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We love to make Data Heroes*


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*Our customers are Data Heroes.

Published in: Technology, Business
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We love to make Data Heroes*

  1. 1. Better Results, Smarter Reporting.We Love to MakeData Heroes**Our customers are Data Heroes.
  2. 2. Too Many Sources.
  3. 3. Too Much Data.
  4. 4. Too Many Reports.
  6. 6. …Your Business Could Do Better?Do youagree,that if you had…Chance to focus on data that matter to you… ✔Less reports and more time to focus... ✔Access to your business data in Real-time… ✔Ability to see performance in few seconds... ✔Pre-designed tasks to react on challenges... ✔Automatic tasking to action upon data.... ✔
  7. 7. So,Who YouGonna Call?…Your Business Can Do Better.
  8. 8. Super-Heroes of Data Business
  9. 9. Let’s Get Rid Off the Good and Old.
  10. 10. Let’s Begin the New and Better.Personalize.Automate.Optimize.
  11. 11. What are the top 3-5 reports, ratios, or businessstatus feeds you need to have access in real-time?  The SuperApp  One Mobile App,Multiple Devices.Personalize Your GearKnow Your Performance in Few SecondsOne ‘Tap’ Access to Important DataBecome a Real-Time Leader  
  12. 12. Plan Strategies and Tactics to react upon situations whenyou are under performing. At best you will prevent defects.📊  ⚙$📊   ⚙$Know Your ThresholdsPlan Recovery StrategiesResource Automatically  Automate Your Way🛇$⟲$⚒$
  13. 13. Understand how your messaging works, how you canimprove your processes and excel with testing & targeting.Marketing & SalesAutomation Program  Optimize Your Business🕪$ 🕨$Testing & Targeting  🕬$🕬$Analytics & ProcessOptimization  
  14. 14. Who Are We?+10 YearsAnalytics & Optimization+15 YearseCommerce+10 YearsBusiness Management+200 YearsLoving what we do.
  15. 15. How Do We Work?Scientific Methods withPragmatic Doing.Plan  Play  Perform  
  16. 16. Why Should You Work With Us?Increasing your bottom line.Personalization…GIVES FOCUS & SAVES TIMEENABLES OPPORTUNITIES  Automation…SAVES MONEY IN MANHOURSSHORTENS LEAD-THRU    Optimization…  REVENUE OPPORTUNITIESMORE SALES & LESS COST    
  17. 17. How To Get The Game Started?Let’s meet and discussyour current goals andchallenges.www.SuperAnalytics.fiWill You Be Our Next Data Hero?
  18. 18. | Better Results, Smarter HeinonenSuper 400 888 PatronenSuper 400 888