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Louise Gregersen


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Louise Gregersen

  1. 1. Louise SaraGregersenAccount ManagerFacebook Danmark
  2. 2. The Power of News Feed CONNECT with more people more effectively online and on mobile ENGAGE people at the center of their Facebook experience INFLUENCE customers to drive your brand and business resultsCasesNews
  3. 3. Exponential growth insharing Content Produced Our attention span1996 2011 future
  4. 4. News feed is where 3M+ Danes spend time sharing the most important parts of their lives 40%x 40-150 of peoples’ time will more likely people consume branded content on Facebook is on the on news feed on news feed than a brand PageSource: comScore, June 2012.
  5. 5. So, how do brands connect withpeople in news feed?
  6. 6. Organic content will appear according to relevancy Page post ads + Sponsored stories will help you reach a bigger audiencePage post fra Page Mobile
  7. 7. Engage people at the center oftheir Facebook experience
  8. 8. News feed is the most engaging place on Facebook 65% 65% of likes of likes happen in happen in news feed 115B
 news feed news feed story news feed
 story impressions daily impressions
 35% daily 45% of comments of comments happen in happen in news feed news feedNote: Data reflects both Page posts and user stories.Source: Facebook internal data, August 2012.
  9. 9. News feed puts your brand in the center of theFacebook experience
  10. 10. …with more real estate than other publishers 2x the size of a 300x250 banner
  11. 11. …with more real estate than other publishers Full screen on mobile
  12. 12. Ask yourself: Aligned with brand? Consistent and unique brand voice? Will it create more stories? Is it light-weight? Will it get maximum reach?
  13. 13. Influence fans to drive yourbrand and business results
  14. 14. Word of mouth at scale AVG. NUMBER OF FRIENDS The Facebook population 207 1billion Friends of fans 2.070.000 million Fans 10k 16% of fans Paid Media Paid Media Free
  15. 15. The impact of social context MESSAGE PURCHASE AD RECALL AWARENESS INTENT 68% 2X 4X
  16. 16. News feed is where you get discovered - right handside (RHS) complements with the reach you need
  17. 17. Yes, TV has reach… 2012 season final had 1.270.000 viewers
  18. 18. But so do we… Every day 1.980.000 Danish users login to facebook
  19. 19. Facebook reaches the right people more efficiently with more accurate ad targeting Broad campaign accuracy Narrow campaign accuracy 95% 90% 72% 25% 60% cost cost savings savings 35% Online average Facebook Online average FacebookSource: Nielsen OCR, October 2011.
  20. 20. Social is not an objectiveStart with your marketing objective and then build your Facebookstrategy
  21. 21. The social marketing framework CONNECT How many of your customers are fans of your brand? Connect with the people who will want to engage with your brand. Avoid gimmicks and incentives to acquire fans. ENGAGE How are you making a better Facebook experience for your fans? Focus on frequent, high-quality publishing from your page, and promote that content. INFLUENCE Are your fans telling their friends about your brand? Help your fans tell your stories to their friends. The strongest influence comes from friends.
  22. 22. News feed cases!
  23. 23. Drive awareness and traffic with Premium placementsMokaï increased their PTAT with 7X in one day Overview •  24 hour “take-over” with blast product (Reach Block) •  Design contest encouraged offsite engagement through voting and sharing News feed •  Page post ads with great visuals ran in newsfeed and RHS simultaneously Results •  6 million page views by 1 million unique users •  14x more daily new likes •  7X more people talking about •  3,5x more referral traffic to website
  24. 24. News Feed only drove lower CPC Overview •  Posted highly compelling Offer (not using our Offer function). •  Page post photo with link to website News feed •  Exclusively using news feed placement Results •  5X ROI than the average of previous (RHS) campaigns •  8X lower CPC than previous (RHS) campaigns
  25. 25. Drive sales with cross-media campaigns (TV + FB) Overview •  Awareness and expanding consumer base •  facebook campaign that coincided with tv and print delivery News feed •  All facebook placements using Page posts ads and sponsored stories (photo, video, questions) Results •  19% of campaign driven sales came from facebook – only 8% of the total budget was placed here. •  30% of German online users were reached with facebook ads (13 million people). 1.9 million exclusively reached on facebook •  2,5X higher ROI on facebook ads than TV -Maggi and facebook partnered with research company GfK to understand the impact ofadding facebook to the campaign by analyzing reach, sales uplift and ROI
  26. 26. Massive reach by combining News feed, RHS andLogout screen Overview •  1 day blast (Reach Block + Logout) •  Create mass awareness about launch News feed •  All facebook placements using Page posts ads and sponsored stories (photo, video, questions) Results •  13+ million reach on facebook •  6+ million reach on Logout screen •  39% increase in search orders •  24% increase in search order revenue
  27. 27. NewsCustom AudiencesFacebook exchangeConversion tracking – fresh out of betaNew formats for DR advertisersGraph Search – are you ready?
