Building Communities Through Social


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An Overview of Social Media Communities

Presented by a guest speaker from the 2011 Social Media Marketing Strategy & Execution Summer Intensive

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Building Communities Through Social

  1. 1. Building Community through Social MediaPresented By: Christian Borges, VP Communications – Deep FocusDate: July 29, 2011
  2. 2. “Community" is derived from the Old French communitéwhich is derived from the Latin communitas (cum,"with/together" + munus, "gift"), a broad term for fellowship ororganized society.The classic definition of "community" is a group of interactingpeople, possibly living in close proximity, that shares somecommon values, and is attributed with social cohesion.Since the advent of the internet, the concept of community nolonger has geographical limitations, as people can nowvirtually gather in an online community and share commoninterests regardless of physical location. - Wikipedia
  3. 3. A Brief History of Social CommunitiesChart by
  4. 4. Current Social Communities| May 17, 2011
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. CafeMom
  10. 10. MySpace
  11. 11. Twitter
  12. 12. Facebook
  13. 13. White label social platforms allow customers to build theirown customized social networks (often from scratch) and totailor those networks to a range of purposes.The idea of white labeling a network is to make the platformprovider as invisible as possible to the social network’s usersand to brand the network with the builder’s identity or intent.
  14. 14. Ning, an innovative social platform that brings millions of peopletogether to explore and express their interests, discover newpassions and meet people around shared pursuits. With more than1.9 million Ning networks created and 40 million registered users, thissocial space continues to grow impressively.A few things differentiate Ning from most other social platforms:• It has pioneered the market for people to self-organize around the“what” rather than the “who” in social networking• It enables communities to organize around interests and passions andfully express what makes them unique.• Ning offers a fairly wide degree of flexibility in customizing the look andfeel of your site.
  15. 15. Pause…Deep Breath…
  16. 16. Avoid headaches downthe line by asking theimportant questionsbefore starting yourcommunity.
  17. 17. Questions:•Who is the target demo in terms of age, gender, profession,social technographics? Country?•Where are they online? Where are they offline?•Who will the community not serve?•Why are we doing this?•What is our mission, vision, purpose, focus, goals•What values do we hold?•What are the needs of our organization, our communitymembers?•What is the value of our community members buildingrelationships with each other?•What does success look like?
  18. 18. Questions:•How is our organization limited?•Budget? Time? Development resources? IT support?•How involved do we want/need to be in the community?•Content? Behavior? Tone?•Who controls when and how things change?•How much control does the community get?•How will we sustain the community?•Will we manage or mediate conflict?•What kind of moderation?•How will we support diversity/dissent?
  19. 19. If you build it will they come?
  20. 20. Facebook Ad Gnomeo & Juliet Cost-Per-Like model allows for true pay-per-performance Liking increases engagement and connection with advertisers, allowing them to share and speak directly to their interested audience. Turn fans into revenue with special offers, news and even product updates! Creatives are deployed to the right of the user’s Facebook page. The ads can be highly targeted to reach the client’s William’s rolling over in his grave. A version of Shakespeares play, set in the world of warring indoor and requested audience. outdoor gnomes. Holly Martin likes this ad.
  21. 21. Once an established user base has started, Twitter presencecan be augmented by using their other “Promoted Products.” Promoted Tweets Promoted Trends
  22. 22. Community Rules To Live By:•Dont be pushy•Provide really useful information and content•Ask Questions•Know the culture and respect it•Make it Personal•Provide expert advice and opinions•Accept and respond to criticism•Identify and remedy troublemakers•Showcase and acknowledge community evangelists•Dont try to please everyone•Don’t be a Dictator•Manage expectations•Realize your work is never done
  23. 23. THANKS!