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Personal Branding in Social Media for Photographers


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This presentation "Personal Branding for Photographers in Social Media" was presented by me at the Social Media in Photography event in Kolkata on 31st August, 2014. As the slide deck was created for a live presentation, there was a lot of narration that went into it which is missing here, however, the presentation by itself should give a fair idea on personal branding and how social media can be leveraged for personal branding, for photographer or even otherwise.

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Personal Branding in Social Media for Photographers

  2. 2. What do we really want • People to recognize us for our work • Get more work / business • Be considered as an authority / influencer in our area of work
  3. 3. Why Personal Branding • Attract attention – grow network • Increase your online influence • Find Work / Opportunities – Opportunities find you • Permission to be yourself – You get to decide what your unique promise of value is
  4. 4. What is Branding • The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind… blah.. blah… blah
  5. 5. What is Branding
  6. 6. Personal Branding is about creating an identity a perception that you want people to have about yourself
  7. 7. Three Keywords for Branding
  8. 8. Create Unique Niche GENERALIST SPECIALIST Wild life Travel Wedding Fashion Food
  9. 9. Be Consistent • Maintain Quality • Communication – Style and messaging • Visual Branding
  10. 10. Deliver on Brand Promises Deliver Value • Deliver high quality work • Share Knowledge • Guide & Mentor Juniors • Share your thoughts and views • May be do a couple of pro bonos
  11. 11. Why Social Media The Biggest media channel you can have for 106 million Social Media users in India
  12. 12. Why Social Media
  13. 13. Photos Uploaded Per Day
  14. 14. Photos +
  15. 15. In first 9 months
  16. 16. Why Social Media Increases your reach , Reduces your marketing effort
  18. 18. Social Media Can Provide Credibility & Exposure Networking & Relationship Learning
  19. 19. What You Need To Do Invest : Time + Effort + Be Consistent Deliver Value / Brand Promise Be Unique / Select a Niche
  20. 20. Social Media is the Engine; Your Content fuels the engine to deliver mileage on your branding
  21. 21. HOW Inspire Quotes Motivate Coach Engage Pictures Facts Stories Advise Tips How To Solutions Give Offers Discounts Appreciation Participate Discussions Contests Groups
  22. 22. Your Brand Needs Your Personality Personality matters in social media Express yourself in social media as you would do in real life.. FRIENDLY PROFESSIONAL APPROACHABLE AUTHORITATIVE
  23. 23. Social Media is Not Much Different from Social Life in Real BE YOURSELF BE RESPECTFUL SHARING IS KEY
  24. 24. Social Media is your Radio Station and you are the RJ Rj Stays on Theme INTERACTS with Listeners, makes UNSCRIPTED comments, at times REPEAT the same songs Photo : RJ Rashmi
  25. 25. Everyone Needs a Home • Set up Your Blog / Website – Make sure its visually appealing – Clearly state what you offer and why someone should work with you – Your contact information – Make it social – integrate popular social channels
  26. 26. • Get a Facebook Page – people can’t “Like” people but they can like “Page” • This also helps to maintain a distance between your “personal” and “professional” side • Post consistently – make sure you reply to all comments • Focus on building a community • Groups are helpful – don’t stop at joining but participate and engage
  27. 27. • Post Photos – but make sure you have relevant permissions • Make sure your profile is complete and have a clear picture for your profile • Use Facebook as a portfolio space to showcase your best photos • You can pin your best recent photo on top of the time line
  28. 28. • Look for and befriend mentors, guides and role models • Take time to appreciate and encourage others • Never be snarky, vulgar or hateful – it will come back to haunt you !
  29. 29. • Who you follow makes a big difference • Use tools to identify right people to follow – / • Follow Photo hashtags #photo #dailyphoto etc • Look at other’s followers / follows • Create your twitter lists • Twitter is real time- if tweeting photo , include date, time , place, use relevant hash tags
  30. 30. • Your online resume + more • Particularly important if you are a professional • Good place to connect with professional photographers + potential clients • A lot of photography related groups to connect • A good publishing platform • Get testimonials + Control Endorsements
  31. 31. • A network meant specially for photographers • Tons of photographer friendly features – uploads camera info, can prevent downloads, links directly to Getty Images • Make sure to use detailed caption and tags for each images – helps in discovery • Join various groups based on topic and location • Participate in contests happening in various groups
  32. 32. • The social layer to any Google service • Not too many active users BUT – Has a beautiful interface to display photos – Numerous Photographer groups and communities • Can help with search engine visibility – Use descriptive title, description for images, mention, name, location etc – If you publish anywhere else, set up authorship
  33. 33. • Mobile photography network with more than 80 million users. • Only Square images with lots of filter options • A highly engaged and interactive community • Use tags and hashtags to find images and increase discovery of your images • Follow tags and communities of interest • Share others images with p.s. There are a bunch of filters and editing options inbuilt.
  34. 34. • Fastest growing social network with 25 million plus users, predominantly female • Made for photos – highly visual, content spreads fast • Create your boards based on subject, location etc • Ideal to search for inspiration • Pin others’ photo to inspire, connect and build your repository of ideas
  35. 35. • Highly popular as photo blogging platform – More than 80 million Blogs already.. • Reblogging is a key activity that ensures content spreads very fast • Share images with descriptive tags, location, subject etc • Research and follow community tags like PhotoOfTheDay etc
  36. 36. Generic Best Practice • Use a clear positive headshot as your display pic across all social platforms • Think of your headshot as your logo – avoid changing it unless you really need
  37. 37. Generic Best Practice • Use the About/ Profile section in all the channels judiciously. Clearly state what you do, your location and your web address • Engage Actively : Connect with relevant communities, initiate and participate in conversations
  38. 38. Generic Best Practices • Focus on your Audience : Post leading questions that encourage your readers to respond • Openly appreciate good work – even if its by a competitor • Be Opinionated – opinions make you stand out • Consistently post quality content, connect with new people, post comments and engage in discussions
  39. 39. Generic Best Practices • Be an Expert : provide advice, publish content that solves problems, how to guides etc • Providing free expert guidance will help establish you as an authority • You can’t please everyone, so don’t bother if someone hates you – but don’t give way to hating
  40. 40. Criticism + Reputation Management • Do not be aggressive, Do not give excuses • Own up your mistake • Clearly state how you plan to make it right • You can’t remove negatives, but you can build positives • Monitor the media
  41. 41. The Brilliant Student’s Story
  42. 42. The Brilliant Student’s Story PEOPLE REMEMBER YOU NOT FOR YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS BUT HOW YOU IMPACT THEM.. If You impact others well, that will create a positive brand
  43. 43. Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury twitter : @rishi3211us