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Social emotional development infants


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Published in: Education
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Social emotional development infants

  1. 1. Social-Emotional Development Infants
  2. 2. Disposition • Mood • Temperament – Way people react
  3. 3. Learning to interact with people and social groups • More infants are held, cuddled, talked to- the happier they are • Learning to trust – Erik Erikson • 8 stages where a person faces a task • More successful-healthier the personality • 1st stage trust is achieved by 2 ways – Consistent environment – Basic needs met promptly
  4. 4. Bonding • Feeling of love parents and baby have soon after birth
  5. 5. Attachment • Feeling of love infant has for parents during 1st year – Strong attachment • Helps overcome stress later in life • Helps mental development • Explore their world through play
  6. 6. Ways people show feeling through emotions • Thoughts that lead to feelings and cause changes in the body • By age 2 months, emotions are developing
  7. 7. Love, Fear, anxiety, anger • Separation anxiety – Separation from adult to whom they are attached • Infant rage – Held against their will – Toys are taken away – You try to distract them when they have a need – React physically because they have no language skills
  8. 8. Handling Infant Rage • Parents should – Remain calm-modeling – Hold close for a short time
  9. 9. Infant Emotion Project • Make collage of various infant emotions • Label each emotion (25) • Can only use one emotion per picture • Examples: happy, elated, angry, frustrated, joyful, inquisitive, etc.
  10. 10. • Happy • Anxious • Sad • Mad • Angry • Frustrated • Excited • Playful • Exhausted Joyful Fear Love Sleepy Curious Bored Calm Peaceful Hungry Pain Nervous Shy Surprised Content Confused goofy