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10 lessons from the design of SlideShare

  1. working at a startup…
  2. traditional UX methods or agile design
  3. 10 Lessons from SlideShare
  4. 1. The alpha as the first reaction
  6. MindCanvas as design for the individual Usability Control Interaction Flow Engagement
  7. SlideShare as design for the crowd People interacting Following each other Wisdom of crowds
  8. 8. Pay attention to technical simplicity Balance user needs & technical simplicity Complexity > slower, riskier, harder to maintain
  9. 9. Single biggest win: make app faster
  10. Find yourself a developer partner Focus on execution You cannot just “hire a developer”
  11. Picture of data center
  12. Do you need traditional UX methods to design a SlideShare ?
  13. sometimes process & methods can be a baggage when to let it go engineers have had to when will it be time for designers?
  14. be experimental. create something Mashup RSS feeds (Yahoo Pipes/Popfly) Build your own social network (Ning) Play with an API (Google Maps)