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LO2 - Lesson 4 - Primary Sources


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LO2 - Lesson 4 - Primary Sources

  1. 1. Primary Sources Lesson 4
  2. 2. Starter Task Complete the Student Voice survey answering each question honestly. This survey will give us feedback on how we can improve the Creative iMedia course in future. The survey is completely anonymous, we just need your honest opinion.
  3. 3. Lesson Goals  Know the difference between primary and secondary sources  Understand methods of conducting primary research  Be able to carry out some primary research #primary #source #secondary
  4. 4. Primary vs Secondary What’s the difference between these two sources?
  5. 5. Comparison Know the difference between sources Carry out some primary research + Research needs to be carried out on the target audience before you can begin working on any project: Primary Source Secondary Source  Questionnaire  Websites  Meeting  Books  Discussion  Statistics #primary #source #secondary
  6. 6. Survey Analysis What did our student voice survey tell me?
  7. 7. New Fragrance Launch What information would you need about your audience?
  8. 8. Information Know the difference between sources Carry out some primary research  You could gather the following information about your target audience: #primary #source #secondary
  9. 9. Your Task Know the difference between sources Carry out some primary research  Describe the following keywords:  Primary Source  Secondary Source  Create a Survey Monkey account and make a questionnaire.  Your questionnaire should include a variety of question types:  Single Answer  Multiple Answer  Ratings #primary #source #secondary
  10. 10. Share Your Survey Publish your survey so that you can share it with the rest of the group on our class Lino canvas. Add a sticky note to the canvas with the following information on it: • Your Name • Your Survey Link
  11. 11. Key Words  Source  A place or person where information can be gathered from.  Primary  Information taken from the original source or someone who was there.  Secondary  Information about something that originally appeared elsewhere.