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New Hampshire Nonprofits

Networked Nonprofit Workshop

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New Hampshire Nonprofits

  1. Social  Media  Strategies  to  Enhance  Your   Online  Presence Beth  Kanter November,  2017
  2. @kanter Beth  Kanter: Master  Trainer,  Speaker,  Author and   Nonprofit  Thought  Leader
  3. My  Work:  The  Networked  Nonprofit Networked  Nonprofits  are  simple,  agile,  and   transparent       Listen  and  engage  with  networks  of  people   and  organizations  to  reach  outcomes Staff  and  board  leverage  their  professional   networks  in  service  of  mission Experts  at  using  social  media  and  online   collaboration  tools  to  make  the  world  a  better   place      
  4. Who  is  in  the  Room? Slido.Com Event  Code:  #NHNP-­‐1
  5. What  is  your  burning  question?
  6. TOPICS OUTCOMES Buffet   Interactive Reflective Slido.Com – NHNP-­1 FRAMING The  Agenda Implement  one   small  step   towards   becoming  a   networked   nonprofit • Breaking  Through  the   Noise • Social  Media   Assessment • Writing  Your  Social   Media  Strategy • Tips:  Content,   Channels,  and   Champions • Q/A,  Reflection,  Raffle­‐1
  7. Digital  Revolution
  8. Facebook’s  Reachpocalypse
  9. Content Is King, Storytelling is Queen What hasn’t changed?
  10. 13 Stories  of  Impact • Why  should  your  audience  care? • What  problem  is  your  organization  working  to   solve  for  your  audience? • Why  should  someone  trust  your  organization  to   solve  the  problem? • What  is  the  call  to  action?
  11. The  Building  Blocks
  12. Transmedia Storytellingg
  13. A  “Who  Done  It”  Story  Told  Across  Social  Media  Channels  to  Land   Hank  and  his  Fuzzy  Purple  Hippo  Toy  A  Forever  Home
  14. Fuzzy  Purple  Hippo  Toy  Has  a  Medical  Emergency
  15. Fuzzy  Purple  Hippo  Toy  Resting  After  Surgery
  16. Great  storytelling  may  capture   attention,  you  also  need  to  empower   your  audience  to  share  your  stories   with  their  networks!
  17. Champions  Increase  Your  Reach  and  Engagement “If  you  hear  an  idea  from   10  people,   the  impact  is  completely   off  the  charts  compared   to  just  one  person   whispering  in  your  ear.” -­‐Seth  Godin
  18. Super  Champions
  19. Slido.Com Event  Code:  #NHNP-­‐1
  20. Where  is  your  nonprofit?  Content,  Champions,  Channels     Objectives  and   audiences  for  social Inconsistent  content   and  storytelling  across   social  media  channels Haphazard  metrics Leader  and  employees   use  social  but  lacks   champion  strategy Content  is  consistent   process  based  on   personas  and  research Consistently  shares   content  across  social   channels  using   storytelling  best   practices Activate    staff  and   supporters  informally   Some  measurement    in   all  above Sporadic  content     and  social   presence Not  using   storytelling  best   practices Lack  of  social   media  champions   inside  or  outside Multi-­Channel  Content   Strategy,  Storytelling  Best   Practices,  Internal  Process,   and  Measurement Strategic  pilots  with   emerging  social  media   channels Formal  Champions   Strategy  and  regular   activation Reflection  and  Continuous   Improvement CRAWL WALK RUN FLY
  21. Where’s  Your  Organization  Now? • What  area  do  you  need   to  do  to  improve? Slido.Com – NHNP-­‐1
  22. Digital  Strategy
  23. How  To  Write  Your    Social  Media  Strategy Audience Objective Content Champions Channels
  24. AUDIENCE: Artists  and  people  in  their  neighborhood OBJECTIVES:   Increase  engagement by  2  comments  per  post  by  FY  2017 Content  analysis  of    conversations:  Does  it  make  the  organization  more   accessible? Increase  enrollment in  classes  and  attendance  at  events   by  5%  by  FY   2017 10%    students   /attenders  say  they  heard  about  us  through  Facebook,   Instagram,  or  Twitter CONTENT    AND  CHAMPIONS Show  the  human  face  of  artists,  remove  the  mystique,  get  audience  to   share  their  favorites,  connect  with  other  organizations.    Uses  best   practices  in  storytelling  and  content  creation  process.  Asks  artists  and   teachers  to  share  with  their  networks  on  FB.       CHANNELS Focused  on  Facebook,  Twitter,  and  Instagram  to  use  best  practices  and   align  engagement/content  with  other  channels  which  includes  flyers,   emails,  and  web  site.  Small  budget  for  FB  advertising  to  boost  good   performing  content  and  advertise  events  with  well-­‐crafted  landing  page   and  knowledge  of  audience  targets. Strategy:  Kearny  Street  Workshop
