Align Facebook With Your Business Objectives


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Align Facebook With Your Business Objectives

  1. 1. Align Facebook With YourBusiness ObjectivesFrancesca SavoldiAccount Manager, Facebook
  2. 2. Connecting people to things they care about Globally, borders are being replaced by connections 1Bmillion monthly active users 552M return daily 600M million via mobile 81% of FB users reside outside of US
  3. 3. Facebook is mobile1000 800 1B people 600 400 600M people 200 0 1 year 4 years 8 years
  4. 4. Facebook throughout the marketing funnel Targeting Adverising . Offers
  5. 5. Brand AwarenessAcquisition andConversion Build Loyalty
  6. 6. The FacebookReach population 1 Billion Friends of fans (+40 million) Fans (500,000) 16% of fans Paid Media Paid Media Free
  7. 7. Reach the right people more efficiently with more accurate ad targeting Broad campaign accuracy Narrow campaign accuracy 95% 90% 72% 25% 60% cost cost savings savings 35% Online average Facebook Online average FacebookSource: Nielsen OCR, October 2011.
  8. 8. Generate higher brand resonance than other online ad campaignsBetter ad recallonline averageFacebook +98%Greater brand awarenessonline averageFacebook +31% Source: Nielsen Brand Effect norms, May 2012.
  9. 9. Unique Reach: Nutella 3.8m people saw the campaign on Facebook who did not see it on TV 15% of sales resulting from the media campaign are attributable to Facebook Source: GFK, December 2011. S o
  10. 10. Logout Experience: O2 13.6 million people reached and 6.1 million people were exposed to the log out experience. 217,679 video plays in a single day. Source: Facebook Internal Data
  11. 11. Logout Experience: Volkswagen Italia 7.1m daily Source: Facebook Internal Data
  12. 12. Brand AwarenessAcquisition and Conversion Build Loyalty
  13. 13. Facebook’s sophisticated ad targeting ensures theright people see your stories Demographic • Age Custom Audiences • Gender • Email addresses • DMA • Phone numbers • Facebook user IDs Personal • • City/State/Zip Birthday Social • Education • Workplace • Likes & interests • Relationship status • Friend connections • Activity (e.g., check-ins) • Intent
  14. 14. Custom Audiences
  15. 15. How does it work?
  16. 16. This is the difference between… And Bank reaching One bank reaching account holders everyone who is not who havent yet using one of their used the new new products… product (without Custom Audiences) (with Custom Audiences)
  17. 17. This is the difference between… One Telco advertising deals to and Telco people who like one advertising deals to or two specific past buyers of those brands of phones… specific brands (without Custom Audiences) (with Custom Audiences)
  18. 18. This is the difference between… One car company And car company acquiring fans acquiring fans among people with among people who car interests… own one of their car (without Custom Audiences) (with Custom Audiences)
  19. 19. Custom Audiences: MGM Resorts International ROI Between 3X – 15X
  20. 20. Ads Targeting: VodafoneDriving high volumes of new contracts using Facebook media 56% of pay monthly post-click contract applications came from Facebook. Facebook was one of Vodafone’s top 3 acquisition partners.
  21. 21. Brand AwarenessAcquisition andConversion Brand Loyalty
  22. 22. Fans and friends of fans purchase morewhen exposed to earned brand messages Fans and friends of fans bought 38% more frequently Fans and friends of fans bought 21% more frequently Source: The Power of the Like II, comScore and Facebook, June 2012 * Numbers compared to unexposed fans and friends of fans
  23. 23. Remember: your brand is at the centre of this engagement
  24. 24. Samsung Galaxy S IIISamsung Mobile USA drove $129 million in sales attributable to Facebook, resulting in a return onadvertising spend of 13X. $129M in sales attributable to Facebook 13X return on advertising spend 23% increase in fans to 8.5 million, giving Samsung the ability to reach more than 515 million friends of fans
  25. 25. Costa CrociereDrives increases in sales after running a Facebook Offer Filled an entire ship in less than 48 hours
  26. 26. McDonald’s SwedenDrives increases in sales after running a Facebook Offer 94,000 Offers claimed 32,000 offers redeemed
  27. 27. Ben & Jerry’s:Facebook ads effectively drive offline sales 1$ on FB = sales 3$ increm. “engage is liking, commenting, sharing” Kati O’Brien, Global Dig Mktg Manager
  28. 28. The Facebook measurement toolkit
  29. 29. Resources: