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SlideShare Zeitgeist 2009


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As the year draws to a close, we decided to take a deep look inside slideshare and come up with the ruling trends of 2009. We are calling this the SlideShare Zeitgeist 2009…this is a collection of facts & trivia that we hope you will find interesting.

SlideShare Zeitgeist 2009

  1. A quick peek into ruling trends in the world of presentations for the year gone by. Think presentations, presenters, presentation-ware, global usage trends, which topics hit the popularity charts, etc. Plus some fun trivia to tickle your fancy :) Published under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Free to use/quote in your works (whether commercial or non-commercial) with attribution.
  2. Who spoke how much? . the average number of slides in a presentation  the maximum number of slides in a presentation Now that’s averaging about 3.75 slides a day over an year!!!
  3. How many slides per presentation? less than  slides - slides - slides - slides > slides % % % % % Guess ‘less is more’ holds true for presos too…
  4. How much they said and how! The average number of slides per language French Chinese 38 The French… expressive as ever!! Korean 30 Japanese Dutch German 27 Romanian Italian 25 Portuguese 24 23 23 Spanish 22 21 English 20 18
  5. It happens the way it is written! Presentation typography Arial % Times New Roman %  (wingdings) % Verdana % Tahoma % Calibri % Comic Sans % Wingdings!!! The third most used fonts on SlideShare! How?? If you got the answer let us know in Bullet points! ;)
  6. Did the time of the year affect presenters? Percentage of uploads per month .% .% .% .% .% .% .% .% .% .% .% .% JAN FEB MAR A PR M AY JUN JUL AUG SEP OC T NOV DE C Well SlideShare presenters apparently prefer winter to summer for content creation. Cooler heads perhaps!
  7. Some presentations won all hearts! The most favorited presentations Culture from Reed Hastings What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later from Martha Kagan Basics Of Social Media Roi from Olivier Blanchard Looks like ‘social’ went highly social this year around!
  8. Some presentations caught more eye-balls than others! The most viewed presentations Healthcare Napkins All Object Oriented CSS from Dan Roam from Nicole Sullivan  iPhone AppStore Secrets - Pinch Media from Pinch Media
  9. Some presentations went places! The most shared presentations Culture from Reed Hastings Healthcare Napkins All What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later from Dan Roam from Martha Kagan One year on ‘WTF is Social Media?’ is still at it!
  10. We saw an entire range of presentation formats! O DP % PPS X .% PPS K E Y N OTE .% % P OT .% PPT X % PPT % For every PPTX, there are almost 4 PPTs!
  11. Pictures replaced thousands of words!  the average number of pictures in a presentation  kb the average size of the pictures The top 1000 presentations in 2009 had an average picture count of 24.27! Guess you always say it better with pictures!
  12. Picture this! Percentage distribution of presentations with images between - - images images > images - images - images NO images % % % % % % 7% without a single image! Presentations or Docs?
  13. It was also about sizing it up! . MB the average size of a presentation . MB the average size of a document These ‘Docs’ too were being responsible and more particular about their sizes. Guess there’s something to names after all!
  14. Rich media did it’s bit The ratio of slidecasts* to videoslides* was .6 : 1 Slidecasts Videoslides Does that mean Audio killed the Video Star?? * slidecasts: audio synchronized to slides (e.g. a webinar) * videoslides: YouTube videos inserted in SlideShare presentations
  15. There were some sexy stats! The ratio of males to females was 3:1 Average number of slides   male users female users Women said it with lesser compared to men!
  16. Top 12 tags media social hotel business marketing travel management earnings finance web quarterly income
  17. TOP 5 TAGS USED BY FEMALES web social marketing twitter media TOP 5 TAGS USED BY MALES social business marketing travel management
  18. Presentations went all over the world! Continent-wise content distribution for 2009 % % % % % United States contributed the most views!
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