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Focused Reporting: Fewer Reports that Do More


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Presented at MozCon 2018

With an ever-increasing slate of options in tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio, marketers of all stripes are falling prey to the habit of "I'll collect this data because maybe I'll need it eventually," when in reality it's creating a lot of noise for zero signal.

We're still approaching our metrics from the organization's perspective, and not from the customer's perspective. Why, for example, are we not reporting on (or even thinking about, really) how quickly a customer can do what they need to do? Why are we still fixated on page views? In this talk, Dana will focus our attention on what really matters.

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Focused Reporting: Fewer Reports that Do More

  1. 1. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  2. 2. #MozCon @danaditomaso The struggle is real.
  3. 3. #MozCon @danaditomaso But we still keep doing the same things.
  4. 4. #MozCon @danaditomaso Let’s share our struggles.
  5. 5. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  6. 6. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  7. 7. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  8. 8. #MozCon @danaditomaso How can we fix this?
  9. 9. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  10. 10. #MozCon @danaditomaso What is reporting?
  11. 11. #MozCon @danaditomaso Monitoring is data. Reporting is insight.
  12. 12. #MozCon @danaditomaso example: decrease in organic traffic
  13. 13. #MozCon @danaditomaso Monitoring is still important. But it isn’t a report.
  14. 14. #MozCon @danaditomaso Reports should tell you if you’re meeting your goals.
  15. 15. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  16. 16. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  17. 17. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  18. 18. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  19. 19. #MozCon @danaditomaso We’ve all made bad reports.
  20. 20. #MozCon @danaditomaso Why do we do this?
  21. 21. #MozCon @danaditomaso Insecurity?
  22. 22. #MozCon @danaditomaso If you can’t trust the data, then we can’t trust you.
  23. 23. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  24. 24. #MozCon @danaditomaso Start with the end.
  25. 25. #MozCon @danaditomaso Introduce a goal charter.
  26. 26. #MozCon @danaditomaso A goal charter answers three questions.
  27. 27. #MozCon @danaditomaso What are your goals?
  28. 28. #MozCon @danaditomaso Why do these goals exist?
  29. 29. #MozCon @danaditomaso How will we know when we’ve met the goal?
  30. 30. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  31. 31. #MozCon @danaditomaso What would a client want to know?
  32. 32. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  33. 33. #MozCon @danaditomaso Goal: How much budget should we put towards local listings management?
  34. 34. #MozCon @danaditomaso Objective 1: Know that we’re spending the right budget on local listings management.
  35. 35. #MozCon @danaditomaso Objective 2: Understand the ROI of listings management.
  36. 36. #MozCon @danaditomaso How to measure results?
  37. 37. #MozCon @danaditomaso Do this for every goal.
  38. 38. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  39. 39. #MozCon @danaditomaso Once you hit a goal, start on another.
  40. 40. #MozCon @danaditomaso We still have a problem when it comes to goals.
  41. 41. #MozCon @danaditomaso We measure what’s important to the company, not the customer.
  42. 42. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  43. 43. #MozCon @danaditomaso Don’t get trapped.
  44. 44. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  45. 45. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  46. 46. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  47. 47. #MozCon @danaditomaso We aren’t focused on helping our customers solve their problems as fast as possible.
  48. 48. #MozCon @danaditomaso Have you asked your customers what their problems are?
  49. 49. #MozCon @danaditomaso Organizations put themselves first.
  50. 50. #MozCon @danaditomaso We need to be customer centric.
  51. 51. #MozCon @danaditomaso This shift isn’t just desirable, it’s important.
  52. 52. #MozCon @danaditomaso Success isn’t measured in campaign cycles.
  53. 53. #MozCon @danaditomaso Keep asking why.
  54. 54. #MozCon @danaditomaso Can we solve their problems faster?
  55. 55. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  56. 56. #MozCon @danaditomaso The old way is measuring conversion rate on a form fill or a purchase.
  57. 57. #MozCon @danaditomaso The new way is measuring how fast an order arrives.
  58. 58. #MozCon @danaditomaso The new way is measuring the moment they tell their friends that they can see perfectly post-Lasik.
  59. 59. #MozCon @danaditomaso The new way is when their father likes and respects the new home care nurse you sent out.
  60. 60. #MozCon @danaditomaso Let’s call these customer conversions.
  61. 61. #MozCon @danaditomaso How do you measure them?
  62. 62. #MozCon @danaditomaso Number of featured snippets.
  63. 63. #MozCon @danaditomaso Facebook conversation rate and sentiment analysis.
  64. 64. #MozCon @danaditomaso Was your content consumed?
  65. 65. #MozCon @danaditomaso How long would it take someone to read this content?
  66. 66. #MozCon @danaditomaso When does the content end?
  67. 67. #MozCon @danaditomaso Did both these things happen?
  68. 68. #MozCon @danaditomaso If so, the content was consumed.
  69. 69. #MozCon @danaditomaso If not, you abandoned, skimmed, or hoarded the tab for later.
  70. 70. #MozCon @danaditomaso Start measuring content consumption:
  71. 71. #MozCon @danaditomaso Now what?
  72. 72. #MozCon @danaditomaso Share your goal charter!
  73. 73. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  74. 74. #MozCon @danaditomaso Let’s face a few hard truths.
  75. 75. #MozCon @danaditomaso People don’t switch agencies or hire new in-house marketers because they want more of the same.
  76. 76. #MozCon @danaditomaso People make changes when they don’t understand.
  77. 77. #MozCon @danaditomaso Without understanding, we lose accountability and trust.
  78. 78. #MozCon @danaditomaso And then we end up in the blame game.
  79. 79. #MozCon @danaditomaso We’re all trying to help people do better.
  80. 80. #MozCon @danaditomaso