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The Digital Workplace at Grundfos From Content to Collaboration


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How is Grundfos moving from a classical Intranet to a new more collaborative digital workplace? This presentation covers how the intranet historically has developed and how we have created a framework for future development based on the thoughts around the Digital Workplace. Presented at IOM Summit in Cologne, September 2013

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The Digital Workplace at Grundfos From Content to Collaboration

  1. 1. The Digital Workplace – From Content to Collaboration Martin @Risgaard Rasmussen IOM Summit, Cologne, September 2013
  2. 2. @Risgaard
  3. 3. Introduction: Grundfos - The world’s largest manufacturer of pumps… @Risgaard
  4. 4. Grundfos in brief • Founded in 1945 by Poul Due Jensen • Annual production of more than 16 million pump units • The world’s largest manufacturer of pumps and pump systems • Turnover of DKK 21 billion (EUR 2.84 bn) in 2011 • More than 17,000 employees worldwide Ownership The Grundfos Purpose Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology. We contribute to global sustainability by pioneering technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet. @Risgaard
  5. 5. Introducing the Grundfos Intranet - Insite Facts • Home grown solution based on Lotus Notes • Separate author and reader environment • Integration between document management and intranet 39 local portals 320+ global and local sites ~10 new sites in progress Insite Organisation 2 people (~1,5 FTE) in IT 100s of editors throughout the company In-house Notes development team @Risgaard
  6. 6. Insite 2001 – 2013 @Risgaard
  7. 7. Where are we today? • Everybody knows Insite = 94% of the users visits at least once per week • The intranet is perceived as useful – although it is perceived as more useful for the company than for the individual. Challenges • Scalability of Notes solution is good, but the way it scales is challenging with every new site being a separate silo. • Tasks drive usage of the intranet, but information (and how to complete tasks) is hard to find. 50,87% 19,13% 13,70% 5,12% What is on the 300 most popular pages on Insite? News Tasks (minus find ppl) Shortcuts to somewhere else Canteen Menu @Risgaard
  8. 8. What does our users say? INSITE must be like GOOGLE. Easy to use, easy to find what you are looking fore. Everyone must be abel to use our INSITE. Old and young :-)) We employees need to participate more, we can not let all the work in your hands since there is now way you can find out what is happening in all Grundfos companies around the world. It is not fair to say how satisfied I am with this section if I don't participate. With a growing number of employees, many promotions, and multiple acquisitions, keeping up to date on people's roles and responsibilities is a huge challenge. Insite is the perfect place to keep an up-to-date organizational chart of our company. We have stopped using Insite since it is loaded with information that is impossible to locate. Implement a real search function or skip the idea of Insite. My impression is, that good and relevant information is available on Insite. The challenge is to find it. A good search function would be great and add to the use and functionality of the sites. The overall structure needs a redefinition with better menues. It looks like that has not been a "growing strategy" for it and all areas have their own structure I'm sorry, but my job is to run the machines. I only have computer access in case of an E-MAIL @Risgaard
  9. 9. How about a new intranet project? @Risgaard
  10. 10. The intranet as a project… *Does not include any customisation or compatibility with your current solutions and we are not in any way liable for any inconveniences that an upgrade may cause. Training? HA! You wish… but it sure is a really pretty box, innit? PS. Send more money… @Risgaard
  11. 11. Vision vs. development ”The intranet will be THE ONE PLACE to access tools in our digital workplace to increase efficiency and to continuously support our business goals” Is this what continuous support looks like?? @Risgaard
  12. 12. Minding the gap… Downside to the sustained development model • Limited internal ressources compared to big platform vendors like eg. Microsoft or IBM • Internal politics and culture may impeed momentum • Mounting pressure from consumerisation and user’s expectation The result is a widening gap between the outside online world and the company intranet which must be closed. The importance of Change Management • Sustained model requires little change mgmt and training = it has become an uncommon task. Change management begins the minute you start planning how to close the gap. Gap - Sustained development vs. the internet Unfreeze ChangeRefreeze Lewin's Change Management Model @Risgaard
