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Choosing Metrics That Matter, State of Search 2015

Picking metrics to measure means more than just what you'll report on or if your campaign is performing - incentivize the wrong metrics and you may end up hurting your business in the long-term. In this talk, Dana will discuss how to choose the metrics that matter and how to convince clients and bosses what matters and what doesn't.

Delivered at State of Search, Dallas TX, November 17 2015.

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Choosing Metrics That Matter, State of Search 2015

  1. 1. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso CHOOSING METRICS THAT MATTER DANA DITOMASO
  2. 2. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Yay, you signed a big client!
  3. 3. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso What are you going to measure?
  4. 4. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Picking the right metrics may be the most important decision you make.
  5. 5. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Choosing the wrong metrics leads to bad decisions.
  6. 6. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Sometimes it’s obvious.
  7. 7. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso But not always.
  8. 8. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Why do SEOs still report on rankings?
  9. 9. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Why does bounce rate matter?
  10. 10. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Is time on site something that matters?
  11. 11. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Start these conversations early.
  12. 12. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Try to fix the metrics before signing the contract.
  13. 13. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso What if… Tracking likes instead of engagement?
  14. 14. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso What if… “We must rank higher than that competitor!”
  15. 15. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso What if… Prioritizing AdWords volume over conversions.
  16. 16. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso How can you turn goals into metrics?
  17. 17. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso
  18. 18. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Choose the right tactics to match KPIs.
  19. 19. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Clients don’t have the same goals that we do.
  20. 20. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso (If they did, they wouldn’t need us.)
  21. 21. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Your report needs to be built for your audience(s).
  22. 22. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Yup, that means multiple reports.
  23. 23. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso How do you build a good report?
  24. 24. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Use the 8 core principles of data visualization.
  25. 25. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso 1. Simplify.
  26. 26. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso 2. Compare.
  27. 27. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso 3. Attend.
  28. 28. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso 4. Explore.
  29. 29. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso 5. View diversely.
  30. 30. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso 6. Ask why.
  31. 31. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso 7. Be skeptical.
  32. 32. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso 8. Respond.
  33. 33. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Don’t stuff reports to hide bad data.
  34. 34. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Be honest when things aren’t going well.
  35. 35. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Give credit where credit is due.
  36. 36. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Don’t give your ad groups weird names.
  37. 37. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso Data is without ego.
  38. 38. #stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso#stateofsearch @dfwsem @danaditomaso THANK YOU!