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Our journey towards our new intranet


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Philips is on a journey to launch a new intranet. In this session I shared our story and our key learnings.

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Our journey towards our new intranet

  1. 1. Our journey towards our new intranet Dennis Agusi Group Communications 22 March 2016
  2. 2. a year by 2025 We’re aiming to improve the lives of three billion people We strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation
  3. 3. Philips, a born innovator Founded in 1891, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, to manufacture incandescent lamps and other electrical products. For 125 years, we have been improving people’s lives with a steady flow of ground-breaking innovations. Philips’ founding fathers: Frederik, Gerard and Anton Philips
  4. 4. Royal Philips 46% Healthcare 31% Lighting 23% Consumer Lifestyle Est. 1891 Headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands 104,000+ Employees worldwide in 100+ countries € 24.2 billion Sales in 2015 Portfolio ∽70% B2B $10.9 billion Brand value in 2015 1 Excluding Central sector (IG&S). Based on sales last 12 months December 2015 Note - Prior-period financials have been restated for the treatment of the combined businesses of Automotive and Lumileds as discontinued operations. Sales split by sector1
  5. 5. Present in more than +100 countries Philips’ seven largest markets United States €7.5 billion 1 Seven largest markets by sales in 2015. China €2.8 billion Germany €1.4 billion France €806 million India €845 million Netherlands €639 million Japan €1.0 billion
  6. 6. 6 The case for a new intranet Facts speak louder than words 1.1h/day Searching1 €570M Searching every year2 +900Standalone Intranets +123,000 Intranet pages 10 MIntranet visits / month. 436,800h/y Spent curating Intranet content 1.5MYearly outsourced for content curation 2,644Intranet content managers 70% Customer agents lack information3 +50% Information not searchable3 +63% Managers make decisions without information3 1 The Digital Workplace by Infocentric: Studies by IDC, AIIM, MeriTalk, Canon, Artesian Solutions, Butler Group, YouGov, Recommind and Google. 2 Based on 210 worked per year and 40h per day. 3 Capgemini: The information opportunity report 2008 4Mc Kinsey: The social economy, Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies July 2012 Overall industry*Philips specific 19 % Of a workweek is spent on searching and gathering information4 Confidential Confidential
  7. 7. 7 The new intranet At the center of an integrated internal communications landscape Intranet P-cast Mass mails and news letters (Teradata) Philips Community Philips news platform Bluetube Intranet Philips Community P-Cast Live streamingPhilips news platform Mass mails and news letters (Teradata) BlueTube Current state – platforms and channels are dispersed, there is little standardization across content distribution methods and measurement. Desired state – platforms and channels are more centralized with most content and functionality sitting on the intranet. Delivery and measurement is more standardized and the architecture has a holistic strategy. Live streaming
  8. 8. It all starts with the customer
  9. 9. 9 Intranet personas - overview Manufacturing and earning a living Factory worker Creating content and engaging colleagues Digital specialist Ensuring quality of work Marketing specialist Achieving sales targets Sales representative Focus on customer and driving team to achieve KPIs International people manager Networking and cooperation with business contacts Business leader Assembly instructions and training Increased focus on community content Support in reaching targets ( Enhanced cooperation across team Information about his business Increased customer focus Personal HR Training Company news “Find the documents I need, in less time” “Get trusted and up-to-date information about the organization and my work” “Stay informed about company news - locally globally and within my span of interest” “Quickly and easily access online work-related tools, without constant logging in, and updating passwords” “Connect and collaborate with colleagues via Workday, Lync, and Philips Communities” “Find my way more effectively around the organization” “Get support, or help me find the document I’m looking for” Support in achieving KPI’s RoleprofileKeyintranetneeds
  10. 10. Data, analyses and surveys • Top task analyses • Usability testing on regular basis (interview basis) • Site data analyses • Quarterly intranet satisfaction survey • Annual internal communications survey 10 Group Communications
  11. 11. 11 The new Intranet Mission Our new intranet mission Create a personal customizable launch page that enables employees to reach their goals by providing the best access to data, information and tools that they need to do their jobs in the best possible manner and with high levels of engagement.
  12. 12. The new Intranet Objectives • Reposition the Philips intranet as the cornerstone of the current Digital Workplace − ensuring that we keep at the forefront of innovation within the digital landscape − ensuring that it meets the new information requirements and behaviors of our employees. • The new intranet will provide personalization, focus on collaboration and accessibility and be aligned with the refreshed Philips brand. This based on user needs and personas
  13. 13. 13 Roles and Responsibilities Within Communications and outside Communications Overall The Communications function is responsible to develop, implement and maintain the new intranet. CCoE and Communication Business Partners are responsible for the transitioning on behalf of the Businesses, Markets, Functions and Locations.
  14. 14. 14 Concept behind our new intranet From structured sites -> To information linked via Topics enabling us to become a mature content management organization Global intranet / pww Global intranet / www
  15. 15. 15 Intranet terminology Topic Topic Owner Primary Topic Content Owner Content Editor Topic pages Content pages News items Subject Matter Expert To tag with a
  16. 16. 16 News section which features corporate news (Hero news) and personalized news feeds based on your personal profile Promotional banner (product, int. campaigns …) employees Collaboration on Philips Community Quick launch for internal tools and Team SharePoints you are following Home page – Main navigation PersonalizeCollaborate Philips on social media Innovation and you; product launches, innovation and trending topics Footer with quick links to channels, privacy policy, terms and conditions, about the intranet Inform
  17. 17. First results coming in… • Sites moved from 1000 pages to just 30 pages • Less time spent on content creation and distribution • Quality of content increased • Happy employees as they can find and receive the information they need to do their job • Happy content editors as they can reach the people they want to reach 18,50% 81,50% sites to transition Sites to delete
  18. 18. Our learnings -Launch a minimal viable product -Invest in change communications -Ask the business for a contribution to transition the content -Focus on business value. This helps to end discussions -Establish a multidisciplinary team “If you focus on results, you will neve get change. If you focus on change, you will get results. ~ Jack Dixon
  19. 19. 191 Awareness Understanding Buy-in Commitment Impact& Influence Stakeholder map for the new intranet “I have heard of this project and understand why we are doing this” “I understand what this will mean for Philips and for me and know where to find more information” “I am willing adopt the new work processes and systems and make them work” “I support the changes this project brings and am committed to making it a success” Frans v. Houten AJ IPS Team Pasquale Abruzzese Current content pub/editors SRC IT Operations Eric Rondolat Anosh Comms Employees Steve Olive Richard Wergan Ed Walsh HR Finance Philips University IT Pilot Users Depart. Heads Intranet end-users Peggy Curly CoP Kurt de Ruwe Danny van Daal Comms BPs IT BPs Design team CCoE team Gerry Hinde Pub. office Comms MT Robert Rooney Blake Cahill Bart Luijten Locations HR Portal team Procurem ent Pilot content publishers Legal External publishers I III IIII I IIII I II IIII I
  20. 20. Our learnings -Launch a minimal viable product -Invest in change communications -Ask the business for a contribution to transition the content -Focus on business value. This helps to end discussions -Establish a multidisciplinary team “If you focus on results, you will neve get change. If you focus on change, you will get results. ~ Jack Dixon