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Philips Analysis on Innovation

During my Global Issues in Marketing course (BAMK-495). We where assigned the task of conducting an innovation analysis of Philips the Netherlands based electronics company. Our team came up with a wonderful presentation that capture how Philips is innovative with their products and how they plan to innovate their products in the future.

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Philips Analysis on Innovation

  1. 1. Omar Andazola Savanna Werner Amanda Kruger Jordan Sparks
  2. 2. LOCATED IN NETHERLANDS • Capital: Amsterdam • Currency: Dutch Guilder (Euro) • Population: 16.8 million (2016) • Official language: Dutch • GDP: $752.55 Billion • GDP Per Capita: 50,793 • Stock price: PHG (NYSE) • $28.94 -0.17 (-0.58%)
  3. 3. N E T H E R L A N D S
  4. 4. NETHERLANDS FACTS Largest City Main Exports Main Imports Amsterdam 779,808 Exports $525 billion (2014 est.) Export goods machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels; foodstuffs Imports $552 billion Import goods: Crude petroleum, cars, and computers, packaged medicine
  5. 5. How Netherlands Innovates The Netherlands ranks among the top countries on the OECD Ease of Entrepreneurship Index The Dutch government is recognising the value of social innovation on a national policy level in the ‘Top Sectors’, there's a Dutch policy to support cooperation and business between industries, science and government.
  6. 6. How Netherlands Innovates Successful long term socioeconomic Strong human resource base Creation and growth of new development New approaches and practices in innovation procurement Strong evaluation culture Failure to diversify into sectors of growing global importance Use of public funding
  7. 7. Philips Vision “At Philips, we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Our goal is to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025. We will be the best place to work for people who share our passion. Together we will deliver superior value for our customers and shareholders.”
  8. 8. PHILIPS HISTORY Establishment 1891 1920 1927 Philips mass produced consumer goods and diversified its product range Idea for an electric shaver
  9. 9. PHILIPS HISTORY 1950 2001 1st large screen projection TV 2001 Philips launched a program called “Towards One Philips” 32,256 LED Philips light bulbs featured on the New Years ball drop in Time's Square 2009
  10. 10. About Philips Engineering and Electronics Company Operative in more than 60 countries 3 Main Divisions Philips Consumer Lifestyle Philips Healthcare Philips Lighting
  11. 11. About Philips Number 1 in lamps Number 1 in electric shavers Leader in flat screen TV's Leading Innovator in all three product lines
  12. 12. Phillips Products
  13. 13. Sales Performance Total Sales(Millions) Green Products(Millions) 2014 2014 2015 2015 Sales: 27,039.33 Sales Growth: 2% Net Income: 734.98 Sales: 23,857.38 Sales Growth: (1)% Net Income: 458.39 Sales: 12,340.79 Sales Growth: (1.7)% Sales: 14,514.51 Sales Growth: (2)%
  14. 14. International Presence Personal Health Definite Diagnosis Minimally Invasive Guided Therapy Populated Health Management Connected Care 5 Priorities Sales(Millions) EMEA - 8,865.60 ASIA -7,797.00 NORTH AMERICA -9,029.57 LATIN AMERICA -1,350.81
  15. 15. Innovation at Phillips
  16. 16. Innovation Products that Motivate Philips Innovation Services Get samples and prototypes Outsource part of development project Incremental Innovation- Lighting Systems Energy efficiency Sustainability Operational cost reduction
  17. 17. Innovations that Characterize Philips Philips Research Introduces meaningful innovations Finds technology options for health and well-being innovations Open innovation Inside-out Outside-in
  18. 18. Technological Innovations Philips Innovation Campus- Bangalore, India Develops innovative products and solutions for Philips Healthcare devices, lighting solutions, digital innovations Development of global renewable energy solutions Digital Innovation Team Developing digitally connected products, services, and apps
  19. 19. Marketing Innovations Focused on the customer Integrated cross-channel digital marketing system Behavioral targeting Global campaigns, local implementation
  20. 20. Positioning Strategy Philips' new brand positioning is all about promising customers a more comfortable and more straightforward relationship with technology and with Philips. It believes that somewhere along the way the promise of the Technology Revolution to make our lives easier, simpler and better is not being delivered. In many respects the technology industry has made things more complex. Philips is, therefore, offering a solution. Research showed that people are asking for greater simplicity in their lives and in their dealings with technology. They want technology that gets the job done without drawing attention to itself. Most users are put off by the need to read and understand a complicated manual before they can try out their new purchase. 'Products are designed around you'. 'Products are easy to experience'. Products are advanced'.
  21. 21. Distribution CEO: FRANS VAN HOUTEN
  22. 22. Communication
  23. 23. More Aboout Phillips
  24. 24. More About Phillips
  25. 25. Any Questions?