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Lesson 3 - Target Audience


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Lesson 3 - Target Audience

  1. 1. Target Audience Lesson 3
  2. 2. Lesson Goals  Know how to identify the target audience of a product.  Understand implications of designing for an audience.  Be able to explain how product can influence audience. LO2 – Understand the relationship between media products & audience P1 Learners analyse the demographics of the target audience for their chosen media product. You will identify the audience’s: • Gender • Age • Lifestyle • Spending Power
  3. 3. What are demographics? Think of where you’ve heard the term before...
  4. 4. Target Audience  Demographics - Relating to the typical group of people who will make up the target audience e.g. the average people in the group.  We can review the demographics of the audience by analysing:  Gender – Male or female?  Age – Typically a range such as 11-16 or over 65.  Lifestyle – What type of things are they interested in?  Spending Power – Disposable income or tight budgets? Understand relationship of elements Know how to analyse a product #product #critical #review
  5. 5. Paperman was created by Walt Disney as a short animated film with a very wide target audience in mind.  Gender – Suitable for either gender but would appeal to female audience more due to ‘love story’ nature of plot.  Age – Older than your typical animated film due to the more adult themed storyline. Would appeal to those aged 15 and older, probably to the age of around 30 as it would still be entertaining. The soundtrack would appeal more to the older end of the audience. Case Study Understand relationship of elements Know how to analyse a product #product #critical #review
  6. 6. Case Study  Lifestyle – Those who would like to be entertained, maybe interested in fiction books, storytelling or TV series. The short film would appeal to those who enjoy the classic films and are maybe interested in vintage/retro styles.  Spending Power – Paperman could appeal to any audience regardless of spending power. Those aged between 15-19 would have little spending power but this film is a free broadcast and therefore appropriate for them. The older end of the target audience would have more spending available but it’s unnecessary in this case. Understand relationship of elements Know how to analyse a product #product #critical #review
  7. 7. Your Task  Analyse demographics of your target audience for your product explaining the relationship between each:  Gender  Age  Lifestyle  Spending Power  Answer the following in detail:  What aspects of the product would appeal to the target audience?  What would influence the audience into using the product? #product #critical #review Understand relationship of elements Know how to analyse a product Distinction