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  • Rockstars of Science can be built out as a solid sustainable web property for Geoffrey Beene that can grow to support multiple initiatives. The Rockstar element drives the consumer and media interest. The site should support that interest by:Driving action from visitorsCollecting visitor data, or registrations Amplifying the message
  • ROS Preso June 18, 2012

    1. 1. Geoffrey Beene GivesBackRock Stars of ScienceTMWeb Property CampaignPresentation | Mary McKnight & Jeremy Mays
    3. 3. Current Metrics: (MAY 1, 2012 – MAY 31, 2012)Uniques: 993 Time on Site: 1:57Page Views: 5,267 Pages/Visit: 4.68Bounce Rate: 27.91% New Visits: 84.53% Average page load time is extremely high. This should be addressed immediately. No video or audio should auto play, images should be compressed and caching should be optimized along with all JS, HTML and CSS
    4. 4. The site is broadcast only with little engagement and amplification so it only sees traffic when PR/media campaigns run. Creating engagement, registration & amplification mechanisms will allow the site to sustain traffic between campaigns & support new initiatives. 40% of users say they immediately leave a site that auto plays video or audio (due to at work searches) 17% of your traffic is mobile, yet the site is not mobile friendlyRedesign1. Widen Site to Current Screen Standards2. Create a mobile version of the website that serves mobile friendly content to phone and tablet devices3. Design the site with printer friendliness in mind4. Design to current standards of usability specifically color blindness (limited white text on black backgrounds)5. Design the site with more white space for easy eye scanning- (most people only scan text on websites)6. Organize site content for simple navigation by users7. Engage visitors immediately with compelling calls to action8. Integrate with common APIs from Facebook and Twitter to facilitate passive registration, data collection and social amplification9. SEO the site with more indexable text, meta data and social/mobile search protocols
    5. 5. 30% of men over 45 have a form of color blindnessthat makes white text on black backgroundsdifficult to read.40% of users say they immediately leave a site thatauto plays video or audio17% of your traffic is mobile, yet the site is notmobile friendly HOME PAGE Header should give movement to the site by fading in different selected images from the campaign. Clear call to actions engage various market segments in simple and structured ways Passive registration with Facebook and Twitter allows the site to collect rich user data and easily amplify the message to user’s social spheres when they take action on the site. Leverage the Geoffrey Beene Brand uniformly throughout the site so the ROS property and users can be easily tapped to market new GB initiatives.
    6. 6. REGISTRATION• Use Facebook, Twitter and Standard Email Registration options when users take any action on the site. This is a passive registration process where we can collect rich data particularly form the Open Graph Facebook API.• Connecting through networks like Facebook and Twitter allow us to also build in amplification mechanism. For example when a user “tweets” to their disease, they amplify the message with the ROS hashtag (#rockstarsofscience) and the ROS Twitter account (@Rock_ros) to their social sphere to drive new traffic back to the site.• The registration page should incite people to join by including images of registered users and recent activity related to the action the user is taking like a Tweet Stream of recent 140 characters to…The goal is to passively collect registrations, engage the user in anaction quickly and amplify the message to new registrants socialspheres.
    7. 7. CONNECT• When users register, their data should be used to generate a geographical database of Doctors, Researchers, Advocates, Fighters, Early Adopters, Self Trackers.• The database can be used to directly market these user types for future engagement campaigns that connect users with one another, registries, organizations or research projects• Later, the site may be able to offer profile pages and other tools like the Brain Baseline application to keep users coming back.
    8. 8. INTERNAL PAGES• There are so many assets in this site that can be leveraged to generate engagement that it is important balance rich visuals like the doctor and rock star galleries with calls to actions like nominate a Rock Doc or add a Rock Doc to the gallery.• Calls to actions should be simple and the completion of the actin should be accomplished entirely online.• All galleries or portfolio pages should allow users to search by specified criteria as these galleries should grow over time.
    9. 9. MEDIA ROOM• As the campaigns receive substantial press coverage, a dedicated press page can be leveraged for further coverage and the promotion of new initiatives.• Content should be organized in an “at a glance” format so videos, press releases, media mentions, social media, events, quick corporate facts and campaign initiatives are easy to find.
    10. 10. MOBILE DEVICE SITE• A simple mobile version of the site should be developed that detects the device type and formats the simple data to the display size.• Mobile version should not require resizing and only offer mobile friendly options and the most relevant call to actions for mobile users. This would be a good place for music, video and/or geographic data sets like events, drug trials, research centers, etc.• Leverage applications such as BrainBaseline and Da Vinci if possible.
    11. 11. Mobile Application DemographicsAgeNo answer 6.82%Under 13 2.16%13-15 6.82%16-18 13.21%19-24 22.45%25-34 29.25% * source: ATT35+ 19.29%GenderNo answer 8.39%Male 62.07%Female 29.54%RaceNo answer 9.03%Caucasion 57.16%African American 15.53%Hispanic 8.24%Asian American 3.35%Mixed 6.69%
    12. 12. AMPLIFY The BrandEngagement Campaign Campaign strategy, implementation and promotion
    13. 13. Goals Introduce the redesigned website Increase cross media mentions of Brand to build brand equity Utilize the Rock Doc Influencers and engage them as evangelists Increase engagement, retention and frequency of usage for the amplification tools (tweet to disease/sign the declaration/2012 challenge) Build the volume of user generated content Increase the number of registered users Increase brand sentiment and brand awareness among various demographics Generate new interest and mentions from media Continue the conversation & engagement through high-touch email
    14. 14. Infographics Creating a campaign of infographics that are easy to digest visually would be the ideal way to explain complex concepts such as “there is no cure but prevention is possible.” A set of 6- 8 infographics distributed to online media health and news channels throughout the course of a year will build not just awareness but also visits back to the website.
    15. 15. Celebrity/Media OutreachReach out to magazines with strong celebrity ties like Haute Living togarner further media and celebrity involvement for campaigns. Hautehas a robust program that allows campaigns to align with covercelebrities and integrate with their mobile application.
    16. 16.  Announce 2012 contest, site campaigns and events with Press ReleasesPromotion  Leverage existing social accounts to drive traffic through engagement and amplification mechanisms  Develop a drip email campaign to immediately engage new registrants in other initiatives and the Geoffrey Beene Brand.  PPC (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook (WildFire App)