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25 Facebook Marketing Tactics in Vancouver, WA


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Discover how to use Facebook to increase your brand image, reach and sales with a few of these tactics.

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25 Facebook Marketing Tactics in Vancouver, WA

  2. 2. Facebook Profile vs Group vs PageFacebook Profile1
  3. 3. Facebook Profile vs Group vs PageFacebook Group1
  4. 4. Facebook Profile vs Group vs PageFacebook Page1
  5. 5. Facebook Place Page2● People can check in● You can run check-in deals andFacebook Offers● People can find you easier on theirphones when they are looking for placeson Facebook and are in your area.Facebook Graph Search
  6. 6. Custom Facebook URL3
  7. 7. Facebook Page Blueprint4
  8. 8. Facebook Algorithm - EDGERANKHow do you get here?5
  9. 9. What to Post / When to PostWhat to post?Primary● Photos● Text-only statusSecondary● Videos● Links6When to post?Best (National)● Wed● 1 pm - 4 pmBest (Vancouver)● End of week*● 5 pm - 8 pm* Depends on industry
  10. 10. What to Post / When to Post6When to post based on industryAdvertising and Consulting - Sat and SunAutomotive - WeekendsClothing - Thurs and SatEntertainment - WeekendsFinance - Fri and SunFood and Beverage - WeekendsGeneral Retail - MondaysHealth and Beauty - Sun and MonNonprofit - SaturdaysSports - WeekendsTravel and Leisure - WeekendsSource
  11. 11. Responding and Engagement7
  12. 12. Photos8
  13. 13. Text UpdatesFill in the Blank: Giving up [YOUR BRAND] islike giving up ______.Q: What is your favorite comfort food?Can you describe your favorite [YOURPRODUCT] using only one word?Click LIKE if you wish the sun was shining onyour face right now.9
  14. 14. Video PostsTeaser contentto build hypeEntertainingCurrent trends10
  15. 15. Links11GOODBETTERBEST
  16. 16. Insights and Analysis12Reach - Post shown in peoples News Feed for the first 28 days after post is publishedEngaged Users - Number of people who have clicked anywhere on your postPTAT - Number of people who took action on your Page postVirality = PTAT divided by Reach times 100*According to EdgeRank Checker median Virality rate for Facebook Pages is 1.92%
  17. 17. Facebook Ads13
  18. 18. Promoted/Boost Posts14- Allow the content to fulfill itsorganic reach first.- Must have <20% text.- Audience: Your page fans andtheir friends.
  19. 19. Facebook Offers15The Power is in the SHARE!
  20. 20. Facebook Contests16You should put more hard work into a promotion than the customer.GOOD. BAD.
  21. 21. Events17
  22. 22. Personal vs Page VoiceThere is noIin Business Page18
  23. 23. Facebook Roles19Get the keys.Keep the keys.
  24. 24. Invite Your Friends20The worst-kept secretto growing yourFacebook page.
  25. 25. Tag! Youre It!21
  26. 26. Community Engagement22
  27. 27. Promote Outside of Facebook23
  28. 28. Facebook Interest Lists24
  29. 29. Facebook ToolboxWhat is the #1 thing Facebook Page ownersstruggle with?25
  30. 30. BONUS1. Think about strategy before tactics2. Learn from others3. You have an imagination - so use it4. Spend some money5. Dont broadcast...ENGAGE!6. Repeat 1 - 5+Scott Ayres, PostPlanner
  31. 31. QuestionsFacebook MarketingFOR LOCAL BUSINESSES