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Why we implemented a tag based intranet - Philips


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This presentation was given at the intranet team conference in Copenhagen. The presentation focuses on why Philips implemented a tag based intranet.

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Why we implemented a tag based intranet - Philips

  1. 1. Dennis Agusi Group Communications 01 March 2018 Why we implemented a tag based intranet
  2. 2. We innovate across the health continuum Providing propositions for healthy living Supporting predictive and preventative care Connecting care in the home to improve quality of life
  3. 3. Royal Philips in 2017 EUR 17.8 billion sales ~74,000employees in over 100 countries4%comparable sales growth More than 1/4 of sales from solutions
  4. 4. Sales and services in 100+ countries Philips’ six largest markets and the Netherlands1 China €2.8 billion Japan €1.1 billion United States €7.7 billion Netherlands €688 million Germany €1.4 billion India €804 million France €833 million 1 Seven largest markets by sales in 2016
  5. 5. Why a new intranet?
  6. 6. +123,000 Intranet pages +700 standalone intranet pages 2,644 intranet content managers Facts speak louder than words
  7. 7. 1.1. h/day1 searching €570M searching every year2 19% Of a workweek is spent on searching and gathering information3 Facts speak louder than words 1 The Digital Workplace by Infocentric: Studies by IDC, AIIM, MeriTalk, Canon, Artesian Solutions, Butler Group, YouGov, Recommind and Google. 2 Based on 210 worked per year and 40h per day. 3 Mc Kinsey: The social economy, Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies July 2012 Confidential information
  8. 8. Our internal channel landscape transformation The intranet as the center of our internal communications landscape Previous state – platforms and channels are dispersed, there is little standardization across content distribution methods and measurement. Current state – platforms and channels are more centralized with most content and functionality sitting on the intranet. Delivery and measurement is more standardized and the architecture has a holistic strategy. Intranet Philips Community P-Cast Mass mails and news letters (Teradata) BlueTube Intranet P-cast Mass mails and news letters (Teradata) Philips Community Philips news platform Live streaming BlueTube
  9. 9. Prevention A personal customizable launch page that enables employees to reach their goals by providing the best access to data, information and tools that they need to do their jobs in the best possible manner and with high levels of engagement.
  10. 10. Who is using a taxonomy?
  11. 11. A taxonomy is a controlled list of terms (words) that you use to tag/label content
  12. 12. How can a taxonomy help you? Improve findability & usability through: Faceted search (filters) On site search (‘internal search engine’) Content management & governance Landing pages (collections) Navigation Personalization Related content (suggestions)
  13. 13. The concept behind our intranet From structured sites -> To information linked via Topics
  14. 14. Personalization on the intranet based on tags • Prevents information overload • Based on interest of employee • One single place for all internal news • Helped us to prevent duplicated content
  15. 15. How to transition +123,000 pages?
  16. 16. Content transition From… To…
  17. 17. How many pages do you think we have today?
  18. 18. From +123,000 pages to 6,000 pages
  19. 19. How does it work? And what does it look like?
  20. 20. Our learnings • Invest in change communications • A taxonomy is a key element in helping your employees to find and discover relevant content • Focus on business value. This helps to end discussions • Establish a multidisciplinary team “If you focus on results, you will never get change. If you focus on change, you will get results. Jack Dixon
  21. 21. & Q A Twitter: @dennisagusi Email: