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Understanding Your Local Search Presence


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We're in a catch-22 of mobile search — lots more people are using mobile search, particularly in local, but less and less of those people are actually tapping on search results and visiting your website. Local has long been a testing ground for no click searches but it's getting harder to build an action plan and track success. In this talk, Dana will review tools you can use to monitor local results (even on a block by block basis!) and provide tips for improving your local presence in both organic and paid results.

Presented at SearchLove San Diego, February 2019

Published in: Marketing
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Understanding Your Local Search Presence

  1. 1. Understanding Your Local Search Presence Dana DiTomaso #searchlove @danaditomaso
  2. 2. SEO is in a weird spot right now. #searchlove @danaditomaso
  3. 3. #searchlove @danaditomaso
  4. 4. 61.5% of mobile search data is not in your analytics!
  5. 5. We’re used to this in Local SEO.
  6. 6. #searchlove @danaditomaso
  7. 7. #searchlove @danaditomaso Your data probably isn’t in Search Console, either.
  8. 8. #searchlove @danaditomaso
  9. 9. We need a new way to measure success.
  10. 10. #searchlove @danaditomaso And a new way to measure progress towards that success.
  11. 11. Step 1: Back to keyword basics! #searchlove @danaditomaso
  12. 12. keyword list screenshot – need to look up answer the public first #searchlove @danaditomaso
  13. 13. #searchlove @danaditomaso Don’t just research what you are, research what you sell.
  14. 14. #searchlove @danaditomaso
  15. 15. #searchlove @danaditomaso You have to say what you do and what you sell!
  16. 16. #searchlove @danaditomaso This is why Amazon is kicking everyone’s butts.
  17. 17. #searchlove @danaditomaso Put it in your schema? (does local business schema include brands they sell?)
  18. 18. #searchlove @danaditomaso How you ask for reviews matters.
  19. 19. #searchlove @danaditomaso No: Were you happy with the service your pest control technician provided?
  20. 20. #searchlove @danaditomaso Yes: Did we eradicate all the termites in your house?
  21. 21. Step 2: Who is ranking now? #searchlove @danaditomaso
  22. 22. #searchlove @danaditomaso We use three tools for local rank tracking and diagnosis.
  23. 23. #searchlove @danaditomaso 1st Tool: STAT Search Analytics
  24. 24. #searchlove @danaditomaso
  25. 25. Location really matters in STAT.
  26. 26. #searchlove @danaditomaso
  27. 27. 2nd Tool: Mobile Moxie
  28. 28. 3rd Tool: Local Falcon
  29. 29. Remember: Rank tracking is not exact.
  30. 30. Step 3: Increase your footprint #searchlove @danaditomaso
  31. 31. #searchlove @danaditomaso Link building is often overlooked in local SEO.
  32. 32. #searchlove @danaditomaso It’s more than citations!
  33. 33. #searchlove @danaditomaso
  34. 34. #searchlove @danaditomaso Monitor your local news for opportunities.
  35. 35. #searchlove @danaditomaso
  36. 36. #searchlove @danaditomaso Jobs pages are usually an overlooked opportunity.
  37. 37. #searchlove @danaditomaso More ideas:
  38. 38. Step 4 (Optional): Pay for it #searchlove @danaditomaso
  39. 39. #searchlove @danaditomaso
  40. 40. #searchlove @danaditomaso Running ads is not admitting SEO defeat.
  41. 41. #searchlove @danaditomaso SEO and PPC should work together.
  42. 42. CTR for ads from Rand’s blog #searchlove @danaditomaso
  43. 43. #searchlove @danaditomaso Step 5: Keep on top of spam
  44. 44.
  45. 45. Pulling It Together
  46. 46. #searchlove @danaditomaso Where are you weak?
  47. 47. #searchlove @danaditomaso Where are you strong?
  48. 48. #searchlove @danaditomaso Local SEO is a scorecard, not a checklist.
  49. 49. Thank You! Dana DiTomaso #searchlove @danaditomaso