  13. 13. The Grundfos Intranet Framework
  14. 14. The Digital Workplace - Overview @Risgaard
  15. 15. The Grundfos Digital Workplace Framework Communication Examples - Corporate news - Local updates - Press monitoring - Blogs Self Service Examples - Time registration - Invoice handling - Buy & Sell - Online forms Collaboration Examples - Activity streams - Team sites - Communities - Idea generation Connection Examples - Microblogging - Personal profile - Content sharing - Friend & follow @Risgaard
  16. 16. New Insite – 4 Guiding Principles Connect people, tools, and tasks 1 A clean, lean portal with access to relevant tools 3 Ensure global reach AND local presence 2 Be available. Anywhere. Any time. Any device. 4 @Risgaard
  17. 17. New Insite Drivers – 6 themes Business themes 1. Connection - Rich profile that will enable people to connect, share, and make competencies visible. 2. Communication - A setup and tool that enable wider, more granular distribution for eg. news and feedback – including distribution to mobile devices – also outside the Grundfos firewall, eg. for blue collars with little or no access to computers. 3. Collaboration – Integration of other collaboration solutions used in Grundfos making it easier to work together on projects and initiatives not depending on location and working hours. 4. Transactions – Easy, personalized access to common daily tasks to increase efficiency. Foundation themes 5. Search – all content must be easily searchable. 6. Personalisation – Content will be presented based on the user’s profile and he/she will be given a high degree of flexibility to tailor content to meet individual needs. @Risgaard
  18. 18. Our Intranet Vision “The Grundfos Intranet will be the global culture bearing platform where Grundfos employees communicate, connect, and collaborate to get their daily work done in a efficient and flexible manner.” @Risgaard
  19. 19. Our first step: Enterprise social networking
  20. 20. Global Working Culture in Grundfos The Global Working Culture initiative is born out of Carstens Bjergs intent of creating a global organisation where everyone works and collaborates as effectively as if all were ‘sitting under the same roof’. -Global Working Culture charter, 2011 *Check out Simon Sinek on TED – ”Start With Why” There’s also a book, but just stick to the TED talk if you don’t want to end up asking yourself WHY you bought the book… @Risgaard
  21. 21. Social Business Strategy Framework CONNECTIVITY • Improved cross company collaboration • Increased speed to expertise COST REDUCTION • Lower communication costs • Reduced operational costs • Reduced travel and meeting cost PRODUCTIVITY • Faster product development cycles • Shorter customer support cycles • Better decision making REVENUE • Improved global sales and marketing effectiveness • Customer satisfaction and retention Digital Literacy • Training Programs • Workshops • Smartworker • Collaboration Guide Networked Culture • Leadership Development • Maturity Assessments • Communication & Collaboration • Lead Node Networks Community Mgmt • Internal Communities • Branded Online Communities • Leadership Component Change drivers • Top-down Vision, Communication Plan, New InSite, Mobile Engagement & Work, Governance • Bottom up: Pilots, Viral Adoption, Local Problem Solving. Pilot projects Cultural Change Business Results @Risgaard
  22. 22. Starting in one corner… @Risgaard
  23. 23. @Risgaard
  24. 24. Global Talent Event 2013 The Challenge: 48-hour strategic assignment to be solved by 4 global teams – no travelling allowed. The approach: • Utilize virtual collaboration tools to stay connected. • High degree of autonomy – focus on tasks • Work 24/7 with virtual handover to participants in other parts of the world. The result: • 3 out of 5 from top mgmt engaged on Yammer • A ”WOW” experience for many participants • Great solutions at a fraction of the normal cost @Risgaard
  25. 25. Intranet @Risgaard
  26. 26. Cloud or no cloud… The greatest intranets are the ones that fit the organisation… …not the ones that are built on the latest version. @Risgaard
  27. 27. Comments? Questions? Martin Risgaard Rasmussen @Risgaard Thank you!
  28. 28. …blogs about Grundfos’ Social Journey @SocBizJourney Read more on… Christian Martin Thomas