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Project admin lu 1

  1. 1.  Define a project and explain the different types of project Describe the different phases of a project Explain the purpose and importance of administration Identify and describe the different responsibilities of the project team Explain the role, responsibilities and value of a project administrator Explain how the project administrator supports the project manager Explain how project admin can contribute to success of project Describe how different phases of a project impact on the administration requirements
  2. 2.  Show Introduction to Project Management video
  3. 3.  What is a project? List at least six factors that indicate that projects are different from normal operational activities Write down 8 different project types and examples for each Write down the 9 PMBOK areas with a brief explanation Write a paragraph describing project management
  4. 4.  Decide what has to be done How it must be done Do it, and then, Hand it over to the client
  5. 5.  Write down the phases of a project
  6. 6.  Show simple approach to project management
  7. 7.  Project admin is inputting project parameters into project management software, scheduling meetings, issuing minutes, compiling and expediting all documentation and deliverables for project Project administrator frees the project manager from time spent on generating and updating status reports
  8. 8.  Collect the correct data through the administration process to support the project manager in effective planning and control Appoint the correct people for collecting and analysing the data via the communication and administration process Reporting by using the correct report formats, reporting schedules and reporting channels
  9. 9.  The system must be flexible so that it can react to and report unforeseen circumstances. It should be cost effective; this is achieved by using standardised documents. It must be useful to support the project’s real needs. It must operate in a timely manner in order to facilitate immediate corrective action. It must be simple and user friendly so that all the participants can operate it. The system must be easy to maintain.
  10. 10. Individual ExerciseDraw a mind map/flowchart of the seventeensteps of the project administration process (pages22 – 26 module manual). Ensure that inputs andoutputs to each stage are identified and that abrief description of each stage is included.You have 1 hour to complete the task. Must behanded in at the end of the lecture. A3 paper isprovided for the drawing. Put your name andstudent number on the back.
  11. 11. Individual TaskUsing the table on page 28, 29 & 30 of themodule manual write a job description for aproject administrator. A template for thispurpose will be given to you. Make sure thatall sections are completed. You will need toconsider the role and its responsibilities, thepreferred skills required of a candidate andthe education and qualification requirements
  12. 12. Initiation › Business case › Feasibility study › Project charter
  13. 13. Planning › Project plan › Resource plan › Quality plan › Risk plan › Communication plan
  14. 14. Execution › Time management › Cost management › Change management › Risk management › Issue management
  15. 15. Closure › Closeout report › Post project review
  16. 16. YCALL CASE STUDYDATES OF SUBMISSIONITEM UNIT DATE OF COMMENTS SUBMISSIONWorkbook stage 1 – The Project Brief 1 10/08/2012 ICE task 2The Project BriefWorkbook stage 2 – The Project Brief 24/08/2012 ICE task 2Communications 11Matrix and questionsWorkbook stage 3 – Planning 07/09/2012 ICE task 2questionsWorkbook stage 4 – Making it happen 25/09/2012 ICE task 3questionsWorkbook stage 5 – Crises 05/10/2012 ICE task 3questionsWorkbook stage 6 - Handover 19/10/2012 ICE task 3questionsWorkbook stage 7 - Evaluation 02/11/2012 ICE task 3evaluationPortfolio 09/11/2012 1. Copies of each item must be provided by the submission date 2. Upon completion of all tasks they must be compiled in a portfolio, with a cover sheet. Name and student number must be on the cover sheet 3. As indicated in the table above successful completion of relevant items will mean successful completion of the indicated ICE tasks – so IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO SUBMIT ON TIME.
  17. 17. Group discussion: You have been appointed asproject administrator for a student body that isorganising an international conference on themerits of computer based learning. Divide intoyour groups and using the steps in the projectadministration process to guide you (Par 3.3 ofyour manual), discuss and document allrelevant aspects of steps 1 to 3.