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Optimizing for Engagement (For SearchLove Boston)


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Local marketing signals are getting increasingly crowded - no one is handing out free links, social media is full of noise, and AdWords is getting really expensive. What do we have left? Engagement. In a world where Google is attempting to mimic human behaviour an actual ranking signal could be real engagement from your customers. In this talk, Dana will review how to build a marketing strategy by planning your tactics around your local customers, and how to show Google that you're a thriving business that deserves those great rankings.

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Optimizing for Engagement (For SearchLove Boston)

  2. 2. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso Local search is undergoing a few challenges.
  3. 3. #SearchLove @danaditomaso
  4. 4. #SearchLove @danaditomaso
  5. 5. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso What’s real about local?
  6. 6. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Searching for a business.
  7. 7. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Going to that business.
  8. 8. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Reviewing that business.
  9. 9. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Telling your friends about how great that business is.
  10. 10. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso And most of this happens on mobile devices.
  11. 11. #SearchLove @danaditomaso You can have lots of Google accounts.
  12. 12. #SearchLove @danaditomaso You probably use more than one computer.
  13. 13. #SearchLove @danaditomaso But you probably only have one phone.
  14. 14. #SearchLove @danaditomaso And that phone probably has Google location services turned on.
  15. 15. #SearchLove @danaditomaso And all those mobile actions?
  16. 16. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso That’s engagement.
  17. 17. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso What does Google know about engagement?
  18. 18. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Google has a complete snapshot of your engagement with the world.
  19. 19. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso Our strategic goal is engagement.
  20. 20. #SearchLove @danaditomaso What tactics result in measurable engagement?
  21. 21. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Strong engagement results in strong business.
  22. 22. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Everything covered is measurable (in some way).
  23. 23. #SearchLove @danaditomaso The knowledge panel is your engagement health check.
  24. 24. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Missing popular times? Check your timeline.
  25. 25. I was at the hair salon next door.
  26. 26. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso What To Monitor Clicks to website Number of reviews Review sources Busy times Overall completeness
  27. 27. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Is your email newsletter interesting & consistent?
  28. 28. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Are your transactional emails worth reading?
  29. 29. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso What To Monitor Total list size Open rate Click rate Conversion rate Compare full list vs Gmail only
  30. 30. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Social signals are pure engagement.
  31. 31. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Engage people who are talking about what you do.
  32. 32. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso What To Monitor Activity & engagement (You vs your competitors) New mentions Click rate Conversion rate
  33. 33. #SearchLove @danaditomaso
  34. 34. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Use a review management system.
  35. 35. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Spread your reviews around.
  36. 36. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso What To Monitor Overall rating Rating by site Total number of reviews Review distribution
  37. 37. #SearchLove @danaditomaso
  38. 38. #SearchLove @danaditomaso How do you confirm appointments?
  39. 39. #SearchLove @danaditomaso How else can your space be used?
  40. 40. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso What To Monitor Appointments & events added to calendars Driving direction visits
  41. 41. #SearchLove @danaditomaso
  42. 42. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Phone calls are decreasing.
  43. 43. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Will call tracking be a barrier?
  44. 44. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso What To Monitor Phone calls Text messages Call tracking usage
  45. 45. #SearchLove @danaditomaso
  46. 46. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Put a link on your contact page.
  47. 47. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Put a link in your footer.
  48. 48. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Put a link in your confirmation emails.
  49. 49. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Put a link... (you get the idea)
  50. 50. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Create a custom link you can track. (
  51. 51. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso What To Monitor Driving direction visits
  52. 52. #SearchLove @danaditomaso
  53. 53. #SearchLove @danaditomaso The strongest signal is when someone picks you.
  54. 54. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso What To Monitor Organic traffic Clicks from Knowledge Panel Conversion rate
  55. 55. #SearchLove @danaditomaso
  56. 56. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso Can engagement beat proximity?
  57. 57. #SearchLove @danaditomaso
  58. 58. #SearchLove @danaditomaso Grab the list of metrics:
  59. 59. #SearchLove @danaditomaso#SearchLove @danaditomaso KICKPOINT.CA/SEARCHLOVE2017 THANK YOU!