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Combating Distraction and Enhancing Productivity: Technology Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace


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Beth Kanter

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Combating Distraction and Enhancing Productivity: Technology Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace

  1. Combating Distraction and Enhancing Productivity: Technology Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, Speaker, Author
  2. @kanter Master Trainer, Speaker, Author and Nonprofit Thought Leader
  3. • Nonprofit Professionals: Nonprofits • Understanding Connection between Tech and Burnout • Personal Technology Wellness Tips • Nonprofit Workplace: Organizations • Bringing Technology Wellness into the Nonprofit Workplace: Culture Change and Tips Resources
  4. Technology Use Can Be A Big Cause Stress and Burnout
  5. The Negative Impact on Mental Health, Social Relationships, Children, and Civil Society
  6. We have no downtime 52% of smartphone owners check their phones a few times an hour or more. Behavior Addiction
  7. What is the average human attention span online?
  8. Attention Spans Online … Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information, US National Library of Medicine Flickr photo: Josullivan59 Attention Span Statistics Data The average human attention span in 2000. 12 seconds The average human attention span in 2013. 8 seconds 9 seconds
  9. Heart disease Diabetes Bad Back Brain Fog Strained Neck
  10. Technology Wellness for Nonprofit Professionals
  11. Not Saying To Stop Using Technology Be Intentional
  12. Information Overload Personal Technology Wellness Assessment 1. Is the only time you take a break from your tech when you’re sleeping? 2. Do you check your phone before you go to bed or right when you wake up? 3. Do you have problems recalling information and resort to searching on Google? 4. Do you feel that you often have a hard time paying attention or focusing on a single task? 5. Do you experience frustration at the amount of online information you need to process every day? 6. Do you frequently or constantly check your email, Twitter, Facebook or other online services? 7. Do you sometimes check your mobile phone for messages while in the bathroom? 8. Do you find yourself reaching for your phone even when you’re with others? 9. Do you sit at your computer at work or home for longer than 30 minutes at a time without getting up to take a break? 10.Do you ever check your mobile phone while walking outside? Add up all the questions you answered “YES” to for your score
  13. Insert User Poll What did you score? 1) 0-3 2) 4-6 3) 7 or higher
  14. 0…1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10 Source: Lulumonathletica Healthy……………………………………………………Unhealthy What’s Your Technology Wellness Score?
  15. Protect Your Sleep
  16. Use An Alarm Clock and Turn On Night Shift
  17. Beverly Trayner-Wenger List of Standing Desk Resources Stand Up At Work
  18. Walk More
  19. Take Control of Your Mobile Phone • Turn off all notifications except from people • Type to launch apps • Go grayscale • Tools on home screen • Scramble Apps • Remove or move work apps into folders on 3rd or 4th screens after hours or vacation • Gboard
  20. News Diet • Consume news for specified time and sources per day • News meditation – be in the present moment when consuming • Remove news notifications • Take a break from Facebook or use News Feed Eradicator for Facebook (Chrome Extension)
  21. Unplug regularly & often
  22. Schedule Quiet Time
  23. • What is one personal technology wellness habit you can start doing now? Mindful Moment
  24. Workplace Tech Wellness: Avoiding Collaborative Overload
  25. Is this familiar? • Long work week • Come home to realize you didn’t get stuff done • You start doing solo work in evenings and weekends • You don’t do it because you are too exhausted
  26. • 15% of organization time is spent in meetings • Four hours a week for status update meetings • More than $37 billion year in unproductive meetings Meetings As Murder
  27. Avoiding Collaborative Overload Planning People Priorities Present
  28. Planning: Structure and Norms To Keep Organized ● Look Ahead and Stop Days Rituals
  29. Planning: Structure and Norms To Keep Organized ● Clearly Defined Workflow Norms for Online Collaboration Platforms
  30. Example: A Process For Establishing Work Flow Norms Information: What do you need for the projects you work on? Communication: What do you use to get your work done? Collaboration: How do you know what everyone is doing?
  31. People: How Well Staff Communicate and Collaborate ● Create norms around effective use of email BLUF: Bottom Line Up Front
  32. People: Create Remote Working Charter or Remote Meeting Norms
  33. • Do not multi-task (do other work) during the meeting • Find a quiet space to participate • Use the mute button at your site to prevent the transmission of background noise. • Speak up to get attention if you have something to say. • Turn on your video whenever possible and be camera readyHow To Use • Share with your agenda • Reflect at the end • Less is more, aim for 6 and transition after it becomes standard behavior People: Example – Remote Meeting Norms
  34. PRIORITY: How Everyone Spends Their Time ● Routinize Reflection – Analyze Fire Drills ● Rethink Status Updates Meetings
  35. PRIORITY: How Everyone Spends Their Time ● Don’t schedule hour meetings by default
  36. ● Device free zones in your office and during meetings PRESENT: How You Focus Together Replace with Saleforce Device Free Space
  37. ● Norms around minimizing distractions: Cues PRESENT: How You Focus Together
  38. Culture Change!
  39. • What is one idea that you can bring back to your organization to improve technology wellness? Mindful Moment
  40. Summary Our personal and organizational use of technology can create stress leading to burnout. But if we are intentional about how we use our devices, we can be more productive, healthier, and happier.
  41. Thank you! The Happy Healthy Nonprofit