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Logistics class exercise coca cola


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Logistics class exercise coca cola

  1. 1. LOGISTICS CLASS EXERCISE The Coke side of LifeCoca-Cola is the world’s most valued and best-known brand, and South Africa’sfavourite brand*.Created in Atlanta, Georgia on 8 May 1886, the first Coca-Cola was described as"delicious and refreshing". Not much has changed since then, and there’s stillnothing better than an ice-cold Coke to quench your thirst.The Coca-Cola contour bottle, which dates back to 1915, is the most recognisedpackaging in the world today, and the exact formula is a famous trade secret. Overtime the Coca-Cola brand has come to mean more than a drink, achieving celebritystatus in many spheres of society. It represents the power of optimism and positivethinking. It is "happiness in a bottle", it connects people and it brings out the best inthe human spirit.That’s why Coke is aligned with properties that embody the brand experience. InSouth Africa, these "feel-good" platforms include football, music, holidays, food andsummer. Across a range of media channels, you’ll often hear about the involvementofCoca-Cola in landmark initiatives, like Coca-Cola Football Stars, My Coke Fest,Coke & Food, and much more.Coca-Cola is the only brand in the world to have an entire museum that showcasesits history, current reality and future possibility. The New World of Coca-Cola inAtlanta is open to the public and is a "must see" if you are ever in that city. Coca-Cola contains sugar, high carbonation levels and caffeine.It’s real, authentic, original and the best. Its taste is indescribable.* Markinor/Sunday Times Top Brands Survey, 2007
  2. 2. 1. Read Strydom et al., 2009. Distribution Management, pp22-252. Explain the difference between a supply chain and a value chain. Make sure you include all relevant definitions and diagrams for each3. Read Strydom et al., 2009. Distribution Management, p314. Sketch the flow of the international distribution system for Coca Cola and briefly discuss with examples5. Read Strydom et al., 2009. Distribution Management, pp60-616. There are three main decisions a company must make in selecting its distribution structure: intensive, selective or exclusive. Which one of these three have Coca Cola used in South Africa? Define the distribution structure you have selected and provide one good reason why you know this is the distribution structure used?