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Apps Savvy Plugged In Nyc011210


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Apps Savvy Plugged In Nyc011210

  1. 1. Chris Cunningham Co-founder and CEO Twitter: @appssavvyceo
  2. 2. the family  Founded November 2007 in response to the demand around the opening of the Facebook Developer API  32 coast-to-coast employees, headquartered in NYC  The only dedicated sales force within the social media space
  3. 3. appssavvy team, not including myself Michael Burke, Co-founder and President o Freewebs o Yahoo! o HotJobs Calvin Wong, EVP Sales Operation and Product o Community Connect, Inc. (CCI) o CCI acquired by Radio One (NASDAQ: ROIK) Todd Bowman, SVP of Sales o Condé Nast Digital o o Conducive Investors o TRUE Ventures (Lead) o Scott Kurnit, Founder of o The New York Times Company o Wider Wake Networks
  4. 4. the model  Appssavvy partners with best- in-class 3rd party developers to offer unique integration opportunities within the most popular social applications  The app companies we represent rely solely on appssavvy to meet the needs of marketers Thought Starter: Social games are expanding the audience beyond traditional young male video-gamers and casual gamers, who tend to be women over 35. Such games are the hottest thing going in the $13 billion online-gaming market.
  5. 5. what we do  Over the past 2 years, appssavvy has been a trusted resource and market leader in strategizing and executing objective-based social media programs and campaigns  By leveraging current social trends and the most active audiences across social platforms, we weave branded content into existing conversations The result: our client’s social objectives are achieved and the user experience is enhanced
  6. 6. recognition  To date, appssavvy has executed over 150 brand campaigns, many of which have won or have been nominated for awards  70% of our business is comprised of repeat advertisers
  7. 7. evolution continues…  For social applications, Facebook is the leader, and now many other platforms are emerging to support developers and advertisers  Ongoing research, experience and continual discovery is essential  Appssavvy represents premium application inventory; apps that focus on community, entertainment and value  Many apps are outpacing traditional websites for people’s time and interest  The brand social page is the foundation for the overall social strategy, and is as important as a traditional website
  8. 8. social communities on on on on on on on on
  9. 9. social apps on Social Interview on on Status Shuffle on on on on
  10. 10. social games on on on on on on on
  11. 11. social solutions 1 2 DRIVE ENGAGEMENT GET IN THE NEWS FEED Attract & 3 SEED CONVERSATION Engage Intro & Optimize Invite & Measure 4 GET FANS 7 FAN MANAGEMENT 2-Way Dialogue STRATEGIES 5 MEDIA SUPPORT for your social initiatives 6 CONTENT & VIDEO DISTRIBUTION
  12. 12. objective: user engagement best practices: UHE, Public Enemies DVD Objectives: – Drive user engagement with the Public Enemies brand – Generate mass, viral brand awareness through the news feed – Increase purchase intent for the DVD and Blu-ray release – Drive sales of the DVD both on and offline Application: on Results: – 54M Public Enemies loot interactions – 44M Public Enemies jobs completed – 992M est. branded news feed impressions
  13. 13. objective: get in the news feed solution: integration within existing social activity = millions of news feed impressions Coca-Cola Open Happiness: 53M est. viral impressions Public Enemies DVD: 992M est. viral impressions Assassin’s Creed II: 831M est. viral impressions Did you know? The average Facebook user has 130 friends. The average application user has 250 friends.
  14. 14. objective: seed conversation best practices: Target, Back to School Objective: – Drive sales – Promote connection with Moms through relevant conversations – Reinforce value to mothers in appropriate environments Application: on KPI results: – 8,800 clicks to – 22,000 new members joined the custom BTS Zone, generating 400 posts and replies – 18% CTR within Target BTS Zone – 8,885 branded polls completed Did you know? Circle of Moms is the largest destination for Moms on the Internet with 8.5M registered Moms.
  15. 15. objective: get fans solution: seed content within contextual social communities and apps, get real fans FAN DRIVER OPPORTUNITIES: 1. Leverage social campaigns 2. Premium, contextually relevant fan drivers Absolut: General Mills: 113k new fans 5k new fans (100% Moms) 3. Acquire fans by volume on a cost-per-fan basis Coke Zero: 500k new fans
  16. 16. objective: targeted content & video distribution best practices: Ubisoft, Assassin’s Creed Objectives: – Drive trailer views – Build excitement, intrigue and inform the target market around the launch of the franchise – Increase purchase intent – Drive sales of the game both on and offline Application: on Results: – 1.8M Assassin’s Creed video views • 27% video completion rate – 1.8M completed AC missions – 850M est. branded news feed impressions
  17. 17. objective: targeted content & video distribution solution: leverage existing engagement within mobile apps to create fluid, targeted brand engagement MOBILE INTEGRATION OPPORTUNITIES: Existing communities Mobile specific social Immersive on-the-go that extend into mobile communities content Cross platform brand Programs that are natural to the Opt-in Brand experiences that integration points behavior of mobile consumers are as rich as the app content
  18. 18. objective: establish fan management strategies solution: establish & maintain a social presence with out-of-the-box fan page creation & management tools Attract & Engage Intro & Invite Optimize & Measure 2-Way Dialogue
  19. 19. 10 best practices 1. Apps are platform agnostic, media should be too 2. Understand your paid versus earned media opportunities 3. Allow your campaign to be shared via the news feed 4. People are the new destination 5. Old rules may apply, but you must challenge them 6. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – embrace them 7. Commitment to the program, from all brand teams, is essential 8. Building trust is invaluable 9. Social Media planning should begin before the RFP 10. Leverage experience – real experience
  20. 20. Thank You!