Social Media for Photographers


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An overview of social media tools and networks aimed at photographers looking to promote their work and engage potential clients.

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Social Media for Photographers

  1. 1. Social Media for PhotographersMandy Jenkins @mjenkins
  2. 2. Why Social Media?● Market yourself & your work to a wide audience● Connect with customers and other photographers● Post photos on the go● Increase your SEO for freelancing● Obtain portfolio space online for free
  3. 3. Keys to Social Engagement1. Respond to replies, comments and questions everywhere2. Be transparent3. Ask for help, be thankful when you get it4. Make corrections quickly and publicly5. Share others’ content, too
  4. 4. On every social network you post photos….Read the Terms of Service!
  5. 5. Watermarking● MyPix (iPhone)● Add Watermark (Droid)● PicMarkr (Web)● Visual Watermark (Mac or Windows)
  6. 6. From PhotoShelter:Regularly sharing your photos, adding captions,and filling out photo details including thedimensions of your photo, the specific camerayou used, exposure, ISO speed, and focallength, adds to your credibility as a professionalphotographer.
  7. 7. Social Media Tools
  8. 8. Who’s on it: Everyone (more than 1B active users)Pros:● Shares make it easy for arresting images to go viral (with caption info)● Crosses all demographic lines, mobile-heavy audienceCons:● Users are there to connect with those they already know● Image compression can warp images● It can be really hard to build community here
  9. 9. Profiles Pages● One place to manage ● Completely separate everything presence from profile● Control your privacy ● Completely public● Timeline design with large ● Timeline design with large image image● Could mix ● Detailed analytics to see personal/professional who visits● May be more likely to be ● Can sell there, if you’d seen want
  10. 10. Target Your Updates
  11. 11. Create An Engaging Presence
  12. 12. ● Attach older photos to their dates on your Timeline with milestones● If you aren’t comfortable posting images, post a link to them (make sure the thumbnail works)● Update often and mix it up with links, photos, albums, etc.
  13. 13. Who’s on it: 16% of U.S. online adults, urban, collegeeducated, split on gender and agePros:● Short and fast – ideal for breaking news, instant feedback● Mobile-centric● Users are there to surface new contentCons:● Can be really noisy (no filters)● Only displays its native images inline, others are links
  14. 14. Who you should follow● Sources of inspiration● Other photographers● Those in your area of interest● Those who reply to you● Those who re-tweet, share your links
  15. 15. Find Who to Follow● Find journalists:● By subject/location:,● Follow and use photo and subject hashtags (#photo, #DC, etc.)● Look at others’ follows/followers
  16. 16. ● When tweeting a photo, say where it is and what is happening● Note the time/date if not today● Tweet followups if photos are newsy● Share newsy photos with relevant hashtags
  17. 17. Who’s on it: Photographers and wannabes, worldwidePros:● Meant for photos and only photos, images look great● Uploads camera info automatically● Can prevent downloads● License directly to Getty, Creative Commons● Can be used to host all your social photosCons:● Look is outdated and clunky, owned by Yahoo● Not a very social network for non-photogs
  18. 18. ● Caption and tag images thoroughly – this will help them be found by those seeking images for stock use● Use location on photos when possible● Understand Creative Commons licensing and use it● Join groups based around areas and topics you shoot● Join photographer groups
  19. 19. Who’s on it: Allegedly more than 300 million usersPros:● The social layer on all Google products● All content is indexed for search, helps with SEO● Photos are large and look great● Active photog communities on G+Cons:● Not a lot of people use it for engagement
  20. 20. ● Fill out a profile completely, even if you don’t plan to use it very much● If you publish anywhere, set up Authorship● Upload images with SEO in mind – descriptive titles, names, locations and keywords
  21. 21. Who’s on it: 80+ million users, under 30Pros:● Fastest growing mobile photography network● Easy to use and share to other networks● Great sense of community and interactivityCons:● Largely mobile-only● Square shape and filters can stifle creativity
  22. 22. ● Be judicious with filters –and identify when you do and do not use them (#nofilter)● Use tags and hashtags to spread your images● Search image tags & users using Search.stagram or Gramfeed● Follow tags and communities of interest● Share others images (like retweeting) with
  23. 23. Who’s on it: 25 million+ users, largely femalePros:● Fastest growing social network● Visually-based, made to spread content fast● People use it to shop and get ideasCons:● Users may or may not click through to URL● Not particularly interactive
  24. 24. ● Create pinboards of your photos grouped by subject area, location● Link back to your site or other networks● Look for inspiration● Pin others’ photos for ideas
  25. 25. Who’s on it: 80+ million blogs, people under 35Pros:● Growing fast amongst teens● Reblogging allows photos to spread fast● Easy to use and mobile friendlyCons:● Could be difficult to monetize● No comments, just reblogs
  26. 26. ● Share images with descriptive tags so others can find them by location and subject● Follow and participate in community tags like photography, photooftheday, etc.● Use it as an easy publishing platform for collaboration
  27. 27. Who’s on it: Brands and photogsPros:● Adds attribution, ownership, context to images● Beautiful displays and interface● Can host most social images, gives analytics● Ecommerce supportCons:● Not very social● Not all features are free
  28. 28. Final Thoughts● Don’t get caught up in the numbers game of social media.● Don’t try to do everything at once, pick networks that make sense for your subject.● Measure your progress using sites like Klout. com and onsite analytics.● Engagement doesn’t happen overnight
  29. 29. THANKS! Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins Blog: Zombiejournalism.comThese slides & more at slideshare. net/mandyjenkins
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