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Intro to Social Media for Journalists


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Intro to Social Media for Journalists

  1. 1. Journalists and Social Media Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins LANG Extravaganza, March 2012
  2. 2. Dont Be This Guy
  3. 3. 8 Rules of Social Journalism1. Respond to replies, comments and questions(especially questions) everywhere2. Be transparent in all you do3. Ask for help when you need it4. Be thankful
  4. 4. 8 Rules of Social Journalism5. Make corrections quickly and publicly6. Address criticism without spats7. Be consistent8. Dont just push your content out, share otherlinks too
  5. 5. Twitter for Journalists
  6. 6. Not just what you had forbreakfast...● Post links w/ comment or question, not headline● Monitor the people you cover● Crowdsource stories by asking for info● Quickly find witnesses, info with search● Live report from the scene of a news event● Show your work
  7. 7. Its All About Who You Follow
  8. 8. Who you should follow● Your competitors (& bloggers too)● People on your beat● Popular people in your local Twittersphere● Those who reply to you● Those who re-tweet, share your links
  9. 9. Finding who to follow● By subject/location:,●● (for finding journalists)● Look at others’ follows/followers● Spy on Twitter lists●
  10. 10. Got Tweeters Block?● Ask for info/feedback from followers on a story you wrote or are working on● Re-tweet tweets you like● Tweet what you’re reading● Jump in on other conversations
  11. 11. Why Use #Hashtags?•Find other sources•Expand your audience•Organize content (for feeds & contacting)
  12. 12. Before You Hashtag•Search for hashtag(s) already in use•If a hashtag is already in use, adopt it•If not, choose one that’s simple & unique (doquick search first)•Geographic abbreviation helps (#CAstorm)•Geographic better than branded (#CApoliticsbetter than #PTpolitics)
  13. 13. Go Live For Breaking News
  14. 14. When Live-Tweeting● Warn followers in advance● Mix play-by-play with context, background● Think value over white noise● Take questions when possible● Note long breaks
  15. 15. Search Tweeps & Content● Search by keywords, location, time● Search before the stream is overtaken by reaction
  16. 16. When You Find Leads● Connect with eyewitnesses, get contact info● Follow who you reach out to● Have them wait for a reporter on scene● Verify!
  17. 17. Journalists on Facebook
  18. 18. Profiles Pages● One place to manage ● Completely separate everything presence from profile● Control your privacy ● Completely public● Timeline design with ● Timeline design with large image large image● Could mix ● Detailed analytics to personal/professional see who visits
  19. 19. Going Public On Facebook●Turn on Subscriptions: Anyone can read your public posts●Set up a vanity url at facebook. com/username● Add your job history and a snappy bio to About section (and make it public)
  20. 20. Build Friends Lists
  21. 21. Custom Privacy Settings
  22. 22. Target updates
  23. 23. Everyone Sees It Differently
  24. 24. Create An Engaging Presence Take advantage of timeline with photos, milestones and videos
  25. 25. Whatever You Like● What would you share on Facebook?● Ask questions, feature the responses in stories● During news, you cant overpost● Photos and videos work well
  26. 26. Whatever You Like
  27. 27. Wording Matters●Posed Questions +64%●Call to read or take a closer look +37%●Personal reflections +25%●Clever, catchy tone +18%% more feedback over averageSource: Facebook
  28. 28. Images Matter
  29. 29. Google+: Do It For The SEO
  30. 30. Primp that Profile
  31. 31. Link Your Profile to GoogleNewsUnder your profile settings: ● Add the email address linked to your byline on your website ● Make sure your workplace/title are public ● Link to your blog, articles ● Link to other social accounts
  32. 32. Make Circles to FollowSources
  33. 33. Interviews, Chats by G+Hangout
  34. 34. FollowTrends, TrackNews
  35. 35. THANKS! Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins Blog: Zombiejournalism.comThese slides & more at slideshare. net/mandyjenkins