Digital break 2011


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Presentation given on the 14th of September, Digital Break @ Huset Markedsføring, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Digital break 2011

  1. 1. September 2011 
  2. 2. Hvorfor opbygge sin virksomheds eller brands  :lstedeværelse på facebook ‐ hvad er virksomhedens eller brandets rolle på denne pla?orm og hvilken værdi  kan det skabe for virksomheden.?  2 
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Who we are A leading full‐service social media agency  25% Strategy – 25% Technology – 25% Creative – 25% Human What we do Organize – Manage – Engage ‐ Measure We work with strategic counseling, development and implementa:on of social media solu:ons, ini:ated to  create value for companies and organiza:ons related to internal and external communica:on, public  rela:ons, product development, branding and marke:ng.  We help companies and brands organize, manage and engage in social media to leverage  and measure the opportunity of crea:ng value through the online social sphere. 
  5. 5. We find it essen:al that we hold knowledge and best prac:ce on how the various social  media pla?orms are to be used in a business perspec:ve and that we through our  community connects with thought leaders within social media around the world.  We welcome you to become part of our community.
  6. 6. Hvorfor opbygge sin virksomheds eller brands :lstedeværelse på facebook ‐ hvad er virksomhedens  eller brandets rolle på denne pla?orm og hvilken  værdi kan det skabe for virksomheden?  7 
  7. 7. SePng Business Goals  Objec&ve/Goals: Set the overall objec:ve/goal!  E.g. “Increase sales and become number one on the European market”  Targets: Set your target by adding a value!  E.g. “Increase yearly revenue with €10 million”, “Gaining minimum 10.000 new customers”  Strategy: What is your strategy!  E.g. Acquire new Facebook fans and turn them into customers, turn exis:ng customers into  repeat customers and leverage reach through advocacy (word of mouth).    Tac&cs: How are you going to do it!  E.g. Create relevant and engaging content (increase Edgerank), focus on customer service,  post special offers to fans, acquire Facebook fans through distribu:on.  KPI (Key Performance Indicators): Measure your performance  E.g. X number of fans per quarter, x% in engagement rate, x number of posi:ve handled  customer requests. 
  8. 8. First an ROI Primer  ROI = (Profit – Investment)/Investment 
  9. 9. For Example  Investment: $1000  Profit:   $5000  ROI = (5000 ‐ 1000)/1000  ROI is 400% 
  10. 10. Remember a couple of things…  1.  ROI does not care about the MEDIA you use  2.  If you keep it simple, it usually is  3.  Don’t focus on metrics that dont make financial impacts (like  page views, click throughs, Facebook followers, etc) – Focus on  the ones that MAKE a financial impact  4.  "Profit" may mean a sales or a reduc:on in costs  
  11. 11. 14 
  12. 12. Make it social and valuable 
  13. 13. Building sustainable rela:onships 
  14. 14. 17 
  15. 15. Role of the brand  “Social media should not be about promo4ng brands and  products, but about facilita4ng conversa4ons and experience  around consumer passion points”  ”Brand role is to provide useful, relevant or entertaining content  to facilitate the conversa4on and create brand endorsement”  “Social media is not about building awareness and  considera4on, but about building brand engagement and  driving advocacy”  “Social media is not about campaigning, but about con4nuously  managing a community, engaging with and responding to  consumers”  Jakob Holm Kalkar, Media & Digital Communica:ons Director  Group Sales, Marke:ng & Innova:on (GSMI)   Carlsberg Breweries A/S 
  16. 16. From fans to ambassadors  The transi:on of conver:ng a fan into an ambassador 
  17. 17. Domina:ng the News feed with EdgeRank  What is EdgeRank? EdgeRank is a secret formula that determines which pieces of content appear in your personalized news feed. It is designed to show the activity that Facebook thinks is most relevant for the user relative to the person’s interest and friends. In order to make effective marketing on Facebook, it is crucial to dominate the News Feed and make sure that people actually see your updates! Affinity – Interactions a user has with a page (one-sided) Weight – Different weight scores of different content. Time – The more recent the more likely to appear. 20 
  18. 18. Domina:ng the News feed with EdgeRank  How to utilize EdgeRank on Facebook? •  Encourage comments - Comments score higher than likes. Pose questions and don’t be afraid of controversy! •  Post video and pictures - Photos and videos have More engagement the highest weight score. Encourage commenting and posting questions to your own photos,  infographics and videos. More views •  Post Facebook questions - With each user vote your affinity score will increase. Facebook questions  tend to generate more activity. More conversions •  Utilize timing - Test what time of the day you get the best response and post consistently at that time. Post only once or twice per day. •  Remember that interactions between two parties can affect a third party - If a user’s friends interact with the content, EdgeRank can increase. 21 
  19. 19. Community Management Manual – an opera:onal tool  Table of Content Brand Identity & Objectives Facebook Guidelines   Brand identity on social media   General user behavior   Target group   Facebook guide for marketing   The role of the product   Restrictions and guidelines   KPI’s   Promotion guidelines   Restriction guidelines Community management   Advertising guidelines   Tone of voice   Security   Conversational touch points   Engagement wording   Examples of status updates Appendix: Building a Community   Use of visual content, pictures, contests etc. •  Building a community   Moderation •  Ask fans to contribute •  Building sustainable relationships Content planning •  Strategic vs. Socially Sharable   Conversational calendar •  Turning fans into ambassadors   Publish calendar - specifications of content Facebook design and functionality Tools & Templates   Infrastructure and design on Facebook page •  Community Management •  Status Updates Governance •  Tone of Voice   Governance on handling and deployment of content •  Moderation Model   Response flow •  Moderation Model of Response   Flow of traffic
  20. 20. Content Planning   Page 25
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  23. 23. 28