Introducing SlideShare Business

CEO at SlideShare
Sep. 27, 2009

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Introducing SlideShare Business

  1. Introducing
  2. The Social Media Marketing CHALLENGE:
  3. How do I get more people to view my content? How do I turn the right people into leads? How can I engage through Social Media with measurable impact?
  4. Are you engaging in social media without connecting it to your business?
  5. You have an account on every social media site
  6. You know it’s the right thing to do.
  7. But you can’t directly connect it to lead generation.
  8. The bulk of your online lead generation is still through ads & whitepaper campaigns
  9. Why do fail
  10. 1. There is no trust or engagement with the advertiser 2. Marketers ask for contact information first, before giving any value to customers 3. Only a small portion of content generated by marketing organization is leveraged
  11. SlideShare offers a different way of connecting with customers
  12. A community you can become a part of
  13. Gain people’s trust by becomng part of the community.
  14. Connect by sharing your content, not through ads
  15. You already upload your content to SlideShare. Now two more services to help you connect. AdShare LeadShare Get targeted visitors Capture leads
  16. AdShare lets you promote your content in a community of professionals.
  17. With AdShare your content is…
  18. LeadShare lets you convert visitors to your content into leads
  19. Capture leads through ALL your content on SlideShare and embeds across the web
  20. Choose where in content you ask for lead information: on first, third or last slide
  21. Add custom questions to the lead form
  22. Pay only for leads captured
  23. With SlideShare Business You can have it all: Connect with users by sharing content but pay for performance, like with whitepaper campaigns
  24. You get permission to market to people by sharing!
  25. It feels like content, not advertising
  26. You leverage social media to make connections. With measurable results!
  27. You can finally use ALL your marketing content! Promote some, capture leads with others.
  28. Its the new way to promote your business Check out SlideShare Business