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Maximize Your Social Media: Branding and Journalism


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Tips for using popular social media tools like Twitter and Facebook for journalism, as well as crafting a social media strategy to help build your brand. Presented for Newstrain Seattle, 10/2013

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Maximize Your Social Media: Branding and Journalism

  1. 1. ü  Users here to follow topics and interests first ü  Fact paced, frenetic updates expected ü  Great for quick hits and updates ü  Largely public, less expectation of privacy   ü  Users here to follow pre-existing connections ü  Slower-paced, fewer posts ü  Great for longer posts and conversation ü  Large expectation of privacy  
  2. 2. ü  Your competitors ü  People in your field of interest/beat ü  Popular people in your local/topical Twittersphere ü  Those who reply to you ü  Those who re-tweet, share your links
  3. 3. • By subject/location:, • (for finding journalists) • Look at others’ follows/followers
  4. 4. •  One place to manage everything •  Control your privacy •  Timeline design with large image •  Could mix personal/ professional •  Completely separate presence from profile •  Completely public •  Timeline design with large image •  Detailed analytics to see who visits Profiles Pages
  5. 5. • Turn on Subscriptions: Anyone can read your public posts • Set up a vanity url at username •  Add your job history and a snappy bio to About section (and make it public)
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  8. 8. Status updates that… • Posed Questions +64% • Call to read or take a closer look +37% • Personal reflections +25% • Clever, catchy tone +18% % feedback over averagee
  9. 9. 65% increase in likes and 50% increase in comments
  10. 10. •  Don’t leave the link in the status update •  Format headline/text to make sense •  Mix up the status, not always questions or links •  Moderate your comments
  11. 11. Set up Google Authorship for G+ benefits
  12. 12. •  Fill out a profile completely, even if you don’t plan to use it very much •  Upload content with SEO in mind – descriptive titles, names, locations and keywords
  13. 13. •  Fill  out  a  profile  completely,  even  if  you  don’t   plan  to  use  it  very  much   •  Upload  content  with  SEO  in  mind  –   descrip>ve  >tles,  names,  loca>ons  and   keywords  
  14. 14. Set your name as an alert at • • Eliminate results from your company site: "first last"
  15. 15. The  Usual  Suspects   •  Fans/followers   •  Retweets/shares   •  Replies/comments   •  UGC  submissions   •  Reach   •  Klout  Score   Real  Indicators   •  Intended  audience  acquired   •  Reader  -­‐>  Customer   •  Conversa>ons  generated   •  Reader  -­‐>  Par>cipant   •  New  sources  acquired   •  Gains  made  
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  18. 18. Mandy  Jenkins   @mjenkins   More  resources  and  such  at: