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Not All Sessions are Created Equal - #GetUplift

Marketing reports typically start with website sessions, visitors, and year over year data. But these reports miss an important point -- not everyone who visits your website is a new customer, ready to buy. How are you helping customers engage with you after the sale? Once that sale happens, your customer actually needs you more, but they don't want to be sold to. In this session you'll learn:

1. How to reinforce the message that your customers made a good decision in choosing your company and that you still care about them and their needs.

2. How to use segmentation to strengthen relationships with your current customers.

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Not All Sessions are Created Equal - #GetUplift

  1. 1. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso DANA DITOMASO NOT ALL SESSIONS ARE CREATED EQUAL
  2. 2. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso There are 3 types of visitors.
  3. 3. #getuplift @danaditomaso 1. They’ll never be customers.
  4. 4. #getuplift @danaditomaso 2. They will be a customer.
  5. 5. #getuplift @danaditomaso 3. They are a customer.
  6. 6. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso Most marketing focuses on 1 and 2 – the potential.
  7. 7. #getuplift @danaditomaso
  8. 8. #getuplift @danaditomaso Your job isn’t over when the customer converts.
  9. 9. #getuplift @danaditomaso Brand experience doesn’t end when you buy something.
  10. 10. #getuplift @danaditomaso How do you continue to nurture that relationship?
  11. 11. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso Most post-sale interactions are like this…
  12. 12. #getuplift @danaditomaso Customer Surveys
  13. 13. Never heard of you!
  14. 14. Who is this email coming from?
  16. 16. This could be for any company – Show some personality
  17. 17. 10 options is a lot
  18. 18. 3 minutes to click one option? It’s a trap.
  19. 19. I just want to use my app…
  20. 20. #getuplift @danaditomaso Invoices
  21. 21. #getuplift @danaditomaso When good invoicing software goes bad.
  22. 22. #getuplift @danaditomaso Sales Emails
  23. 23. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso You need to reinforce your customer’s good decision.
  24. 24. #getuplift @danaditomaso Your customers want to enjoy being your customer.
  25. 25. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso What is your goal?
  26. 26. #getuplift @danaditomaso
  27. 27. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso 1. Social Media
  28. 28. #getuplift @danaditomaso Follow and engage your customers on social.
  29. 29. #getuplift @danaditomaso What are they sharing? How can you contribute?
  30. 30. #getuplift @danaditomaso How can you be useful?
  31. 31. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso 2. Better Content
  32. 32. #getuplift @danaditomaso Monitor your branded searches constantly.
  33. 33. #getuplift @danaditomaso How do you reward content? Is it only for new content?
  34. 34. #getuplift @danaditomaso
  35. 35. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso 3. Post-Sale Personas
  36. 36. #getuplift @danaditomaso Personas aren’t just for new business.
  37. 37. #getuplift @danaditomaso What are the Jobs To Be Done after the sale?
  38. 38. #getuplift @danaditomaso Do you have accounts for each of your personas?
  39. 39. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso 4. Segmentation
  40. 40. #getuplift @danaditomaso Account-Based Marketing
  41. 41. #getuplift @danaditomaso Segment customers with Google Analytics custom variables.
  42. 42. #getuplift @danaditomaso Use an ?subscriber variable.
  43. 43. #getuplift @danaditomaso Data mine phone calls (We use CallRail)
  44. 44. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso Do you respect your customer relationship?
  45. 45. #getuplift @danaditomaso You are not in a war for customer attention.
  46. 46. #getuplift @danaditomaso You don’t need to “surprise & delight”.
  47. 47. #getuplift @danaditomaso Transferring money in your banking app is not a “surprise & delight” moment.
  48. 48. #getuplift @danaditomaso
  49. 49. #getuplift @danaditomaso “Surprise & delight” actually means “annoy & disrupt”.
  50. 50. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso Why do people keep being your customer?
  51. 51. #getuplift @danaditomaso
  52. 52. #getuplift @danaditomaso#getuplift @danaditomaso Turn potential into reality.
  53. 53. #getuplift @danaditomaso