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77 academy facebook marketing tips 2


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77 academy facebook marketing tips 2

  1. 1. Facebook as a marketing tool A few helpful tips…
  2. 2. Facebook has firmly established itself as akey digital marketing and branding channelfor businesses of any size
  3. 3. The two main problems we see brands facing:Building fansLeveraging value from Facebook
  4. 4. Building FansA fan page with a low volume of fansis potentially brand damaging andmeans it is harder to leverage anyvalue directly out of Facebook users
  5. 5. Building FansOffline awarenessMake sure the Facebook Logo and your Fanpage URL is present on all your offlinemedia (Print, TV, Radio, Street media, Email signatures, business cards…..)Use Facebook’s tools….such as the local businesses stickers:
  6. 6. Building FansOnline- Onsite Ensure a link to your Fanpage is present throughout your website and other online media- Facebook Advertising (based on CPC pricing) Develop a targeted Facebook “Like” advertising campaign for your page
  7. 7. Building FansFan Building Specific PromotionsDevelop a range of digital and offline promotions attracting new fans to your page…
  8. 8. Building FansOutsourcing Fan BuildingConsider outsourcing your fan building activities to a specialist providerWhy?Pay only per fans acquired (cost per like basis)Build a fan base quickly (i.e. 30,000 in one week?)Who?Choose a service provider with Facebook credentialsChoose a service provider who invests in FB ad serving technology
  9. 9. Building FansBuilding Fans Checklist:1. Offline promotion2. Online promotion3. Facebook Fan Building Advertising Campaign4. Fan Building Focused Promotions
  10. 10. Leveraging ValueA Fanpage with a high volume of fansis useless unless the fan base isleveraged for value
  11. 11. Leveraging Value - FanpageDirect Promotional ToolDevelop a 6 month calendar of promotional messages in line with your brands overallmarketing strategy
  12. 12. Leveraging Value - FanpageCustomer Service ToolQuickly and publically answer asmany customer queries as you canPromote your fans to help resolveother customer’s issues
  13. 13. Leveraging Value - FanpageBranding ToolDefine strong brand language and interaction guidelines for the admins of your page
  14. 14. Leveraging Value - ApplicationsFacebook applications are one of the best data collection tools onthe internet. Using applications you can collect/access: Name Hometown Facebook Create a series of applications places inline with your promotional calendar and with the aim of Gender Gender interest Users friend list collecting valuable fan data Profile Location Current location Access to users wall Email address Favourite Pages user has quotes liked Username Religion Users posted links Account status URL of their Photos users website tagged Users blurb Work history Favourite TV shows Educational Profile URL Users own history posts
  15. 15. Leveraging Value - AdvertisingUse Facebook Advertising as you would Google PPC. Develop highly targetedcampaigns to drives sales and as a branding tool.(following results from 77Agency Pathé cinema campaign)To drive traffic and sales from PPC advertisingAs a branding tool“Total impressions served across 4 facebook ads campaigns over 6Months of activity: 98.9 Million”
  16. 16. Leveraging Value - Advertising Facebook offer wide variety of Facebook ads to fulfil different objectives: Use Facebook engagement ads for branded viral advertising campaigns inline with your promotional calendarConnection Ad Comment Ad Gifting Ad Event Ad Sampling Ad Polling Ad
  17. 17. Leveraging Value – Facebook ConnectFacebook offers a variety of free tools for brands to socialise your websiteIntegrate Facebook connect on your website. Use Open Graph to allow users to likeproducts and content throughout your website
  18. 18. Leveraging Value - FanpageLeveraging Value Checklist:1. Develop a strong fanpage with on-going promotional messages2. Create applications strategically to collect important user data3. Use Facebook PPC Advertising to drive traffic and sales4. Integrate Facebook Connect on your site
  19. 19. New TacticsFacebook Clustering and Open Graph1. We drive targeted 2. The user clicks 3. The user receives 4. The users clicksusers to an media “Like” your content feed on through to your websiteobject their wall
  20. 20. New TacticsFacebook Offline Liking Technology
  21. 21. 77Academy’s Facebook courses our designed to help yourbusinesses get real and measurable value out of Facebook.We are a and have worked closely with Facebook formany years.We have extensive experience training businesses of all sizesto use Facebook in an effective and profitable way.To find our more or to book a place on one of our courses