  25. PERSONAS:    Kearny  Street  Workshop  Example Artist  Persona: Cathy,    in  her  20’s,  uses   Instagram  and  Facebook   to  share  her  art  work.     Wants  to  participate  in   programs  and  exhibits  at   the  gallery. Neighborhood  Persona: Lee,  lives  and  works  in  the   neighborhood.    Is    a  cook.      Uses   Facebook  on  his  mobile  phone.        Has   not  visited  the  gallery  because  he   thought  it  was  a  private  club.  
  26. Define  Measurable  Objectives Reach   Engage Action Donate Grow  our  web  site   visitors  by  10% Increase   Engagement  rate  on   Facebook to  4% Increase  the  number   of  people  who   follow  us  on  Twitter   by  5% Increase  the  number   of  people  who   attend  our  events  by   5%
  27. Exercise:    People  and  Objectives • Describe  1  target  audiences  that  you  want  to   reach  through  social  media • What  action  do  you  want  the  audience  to  take? • How  will  you  measure  it?
  28. Social  Media  Building  Blocks:  The  3  C’s Content ChampionsChannels
  29. Digital  Content  Best  Practices • Content  themes  and  stories  resonate  with   your  audience  and  support  objectives •Content  is  shared  across  channels  and   optimized  for  different  social  media  channels • Different  Formats:  Video,  Photo,  Text   • Disciplined  work  flow  to  plan,  create,  curate,   share  and  measure  – weekly  or  monthly,  one   channel  or  many
  30. THE  PLANNING  WORK  FLOW SCHEDULING  &  ORGANIZING Who,  What,  When,  Channel THEME  DISCOVERY Make  a  high  level  plan RESEARCH  &  BRAINSTORMING What  content  do  personas  want  to  consume?
  31. Content  Themes • Behind  the  scenes  at  your  organization • Stories  of  impact  about  the  target  audience • Showcase  programs  or  services • Fun  or  inspiring  stories  or  content • Educational  or  practical  tips • Industry  or  local  news,  breaking  news,  news  jacking • Research,  data,  policy  information • Curate  content  useful  to  your  audience • User-­‐generated  content
  32. Editorial  Calendar:  Weekly,  One  Channel
  33. Editorial  Calendar:  Monthly,  Several  Channels Tools:        Spreadsheet,    Buffer,  Sprout  Social,  Co-­‐Schedule,  Edgar
  34. Organizing  Your  Content  Creation  Process
  35. Exercise ● Identify  content  themes.      Brainstorm  some  ideas  for   stories  of  impact  that  resonate  with  your  target   audience.   ❏Behind  the  scenes  at  your  organization ❏Stories  of  impact  about  the  target  audience ❏Showcase  programs  or  services ❏Fun  or  inspiring   stories  or  content ❏Educational  or  practical  tips ❏Industry  or  local  news,  breaking  news,  news  jacking ❏Research,  data,  policy  information ❏Curate  content  useful  to  your  audience ❏User-­‐generated  content
  36. Pick  the  Best  Channels  to  Reach  Your  Audience ● Optimize  the  1-­‐3 of  most  important  social  platforms  first ● Right  size  content  creation,  frequency  and  timing  to  your   capacity ● Repurpose  and  recycle  content  creatively  across   channels ● Measure,  learn,  improve
  37. Frequency  and  Timing How  Often  To  Post  on  Social  Media  Based  on  14  Research  Studies­‐often-­‐to-­‐post-­‐on-­‐social-­‐media
  38. ● Complete your FB profile, prioritized in algorithm ● Experiment with post length: Short copy could work well for clicks, whereas longer copy could work better for engagement. ● Lead with a question in your post ● Use bullet point lists ● Add a pull quote from your content ● Include an emoji or two ● Tag other pages/users ● Engage in the comments ● Images work well on Facebook, ideal size 1,200 x 630 pixels or use Canva ● Video, video, video! ● Messenger Bots (2018)
  39. • Profile  filled  out  w/  compelling  cover   image  and  links  in  bio • Use  keywords  in  bio • Avoid  using  all  the  characters • Don’t  use  distracting  hashtags • Post  with  photos • 5-­‐10  times  per  day • Gifs  and  emoji  stand  out • Use  images  sized  correctly • Ask  questions • Curate  content  related  to  your   mission,  share  using  Quote • Share  other  partners  content • Create  a  back  channel  DM  for   champion  sharing • Use  moments  to  tell  stories  of  impact
  40. Champions Enlisting  your  staff  and  board  to  leverage   their  personal  brands  and  networks  on   social  media Getting  your  supporters  and  fans  to  spread   the  word  about  your  organization  or   campaigns  on  social  media  channels Identifying  and  cultivating  super  fans
  41. Networked  Nonprofit
  42. Source:  Heather  McLeod  Grant
  43. The  Social  CEO:  In  Service  of  Strategy
  44. Fun,  Easy  Ways  To  Engage
  45. Social  Media  Super  Fans:  Who  is  Most  Engaged  on  Social  Channels? • Use  WhoLikesUs to  get  a  list  of   your  most  engaged  Facebook  Fans • Social  Rank  for  Twitter/Instagram • Invite  them  – your  email  list  
  46. Create  Your  Strategy  Poster
  47. Share  Pair
  48. Gallery  Walk
  49. Open  Question  and  Answer
  50. One  Minute  of  Silent  Reflection:  I  Commit  To  …
  51. Book  Raffle
  52. Thank  you! The  Happy  Healthy  Nonprofit