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Building a Reporting Framework for your SaaS Company


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Presented at the SaaS Virtual Summit

Published in: Marketing
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Building a Reporting Framework for your SaaS Company

  2. 2. @danaditomaso Before you measure anything…
  3. 3. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso What are the metrics that matter?
  4. 4. @danaditomaso Goal What is the point?
  5. 5. @danaditomaso KPI What will we measure?
  6. 6. @danaditomaso Tactics How will we get there?
  7. 7. @danaditomaso Metrics What data do we need?
  8. 8. @danaditomaso Report How can we show results?
  9. 9. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso Then, start to build walkback numbers.
  10. 10. @danaditomaso How many trials become a customer?
  11. 11. @danaditomaso How many visitors become a trial user?
  12. 12. @danaditomaso At this point, you’ll begin to have targets you need to hit.
  13. 13. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso But how do you make the data smarter than just “5000 visitors a day or bust?”
  14. 14. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso Understand the limitations of your data.
  15. 15. @danaditomaso Unique Sessions — Only unique if you ever use one device all the time.
  16. 16. @danaditomaso Session Duration — Only correct if someone visits a second page.
  17. 17. Another Reason Why Session Duration Is Probably Wrong
  18. 18. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso We all know that garbage in equals garbage out.
  19. 19. @danaditomaso Let’s make sure your analytics aren’t garbage.
  20. 20. @danaditomaso Implement Google Tag Manager.
  21. 21. @danaditomaso Include: External Clicks Phone & Email Taps Form Submissions Time on Page
  22. 22. @danaditomaso What other user behaviours will help you understand user experience?
  23. 23. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso Start building segments.
  24. 24. @danaditomaso Analyze behaviour based on these segments.
  25. 25. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso How to differentiate Leads vs Trial vs Paid?
  26. 26. @danaditomaso Use Custom Dimensions or User-ID.
  27. 27. google-analytics-measurement-protocol/
  28. 28. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso How can you tell if your campaigns are drawing in the right visitors?
  29. 29. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso Why is there so much Direct traffic?
  30. 30. @danaditomaso Typing in a URL or selecting a URL from the address bar Using a bookmarked link Clicking on a link from email or another messaging program Clicking on a link from a PDF, Word Doc, Google Doc, etc etc Clicking on a link from a mobile app Clicking on a link from a https site to a http site
  31. 31. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso What goals should we set in Google Analytics?
  32. 32. @danaditomaso Will it make you money?
  33. 33. @danaditomaso But track as many events as you want.
  34. 34. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso What metrics will help you make better decisions?
  35. 35. @danaditomaso Conversions By Keyword
  36. 36. @danaditomaso Events by Day & Hour
  37. 37. @danaditomaso Page Load Speed & Conversion Rate
  38. 38. @danaditomaso Scroll Depth & Conversion Rate
  39. 39. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso Remember: Metrics are lots of fun!
  40. 40. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso But it doesn’t mean a thing unless you turn it into action.
  41. 41. @danaditomaso@danaditomaso THANK YOU! KICKPOINT.CA/SAASVS2017