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Mekong ict camp


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Mekong ict camp

  1. Measuring the Socially Networked NGOBeth Kanter, Master Trainer, Blogger, AuthorMekong ICT CampMay, 2013
  2. Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Author, and Blogger@kanter
  3. 2007: Cambodian Bloggers Conference
  4. 2012
  5. The point is that we want to use social mediatools for on the ground social change ……And, we must use measurement and makesense of our data to understand if we havebeen successful!
  6. CRAWL WALK RUN FLYMaturity of Practice Framework: Effective Social MediaLinking Social withResults andNetworksPilot: Focus oneprogram or channelwith measurementIncremental CapacityLadder ofEngagementContent StrategyBest PracticesMeasurement andlearning in all aboveCommunicationsStrategyDevelopmentCulture ChangeNetwork BuildingMany Free Agents work foryouMulti-Channel Engagement,Content, and MeasurementReflection and ContinuousImprovement
  7. Crawl Walk Run FlyLacks consistent datacollectionData collectionconsistent but notsharedData from multiplesourcesOrg Wide KPIsNo reporting orsynthesisData not linked toresults, could be wrongdataSystem and structure fordata collectionOrganizationalDashboard withdifferent views, sharingDecisions based on gut Rarely makes decisionsto improveDiscussed at staffmeetings, decisionsmade using itData visualization, real-time reporting, formalreflection processCWRF: Becoming Data Informed: What Does It look like?AnalysisToolsSense-Making
  8. 140,000120,000100,00080,00060,00040,00020,000
  9. 140,000120,000100,00080,00060,00040,00020,000
  10. 133,167745,0301,683,6700200,000400,000600,000800,0001,000,0001,200,0001,400,0001,600,0001,800,000Shark Week 2010 Shark Week 2011 Shark Week 2012One Metric That Matters:Increase Shark Conservation Conversation
  11. Audience: Artists and people in their communityShow the human face of artists, remove the mystique, getaudience to share their favorites, connect with otherorganizations.Focused on one channel (Facebook) to use best practices to:Increase engagement by comments per postConversations that made the organization more accessibleIncrease enrollment in classes and attendance at events10% new students /attenders say they heard about us throughFacebookSmall NGOs Can Be Data Informed
  12. GoalAudienceCostBenchmarkKPIToolInsightThe 7 Simple Steps of Measurement
  13. Goal MetricIncrease donations % reduction in cost per dollarraisedIncrease donor base % increase in new donorsIncrease number of volunteers % increase in volunteersIncrease awareness % increase in awareness,% increase invisibility/prominenceImprove relationships with existingdonors/volunteers% improvement in relationshipscores,% increase in donation fromexisting donorsImprove engagement withstakeholders% increase in engagement(comments on YouTube, shareson Facebook, comments onblog, etc.Change in behavior % decrease in bad behavior,% increase in good behaviorChange in attitude about yourorganization% increase in trust score orrelationship scorePick The Right Data Point
  14. Now That’s A Spreadsheet!
  15. • Sentiment• Themes• MessagingContentAnalysis• Attitudes• Preferences• BehaviorSurveyResearch• Reach• Engagement• ActionAnalyticsPick the Right Tool for the Job
  16. The Skills
  17. Data Is Like Fresh Bread
  18. Collect Regularly
  19. Review your Spreadsheet for 20 MinutesLook for patterns
  20. Step 7 – Analyze ResultsJoyful Funerals Metrics MondaysSpecific Time for Reflection and Improvement
  21. 1. Take small or incremental to improve practice2. Identify results and one metric that matters3. Measure in context – don’t ever collect dataunless you can connect it to your goals4. Don’t wait until the end to collect or analyze data5. Uses measurement pilots to create a habit ofcollecting and apply data and to learnImproving Your Measurement Practice!
  22. Thank you! on TwitterMekong ICT Camp