  28. 28. Custom Audiences allows you target, re-target orexclude CRM database on Facebook 1. Identify segments of customers or prospects 2. Find these people on Facebook using email, phone or UID 3. Reach the exact people you want to talk to with Facebook ads
  29. 29. Custom audiencesCreate your own targeting clusters based on•  E-mail addresses•  Facebook user IDs•  Phone numbers
  30. 30. OpenSky: Driving more sales by using custom audiencesto display ads for products relevant to the site’s members Email targeting through custom audiences to segment its members based on the category of products they are interested in. OpenSky then displays Page post ads to those customers featuring the best-selling products in those customers’ preferred category. 30% increase in conversion rates using custom audiences
  31. 31. Facebook Exchange (FBX)Re-targeting
  32. 32. Facebook Exchange Example – real time bidding:How does an advertiser know if you’re in the market for a Car? Your web behavior via cookie data anonymously classifies as an “auto intender”: Over the past 30-90 Visited: Visit days you searched • • served an ad by an auto for “Cost of New Car” • advertiser on a search engine •
  33. 33. Facebook Exchange•  Reach: 1 Billion users globally•  Environment & Brand safety: 1 publisher,•  Tellapart: Unique reach: “FBX increases unique reach by 30%”•  Triggit: Recency: “60% of people that navigate away from an advertisers site see a retargeted ad on Facebook within the first hour”•  Adroll: ROI: “16x ROI on average for clients”•  MediaMath: Telco: 62% lower CPA
  34. 34. Conversion TrackingMeasuring offsite ROI of FB ad spend
  35. 35. Conversion tracking is not new to the industry… 1. 2. 3. 4. Create conversion Implement tracking pixel Create ads and add View reports to determine tracking pixel(s) on conversion pages conversion tracking ROI on ad spend Facebook conversion tracking is in-line with industry standard practices
  36. 36. With optimization, conversion tracking can drivesignificant advertiser value • Conversion tracking • Optimized CPM Create tracking tags to place Use the OCPM bidding option on conversion pages and track which delivers ads to users ROI of your ad spend who are most likely to convert on your site Beta results show that OCPM ads generated 66% more conversions than identical CPC ads using the exact same budget.
  37. 37. Why adding OCPM is so powerfulOCPM efficiently spends your budget by delivering adsto users most likely to convert Had high historical CTR Target audienc e Had high historical conversion rate Females between 25-35 are more likely to convert
  38. 38. You can start today!
  39. 39. Update for DR advertiserNew formats for news feed + increased ad eligibility
  40. 40. Link Page postImage on the offsite destination less than Image on the offsite destination is larger than154x154px, we will continue showing this 154x154px, we will start showing this format:format: Images are now almost 3x as large = better visual = higher CTRs
  41. 41. Page Like adsOwn creative is now allowed in news feed on all devices – only criteria is a facebook LP
  42. 42. Graph SearchSearch for recommendations and things youcare about
  43. 43. A new way for people to discoverMore ways to be found•  Location•  Categories•  Photos•  Videos•  Connections•  InterestsImproved results•  Bigger photos•  Social context
  44. 44. What you can doShare your information•  Include your name, vanity URL, category, location and information in the About section•  Upload a 620x620 pixel resolution profile photo•  Post content directly on Facebook; only photos and videos posted on your Page can appear as a result for photo and video-related searchesStrengthen your connections•  Results are based on the connections of the person searching•  It’s not just the number of connections but the strength of those relationships that are important
  45. 45. Can I buy ads in Graph Search?No new ad productNo ads in the search results pageSponsored Results still work in the search bar
  46. 46. - Focus on news feed, mobile and graph search
  47. 47. Questions?Contact info:E-mail: louiseg@fb.comFacebook: