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More Signal, Less Noise: How to Dial in Your Customer Experience


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We have all the data in the world. Analytics! Reviews! Surveys! Heatmaps! Now… what the heck are we going to do with it? Information overload in marketing is a real problem, and you need to figure out where best to spend your limited resources.

In this presentation, Dana will walk you through building a customer experience framework for your organization, including how to tie together separate data points into a cohesive picture of your customers. You’ll learn how to reduce the background noise and build a plan on how to improve customer experience.

Presented at Engage PDX, March 8 2019

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More Signal, Less Noise: How to Dial in Your Customer Experience

  1. 1. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Title slide
  2. 2. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso I bet you have tons of ideas now!
  3. 3. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  4. 4. We need to narrow our focus.
  5. 5. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso We need to build a system.
  6. 6. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso The tools you use (mostly) don’t matter.
  7. 7. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Step 1: Understand Your Customers
  8. 8. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  9. 9. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  10. 10. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso We need to tie these two elements together.
  11. 11. Let’s start with interactions.
  12. 12. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  13. 13. What is your customer’s story?
  14. 14. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  15. 15. Remember: Not every touchpoint is a “Branded Experience”
  16. 16. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  17. 17. What systems are involved at each of these points?
  18. 18. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  19. 19. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Step 2: Connect Your Touchpoints
  20. 20. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Now you know what tools need to talk to each other.
  21. 21. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso But you need a common thread.
  22. 22. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Enter Google Analytics’ Client ID.
  23. 23. This is a nice start.
  24. 24. Save the CID as a session-scoped custom dimension in Google Analytics.
  25. 25. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  26. 26. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  27. 27. Four levels of scope: Product Hit Session User
  28. 28. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  29. 29. Now we need to move that CID into other applications.
  30. 30. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  31. 31. What about getting other application data back into Google Analytics?
  32. 32. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Did you know that you can put anything you want in Google Analytics?
  33. 33. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Let’s walk through an example.
  34. 34. Save the Google Analytics CID in a hidden field in your form.
  35. 35. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso When the opportunity is closed, push the result back over to Google Analytics.
  36. 36. You don’t need to be a developer to make this happen.
  37. 37. All you need is Zapier.
  38. 38. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  39. 39. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  40. 40. Make a test Google Analytics property just for yourself!
  41. 41. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Step 3: Pull It Together
  42. 42. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Go back to your touchpoints – what needs to be pulled together?
  43. 43. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Tie survey responses to purchases.
  44. 44. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Combine reviews with in-store visits.
  45. 45. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Bring online and offline purchases together.
  46. 46. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Capture more user behavior data.
  47. 47. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Step 4: Find Patterns
  48. 48. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso You have more data, but for a good reason.
  49. 49. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso
  50. 50. Find the patterns.
  51. 51. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Capture more user behavior data as well.
  52. 52. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Build a better customer dashboard.
  53. 53. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Who are you best customers?
  54. 54. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso How do you get more of those types of customers?
  55. 55. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso You can also
  56. 56. Ignoring what doesn’t help you is just as important and watching what does help you.
  57. 57. #EngagePDX @danaditomaso Turn up the signal, turn down the noise.