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Who are we writing for? Choose fact over fiction.

Personas are an integral part of marketing and communications strategies, but they often get written off as being too soft. Well, perhaps that’s because all too often we take personas as a fun opportunity to be creative, when what we actually need to do to be impactful is study real people and real data. The answers to your burning marketing questions are out there, living in the hearts and minds of your current and potential clients and customers — you just need to ask the right questions. Let’s stop guessing about who we’re marketing to and start understanding who we need to engage with.

Presented at Learn Inbound (Dublin, IE) on January 25 2017.

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Who are we writing for? Choose fact over fiction.

  1. 1. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso DANA DITOMASO WHO ARE WE WRITING FOR? CHOOSE FACT OVER FICTION
  2. 2. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso What is a persona?
  3. 3. #learninbound @danaditomaso This is not a time for creativity.
  4. 4. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso You are not the target market.
  5. 5. #learninbound @danaditomaso Good personas make sense to non-marketers.
  6. 6. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso Personas are findable and measurable.
  7. 7. #learninbound @danaditomaso Findable: You have a way of targeting this persona.
  8. 8. #learninbound @danaditomaso Measurable: You have a plan on how to segment and track this persona.
  9. 9. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso Personas are built from data.
  10. 10. #learninbound @danaditomaso Video from “This is 40ish”
  11. 11. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso Good personas build empathy.
  12. 12. #learninbound @danaditomaso What is your conversion rate?
  13. 13. #learninbound @danaditomaso People are not users.
  14. 14. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso How to build personas.
  15. 15. #learninbound @danaditomaso Who are your best customers now?
  16. 16. #learninbound @danaditomaso Step 1 Build a profile.
  17. 17. #learninbound @danaditomaso Step 2 Ask questions.
  18. 18. #learninbound @danaditomaso Talk to your sales and support teams.
  19. 19. #learninbound @danaditomaso Step 3 Build structure.
  20. 20. #learninbound @danaditomaso I am a (blank) Who wants to do (blank) So I can (blank)
  21. 21. #learninbound @danaditomaso Remember: People don’t just live online.
  22. 22. #learninbound @danaditomaso Check your bias.
  23. 23. #learninbound @danaditomaso Are you social listening?
  24. 24. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso Prove your theories with data.
  25. 25. #learninbound @danaditomaso Don’t silo customer experience from lead experience.
  26. 26. #learninbound @danaditomaso Limit yourself to 3 to 5 personas to start.
  27. 27. #learninbound @danaditomaso Every persona must have a story and a journey.
  28. 28. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso You have your personas, now what?
  29. 29. #learninbound @danaditomaso Segmentation!
  30. 30. #learninbound @danaditomaso UTM Parameters
  31. 31. #learninbound @danaditomaso Google Tag Manager
  32. 32. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso What else can you do?
  33. 33. #learninbound @danaditomaso Remarketing
  34. 34. #learninbound @danaditomaso Social Sign On
  35. 35. #learninbound @danaditomaso Call tracking and whisper messages.
  36. 36. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso Persona data leads to smarter marketing decisions.
  37. 37. #learninbound @danaditomaso Stop wasting time on the wrong opportunities.
  38. 38. #learninbound @danaditomaso#learninbound @danaditomaso THANK YOU!