brain relationships behavior language emotions memory piaget evolution drugs development adulthood gender dendrites system sleep personality learning cognitive depression identity behaviors abuse consciousness senses nutrition friendships love work intelligence parenting vygotsky families genetics sexuality lateralization short-term long-term sexual sex perception vision neurons abnormal olfaction ....? sensation gustation beliefs goals achievement self-concept morality aging egocentricism cognition self education attachment temperament motor chromosomes peers adolescence puberty health erikson axon sheath myeling resting potential handedness callosum corpus aphasia dominance hemispheric engram syndrome alzheimers disease korsakoffs hippocampus potentiation amnesia stress anxiety fear bisexual heterosexual homosexual orientation mating hormones dreams pathways visual retina cones rods eyes axons neuroplasticity cortex nervous central synapse inheritance substance relationship mind-brain neuron hearing smell attention glia action hypnosis forgetting motivation growth vestibular somatosensation pain taste psychoactive drugs self-image reinforcement extinction rehearsal homeostasis arousal maslow attitudes expectations values power feedback punishment commitment aggression thinking self-esteem pregnancy interpersonal religion midlife remarrage divorce marriage alcohol schools morals illness heredity-environment birth conflict friendship delinquency suicide ptsd escape attack axis cycles melatonin nucleus superchiasmatic functions rem stages wakefulness rhythms meditation disorders theories theory conditioning operant emotion trance deprogramming belief systems brain washing mind control emotional disorders cults religions archetypes carl jung ritual religious rites life changes personal change setting goals medical model of addiction personal choice disease addiction spaced practice efficient learning studying whole brain learning dissociative disorders conversion disorder schizophrenia mood disorders panic disorder delusions mental disorders maladaptive dissociative identity disorder hypochondriasis phobias personality disorders psychotic disorders somatoform disorders hallucinations bipolar disorder anxiety disorders psychological disorders normality prejudice conformity social roles coercion social comparison social psychology compliance assertion obedience cognitive dissonance persuasion prosocial behivior attributions interpersonal attraction the "big five" rogers psychological testing traits psychoanalytic theory humanistic theory of personality learning theories of personality personality assessment social learning theory behavioral theories of personality autonomic nervous system sympathetic nervous system anorexia nervosa flight or fight circadian rhythms bulimia nervosa primary emotions long-term memory storage sensory memory short-term memory encoding retrieval spontaneous recovery classical conditioning latent learning primary reinforcement cognitive learning observational learning secondary reinforcement reinforcement schedules discrimination generalization operant conditioning superstition positive reinforcement pavlov shaping behavior withdrawals sleep sex rem sleep depressant apnea insomnia stages of sleep tolerance stimulant sleep talking night terrors dependence somnambulism altered states of consciousness sids. hypnosis transduction tactile senses audition extrasensory perception somesthetic senses gestalt organizing principles language development parenting styles human development psychosocial development cognitive development prenatal influences dna nature and nurture critical thinking psychological research the psychological experiment scientific method psychology's goals central nervous system neuroscience nervous system parts of the brain limbic system peripheral nervous system endocrine system adaptation challenges demands stressors evaluations general-adaptation-syndrome coping relaxation support self-remorse predictability routine automatic errors habits mindlessness influence mindfulness irrationality knowledge critical assumtpions belief biases analysis assertions claims evidence comparisons variables experiemnts probabilities luck chance statistics correlations decision-making problem solving metaphors pitfalls brainstorming practice discipline sensory-registry levels-of-processing imagery mnemonics self-management chaining successive-approximations monitor/record modeling instincts drives unconscious dissonance incentives conflicts intrinsic extrinsic failure motives affiliation hierarchy self-actualization noise gestures doublespeak manifest agendas latent interpersonal-space liking trust respect shyness stereotypes prejudices self-disclosure intimacy passion jealousy envy separation resolution disputes conciliation rights compromise win-win mutuality interests agreement assertiveness absolutism information-processing behavior-modification needs success networks distortion loneliness initive/guilt play understanding violence primary/secondary characteristics psychological reactions stds formal operations academics neurology socialization healty diverstiy industry/inferiority popularity family orphanages school labor neonate bonding childbirth preterm genes conception twins taratogens individuality injuries toilet skills contration conservation preoperational childcare communications conversation writing postpartum biology mourning loss kubler-ross grieving dying death life-span alzheimers parkinsons dementia retirement longevity siblings grandparenting meaning leisure careers mortality lesbian gay cohabiting affection romance occupation career creativity college eating friends bullying latchkey stepfamilies bilingualism physical childhood caregiving gody disabilities infancy prenatal research dating hpa james-lange social psychology society psychotic neurotic trait diseases classical responding emotional studies human
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