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LO1 - Lesson 13 - Feedback


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R081 - Pre Production Skills

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LO1 - Lesson 13 - Feedback

  1. 1. Feedback Lesson 13
  2. 2. Mood Board Your Task Match up the following for each type of pre-production document: • Purpose • Use • Content You may work in groups of 3 or 4 to complete this task. Script Mind Map Planning Storyboard Visualisation
  3. 3. Lesson Goals  Understand purpose and use of pre-production documents  Know the content of each type of document  Be able to use feedback to improve work #pre-production #feedback
  4. 4. Mood Board Purpose is to help generate ideas and concepts for new media products. Used to plan the overall style of a product in a visual way. Content includes textures, fabrics, colour schemes, images and photos. Example: Designing a theme for a fashion line, movie or interior design. Mind Map Purpose is to show the content of a product or connected ideas. Used to plan any project that can be separated into smaller categories. Content includes text and sometimes images. Example: Breaking down an idea and showing resources needed for a product. Content includes images, graphics, logos and text. Example: Concept artwork for a poster, game character or webpage layout. Used to plan videos, animations and cut scenes in computer games. Content includes camera shots, camera angles, timings, locations, scene content, sound and lighting. Example: Showing character positions in a film and giving camera instructions. Used to plan videos, voice overs, comic books and computer games. Content includes location, sounds, direction, characters, dialogue, camera shots and camera movements. Example: Words spoken by two or more characters in a film or TV show. Visualisation Purpose is to show how a Used to plan designs for still project will look and allow images and graphics. designs to change. Storyboard Purpose to show how something will change over time across a scene. Script Purpose is to give direction and dialogue for characters to follow in a scene.
  5. 5. Your Task Understand purpose and use Know the typical content  Use the feedback given on your R081 Revision Guide to improve your work:  Mood Board  Mind Map  Visualisation  Storyboard  Script  Make sure you add a comment below the teacher feedback to explain how you have improved your work. #pre-production #feedback