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Measurement Peer Group 2


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Measurement Peer Group 2

  1. Peer Exchange Group 2: Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Proving Results To Improve<br />Orientation Call: July 13, 2011<br />Beth Kanter, Visiting Scholar, Social Media and Nonprofits<br />The David and Lucile Packard Foundation<br />Organizational Effectiveness Program<br />
  2. Welcome!<br />If you experience any technical difficulties logging into the system, please contact Ready/Talk Customer support: 800.843.9166<br />Please use *6 to Mute your conference line<br />Play with the chat: Just three words that are top of mind when you think about social media measurement and improvement? <br />
  3. This call is being recorded<br />* 2<br />Flickr Photo by Malinki<br />
  4. Peer Exchange Group 2: Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Proving Results To Improve<br />Orientation Call: July 13, 2011<br />Beth Kanter, Visiting Scholar, Social Media and Nonprofits<br />The David and Lucile Packard Foundation<br />Organizational Effectiveness Program<br />
  5. Agenda<br />Intros<br />Summary of SurveyProgram Overview<br />Learning in Public <br />Next Session<br />Reflection<br />
  6. Roll Call: Phone/Voice<br />When I call your name, share your organization name and your three words<br />Unmute by *7 <br />Mute by *6<br />Play with the Chat:<br />Type in your three words about measurement<br />
  7. Group Composition<br />
  8. A Wide Range of Communication and Program ObjectivesAdvance MissionBrand recognition and Reputation<br />Educate, Inform, EngageEducate on issuesDisseminate research on topics/issuesConduct research on topics/issuesDisseminate quality, relevant, and timely information on a topicProfessional development/peer learningIncrease dialogue, engagement, or conversations on Topic/Program/Issue<br />Action<br />Mobilize actions on legislative and policy issuesBehavior change <br />Business ResultsIncrease DonationsIncrease MembershipsIncrease visitorsIncrease ticket salesIncrease volunteer/member involvement in programs<br />
  9. AUDIENCE<br />Direct Consumers of Messages: Individuals, OrganizationsInfluencers: Journalists, Legislators, Policy Makers<br />
  10. Communications Strategy and Plans<br />Strong Alignment<br />80% have a formal, written communications plan and strategy<br />Medium Alignment<br />Low Alignment<br />How strongly does your current social media use align with your communications or program objectives and audience?<br />
  11. Implementation<br />40% do not have a social media policy<br />60% have a social media policy<br />15% have FT staff dedicated to social media, rest of the organizations it is part of the job description<br />50% spend less than 10 hours per week implementing social media<br />
  12. Content and Engagement<br />Approaches<br />Tailor Content for the Audience/Channel<br />Cross Distribution Strategy<br />Approach as a Media Outlet<br />Chop Shop<br />Curation of other’s content<br />Branded Voice/Standards<br />Challenges<br />Evoking response! <br />Policy content is complex, hard to make it engaging and ACCURATE for the average person<br />Hard to target different specific audiences through same channel<br />Internal approval processes for approving content<br />Finding creative ways to recycle, repurpose<br />Lack of skills, best practices to create effective content<br />Making our jargon engaging to our audiences<br />
  13. Measurement Practices and Approaches<br />Range of practices <br />“We do it from time-to-time, not formal”<br />“We hold small weekly social media check-ins to evaluate what’s working and what’s not, as well as, any feedback we may have received that would help shape our future campaigns”<br />“We pull detailed statistics from our social media platforms and draft a 4-6 page report to senior leadership which details our successes, challenges, and recommendations for moving forward.”<br />Tools<br />Google Analytics<br />Facebook Insights<br /><br />Tweetstats<br />Rowfeeder<br /> Thrive<br />Omniture<br />
  14. Measurement Stress<br />Finding the time to devote to measurement.<br />Articulating measurable goals <br />A streamlined framework and data collection process<br />Getting accurate data and the right information<br />Better data analysis, linking it to decisions<br />Conversion, as measured in dollars and cents, as a means to evaluate and justify the time spent on social media.<br />How to measure behavioral change<br />Picking the right measurement tool for the job and how to use it<br />How to use the metrics to improve on our social media efforts.<br /> <br />
  15. Peer Exchange Program Outcomes<br />Participants implement a social media measurement pilot that helps document value improve results<br />Case studies of how nonprofit can measure social media effectively for the book “Measuring Networked Nonprofit”<br />Generate insights and tips about implementing a measurement program for social media in a nonprofit context<br />
  16. Participation Guidelines<br />2-4 hours per month<br /><ul><li> More than one person per organization can participate and tag team the work, but whoever joins the call must be prepared
  17. Participants will self-define their “homework” related to the topic of the call
  18. Each organization will use a “wiki” journal for notes during the program and “look over the shoulder learning”</li></li></ul><li>Group 2 Call Schedule<br />All Calls at 11:00 am PST<br />
  19. Office Hours: 3-5 PM PST<br />To book office hours, use Beth’s online appointment book:<br /><br />
  20. Peer Coaching Conference Calls: Structure<br />Call-In:<br />866-740-1260 passcode: 740-5939<br />http://www.readytalk.compasscode: 740-5939<br />
  21. Twitter Hashtag: #measurenp<br />Wiki Journals<br />Stealth Measurement Facebook Group<br />Google +<br />
  22.<br />
  23. Wiki Journals: Over the Shoulder Learning<br />
  24. Wiki Journals: Contact Information and Check List<br />
  25. Questions?<br />Next Session:July 28: 11:00 am PST<br />Pre-Work on WikiReading<br />Reflection: Just Three Words<br />