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RWJF Advancing Social Media Metrics Meeting


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RWJF Advancing Social Media Metrics Meeting

  1. Nonprofit Social Media Measurement: Maturity of PracticeBeth Kanter, Master Trainer, Author, and BloggerRobert Wood Johnson Foundation Convening,April 25, 2013
  2. Social Media Nonprofit ROI Poetry Slam 2009Context
  3. Maturity of Practice Framework: Networked NonprofitsIf you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, ifyou can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do youhave to keep moving forward.”
  4. CRAWL WALK RUN FLYLinking Social withResults and NetworksPilot: Focus oneprogram or campaignIncremental CapacityBecomingTransparentLadder ofEngagementContent StrategyBest PracticesUses social mediametrics to learnCommunicationsStrategyDevelopmentCulture ChangeNetwork BuildingFree AgentsMulti-Channel Engagement,Content, and MeasurementKPIs, Reflection andContinuous Improvement
  5. Maturity of Practice: Crawl-Walk-Run-FlyCategories Practices AverageCULTURE Networked Mindset 2.3Institutional Support 1.5CAPACITY Staffing 1.8Strategy 1.5MEASUREMENT Analysis 1.5Tools 2.0Sense-Making 1.8LISTENING Brand Monitoring 1.5Influencer Research 1.3ENGAGEMENT Ladder of Engagement 1.5CONTENT Integration/Optimization 1.8NETWORK Influencer Engagement 2.0Relationship Mapping 1.31 2 3 40.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5Arts & Cultural Alliance ofCentral FloridaLA Stage AllianceThe Alliance of ResidentTheatres/New YorkAustin Creative AllianceTheatre Bay AreaC4 AtlantaAll Indicators
  6. The Data Informed Nonprofit
  7. Crawl Walk Run Flyinconsistent datacollectionData collectionconsistent but notsharedData from multiplesourcesOrg Wide KPIsHaphazard reporting Reporting moreconsistent, but notalways linked tooutcomesSystem and structure fordata collectionOrganizationalDashboard withdifferent views, sharingDecisions based on gut Rarely makes decisionsbased on dataDiscussed at staffmeetings, decisionsmade using itData visualization, real-time reporting, formalreflection processCWRF: Becoming Data Informed: What Does Practice looklike?AnalysisToolsSense-Making
  8. Data-Informed Culture: It starts from the top!Do
  9. Tear down those silos and walls around data …More time think about that the data, then collect it
  10. Video
  11. HSUS Analysis Process:• Everyone gathers their data• We sit in a room and analyze it• The project manager develops a report of“what we did/what we learned/what werecommend for next time “+ dataChallenges:• Reports aren’t distributed org-wide yet• Still making some decisions based on whatwe think, not supported by data• Upper management still not on board, justwants things to get doneScaling Data-Informed
  12. Jogging!2011: Not Using Source Codes forAll Campaigns To Measure SocialMedia Conversion2013: Using Source Codes for AllCampaigns To Measure SocialMedia Conversion
  13. 140,000120,000100,00080,00060,00040,00020,000
  14. 140,000120,000100,00080,00060,00040,00020,000
  15. 133,167745,0301,683,6700200,000400,000600,000800,0001,000,0001,200,0001,400,0001,600,0001,800,000Shark Week 2010 Shark Week 2011 Shark Week 2012One Metric That Matters:Increase Shark Conservation Conversation
  16. Nonprofit Social Media Measurement Practices:Room for Improvement
  17. GoalAudienceCostBenchmarkKPIToolInsightMeasurement Discipline
  18. Pick The Right Data Point(s) To Track Outcomes
  19. Outcomes KPIIncrease donations % reduction in cost per dollar raisedIncrease donor base % increase in new donorsIncrease number of volunteers % increase in volunteersIncrease awareness or dissemination % increase in awareness,% increase in visibility/prominence% increase conversion of downloadsImprove relationships with existingdonors/volunteers% improvement in relationship scores,% increase in donation from existingdonorsImprove engagement withstakeholders% increase in engagement (commentson YouTube, shares on Facebook,comments on blog, etc.Change in behavior % decrease in bad behavior,% increase in good behaviorChange in attitude about yourorganization% increase in trust score , influence,transparency, or relationship scoreIncrease in skills and knowledge ofstaff learningIncrease in revenue per employee,% employees understanding theirroles and organizational mission
  20. • Sentiment• Themes• MessagingContentAnalysis• Attitudes• Preferences• BehaviorSurveyResearch• Reach• Engagement• ActionAnalyticsPick the Right Tool for the Job
  21. Now That’s A Spreadsheet!
  22. Data Literacy: Collect, Clean, Analyze, Visualize, Apply
  23. Step 7 – Analyze ResultsJoyful Funerals Metrics MondaysReflection and Improvement: Learning from Failure
  24. 1. Measurement discipline but not at the expense ofbeing networked – balance serendipity withstrategy2. Different stages of maturity, requires incrementalsteps to improve practices3. Linking social media to outcomes requires silobusting for both effective strategy and metrics4. Data literacy - working with experts andorganizationally5. Embrace and learn from failureThe State of Nonprofit Social Media Measurement
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