thing all about? • Traditional marketing It‟s not… • Nor classic advertising • neither just a Facebook profile • An integration of messages with It is technologies, images, video, audio… • Conversations that are joined by more and more people every daySocial Interactions Consumer driven Listening Engagement
  2. 2. Conversations are easy and very usual… Why then Social Media is this hard? Too many channels Very little Thousands of time More and more people conversations joining
  3. 3. Why Social Media works? Human being is socialWe love telling others, sharing contents, ideas We tend to like what our friends like LIKE And will want to share it with other friendsMultiple interactions are just a matter of time
  4. 4. What conversations and Social Networks to join?.... What channels to use? Each company should have its own social media campaign
  5. 5. Key objectives and strategy Keeping customersIncrease website traffic and engaged with content andkeep customers returning linking to your website Giving them the chance to discover, engage and shareDrive sales and encourage How? content around your SMBsocial recommendations Bringing your SMB closer to customersRaise awareness aroundyour SMB‟s website and Rewarding customer loyaltyproducts with promotions
  6. 6. How can we drive loyalty within the target audience? News/updates activity News/updates Promotions activity LaunchPromotions The key is on an „always on‟ strategy where continuous engagement through regular content, promotions and conversation will drive interest and loyalty.
  7. 7. Are other similar businesses on Social Media yet? Active Twitter brand PageMobileapplication Active Facebook Fan page
  8. 8. Blog and Forum Active Twitter brand page Active Facebook Fan pageSocial Media will give your SMB the opportunity to reach all these online markets
  9. 9. Who is your truly Where is yourPotential Audience? Potential Audience? 57% Female Twitter 65% 25-44 years old 64% Some college YouTube education But we can‟t High incomes* forget about Facebook HIM Blogs Or about HER Photo Sharing applications* Google Ad Planner data * Social Mention data Your Small Business will join these online conversations with its own personality and tone of voice
  10. 10. Content strategyBefore entering social media, it‟s important to define what the voice ofyour Small Business will be and what content and messaging we wantto relay to the audience. All this can be simplified in 3 key themes orcontent pillars (these are just an example) Creativity Inspiration High quality The capacity of Related to the creating something previous Both, Creativity and new and valuable or content, your Inspiration will be an unique idea. As community will improved with a artists or art look forward to high quality feel to lovers, most of the some inspiration, a be spread through community will sudden creative require this the campaign. burst that could let artworkme is high sentiment coming them show up their from artworkme artistic genius quality itself
  11. 11. Social activationOnce we‟ve defined the content to communicate, we have to determinehow to communicate it and where, according to our previous research.The campaign will be focused on two different pillars A. Your community Social Networks B. Amplification Influencer Blogs & Advocates They will help us out to spread the word, so their role and value for us is crucial. As opposed to Your Community, there will be no brand control over the post‟s content though
  12. 12. Your community Spread the word Your SMB just joined Social Media! Every time a campaign is launched, it can be cross promoted through all channels (old and new) Your SMB Website / Blog Customer Own social Newsletters Promotions platforms Top 3 Blogs Social & PPC Ads promotional posts
  13. 13. Your community Spread the word Your SMB Among Newsletters Web / Blog channels Blog post released for Restricted use. Cross social every campaign we Newsletters are promotions among launch needed and we‟ll use platforms is essential. them but we can‟t let Button / link to that What happens on fans think it is spam. campaign, to allow Facebook will be Only 2-3 newsletters readers to easily tweeted and pictures in 6 months. participate shared on Instagram. Top 3 Key Social & PPC Ads Influencer Blogs Perfect way to . advertise your fan • For biggest campaigns page and website we‟ll try to agree 2 or 3 paid guest posts on the You‟ll only pay for most influencer blogs and every potential fan also work with advocates. and customer actually clicking on the advert.
  14. 14. Amplification Influential blogger strategy All bloggers, either professionals or amateurs, often write about brands. Their opinion is heard by quite a lot. Their increasing online influence makes a good relationship with them decisive for brand marketers. Blog outreach currently is really important for brand exposure. • Once a month, a KI blogger will review an Reviews artworkme product. Post will be also launched on Facebook and Twitter Blog • An offline event with KI bloggers will ostensibly increase the possibility to succeed event • One event with 10 bloggers by the end of the current social media campaign
  15. 15. Let‟s recap… Twitter Vouchers newsContent Facebook “Live Art” Contests Promos Event +Actions app Instagram Constests Influencers: reviews + comments
  16. 16. Measuring progressHaving metrics to guide you and measure progress against is very important forsuccess. Measuring how many people are visiting your site is the most common way toknow if your social media campaign is working, but that‟s only one portion of themetrics pie Visitors: how many + How often What Website where are they visit browsers they Mobile reporting they coming your website use from Tracking Tracking Follower + comments, mentions Engagement brand fans growth and “people talking sentiment about it” Tracking the Tracking social media Tacking traffic coming from every potential R.O.I. ROI via Google activity of your social media future Analytics campaign customers A complete custom report after every social action
  17. 17. Social Media is not unidirectional. It‟s not advertising Social Media works, but it‟s not for free. Your SMB will have to be ready for the time of your CM, social ads, promotions, vouchers or contest prizes Bearin mind Social Media must be coherent with website and brand. Coordination between your SMB and your online marketing consultant Social Media is a matter of TIME. Time to keep everything updated and time to wait for results If you follow the rules, you‟ll see satisfying results coming from your social media activity