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Social Media for Beginners - Getting Started

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Social media1

  1. 1. SOCI AL MEDI A Promotions West
  2. 2. Agenda  Welcome  Over view  Par king Lot  I nt r oduct ions  Social Media Tips  I nt egr at ing Social Media  Q &A
  3. 3. Cour se Obj ect ive  Bet t er under st anding of uploading videos and phot os.  Bet t er under st anding of using social media f or pr omot ional event s.  Bet t er under st anding of t he var ious sit es.  Bet t er under st anding of Paid, Owned & Ear ned Social Media.
  4. 4. I nt r oduct ions  Your name  Name of Agency  Tell us about your or ganizat ion
  5. 5. Social Media  What is social media?
  6. 6. Social Media…  I s t he int er act ion of var ious media  Allows f or t he cr eat ion & exchange of user gener at ed cont ent .  Consumer gener at ed media.  Two way st r eet .  Pull not a push.
  7. 7. Event Planning  What st eps do you implement when planning your event ?  How much t ime do you give your self t o plan?  Do you use social media t o pr omot e your event ?
  8. 8. Social Media sit es  Twit t er  Facebook  Can you t hink of ot her social media sit es?
  9. 9. Ot her sit es include:  Flickr / Flext er / Yahoo  Digg / Pr opeller  Last FM / Pandor a / Gr ouper  Wor dpr ess / Blogger  St umbleUpon  Animot  ht t p:/ / animot play/ EQNAm0uOYcEUmz RI J sMCMw
  10. 10. Uploading Videos www.Animot www.Blogger .com www.Flickr .com ht t p:/ / animot play/ EQNAm0uOYcEUmz RI J sMCMw
  11. 11. I nt egr at ing Social Media: Paid Ear n Owned
  12. 12. I nt er act ive Bucket s Paid  Buying a :30 spot Owned / Exclusive  Your websit e  Your FB / Twit t er page Ear ned  Fr ee cover age  Connect ion wit h ot her s  (Yelp, Tweet , Blog)
  13. 13. Social Media What make sit es successf ul?  You Tube I f videos ar e wat ched & shar ed  Br and needs t o own t hese eyeballs  Facebook  Fr ee & Owned (can pur chase ads)
  14. 14. I nt egr at ion Pur chase an ad Pr omot e t he br and (possibly on FB) People in t he media t alk about it Twit t er ver se er upt s int o conver sat ion How of t en do you t weet ?
  15. 15. 7 St eps of YouTube Shar e a video Sear ch f or videos Get a YouTube account Subscr ibe t o channels Rat e Videos & Select f avor it es Become a video f r iend Cr eat e your own channel
  16. 16. Bar r ier s  What could go wr ong when doing social media or uploading videos?
  17. 17. Do’s & Don’t s Cr eat e good will Post a t ut or ial Adopt YouTube as your video host Don’t r ehash your commer cials Value your video Have a plan
  18. 18. Remember …Know your t ar get  What do t hey know?  What is your pur pose?  What do t hey like?  What mot ivat es t hem?
  19. 19. Social Mar ket ing Quest ions and Answer s
  20. 20. Thank you! For mor e inf or mat ion please cont act :  Mikael Wagner at Pr omot ions West  415.786.0428  inf o@pr omot ionswest .com