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Improved Reporting & Analytics Within Google Tools


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Covering the intersections between some of our favorite free tools — Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager — Dana will be deep-diving into how to improve your reporting and analytics, even providing downloadable Data Studio templates along the way.

Presented at MozCon, July 15 2019

Published in: Marketing

Improved Reporting & Analytics Within Google Tools

  1. 1. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  2. 2. #MozCon @danaditomaso Read all about Goal Charters:
  3. 3. #MozCon @danaditomaso What comes after the Goal Charter?
  4. 4. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  5. 5. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  6. 6. Planning ahead is crucial. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  7. 7. #MozCon @danaditomaso Create your Analytics Plan before you build.
  8. 8. #MozCon @danaditomaso Your Goal Charter and your Analytics Plan work together.
  9. 9. #MozCon @danaditomaso What should your Analytics Plan include?
  10. 10. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  11. 11. #MozCon @danaditomaso By documenting, you know you can trust your data.
  12. 12. #MozCon @danaditomaso You’re explaining the why behind the setup.
  13. 13. #MozCon @danaditomaso Think of this document as Analytics succession planning.
  14. 14. #MozCon @danaditomaso Make sure to cover Analytics and Tag Manager.
  15. 15. #MozCon @danaditomaso You’re showing how the tools tie together.
  16. 16. #MozCon @danaditomaso Don’t forget to address what you’re going to do with that data!
  17. 17. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  18. 18. #MozCon @danaditomaso Enter Google Analytics’ Client ID.
  19. 19. Save the CID as a session-scoped custom dimension in Google Analytics. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  20. 20. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  21. 21. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  22. 22. Now we need to move that CID into other applications. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  23. 23. But how do we tie that data back into Analytics again? #MozCon @danaditomaso
  24. 24. #MozCon @danaditomaso Did you know that you can make your own Google Analytics hits?
  25. 25. #MozCon @danaditomaso Let’s walk through an example.
  26. 26. Save the Google Analytics CID in a hidden field in your form. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  27. 27. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  28. 28. #MozCon @danaditomaso When the opportunity is closed, push the result back over to Google Analytics.
  29. 29. You don’t need to be a developer to make this happen. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  30. 30. All you need is Zapier. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  31. 31. Make a test Google Analytics property just for yourself! #MozCon @danaditomaso
  32. 32. #MozCon @danaditomaso Tie survey responses to purchases.
  33. 33. #MozCon @danaditomaso Combine reviews with in-store visits.
  34. 34. #MozCon @danaditomaso Bring online and offline purchases together.
  35. 35. Now your systems are talking to each other. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  36. 36. #MozCon @danaditomaso Let’s make your reporting process suck less.
  37. 37. Perhaps you have a UTM tagging problem. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  38. 38. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  39. 39. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  40. 40. Thinking back to your Analytics Plan, what do you need to include in the report? #MozCon @danaditomaso
  41. 41. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  42. 42. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  43. 43. #MozCon @danaditomaso You know you have the right graph element when…
  44. 44. #MozCon @danaditomaso You can tell at a glance if you’re on the right path.
  45. 45. #MozCon @danaditomaso You don’t have to be there to explain the report.
  46. 46. #MozCon @danaditomaso The report can be used for years to come.
  47. 47. #MozCon @danaditomaso Good reports answer a question.
  48. 48. #MozCon @danaditomaso Are you comparing values?
  49. 49. #MozCon @danaditomaso What is the distribution of your data? Are there outliers?
  50. 50. #MozCon @danaditomaso Do you need to show how different parts come together to show a whole?
  51. 51. #MozCon @danaditomaso What is the relationship between different influences?
  52. 52. #MozCon @danaditomaso Are we there yet?
  53. 53. #MozCon @danaditomaso Keep these design guidelines in mind.
  54. 54. #MozCon @danaditomaso Only answer one or a few questions per page.
  55. 55. #MozCon @danaditomaso Choose a report color and orientation based on user needs.
  56. 56. #MozCon @danaditomaso Give the data room to breathe.
  57. 57. #MozCon @danaditomaso Explain everything.
  58. 58. #MozCon @danaditomaso Use the user’s own words.
  59. 59. But where is sessions by channel??? #MozCon @danaditomaso
  60. 60. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  61. 61. Ignoring what doesn’t help you is just as important as watching what does help you. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  62. 62. #MozCon @danaditomaso You can also
  63. 63. Let’s run through some more examples.
  64. 64. Google Analytics annotations suck.
  65. 65. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  66. 66. #MozCon @danaditomaso What is your “true” search visibility?
  67. 67. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  68. 68. #MozCon @danaditomaso Visual brand change tracking.
  69. 69. #MozCon @danaditomaso
  70. 70. Get these charts and more:
  71. 71. #MozCon @danaditomaso One last Google Data Studio protip.
  72. 72. File > Report Settings #MozCon @danaditomaso
  73. 73. Now you can spend your time on what matters. #MozCon @danaditomaso