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Social Media Strategy for Entrepreneurial Journalism


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A brief glance at tips for crafting a social media strategy aimed at journalism entrepreneurs. Presentation given 9/12/2013 for the New Media Women Entrepreneurs Summit at the National Press Club.

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Social Media Strategy for Entrepreneurial Journalism

  1. 1. ü  Users here to follow topics and interests first ü  Fact paced, frenetic updates expected ü  Great for quick hits and updates ü  Largely public, less expectation of privacy   ü  Users here to follow pre-existing connections ü  Slower-paced, fewer posts ü  Great for longer posts and conversation ü  Large expectation of privacy  
  2. 2. The  Usual  Suspects   •  Fans/followers   •  Retweets/shares   •  Replies/comments   •  UGC  submissions   •  Reach   •  Klout  Score   Real  Indicators   •  Intended  audience  acquired   •  Reader  -­‐>  Customer   •  ConversaAons  generated   •  Reader  -­‐>  ParAcipant   •  New  sources  acquired   •  Gains  made  
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