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How To Grow With Inbound Marketing

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A visual guide to inbound marketing with tips on how to grow your business. …

A visual guide to inbound marketing with tips on how to grow your business.

This is a bonus addition to the newly released 2nd edition of "Inbound Marketing" the book by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah

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  • 1. With INBOUND MARKETING Traffic, Leads & Customers
  • 2. What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’tso. -MARK TWAIN
  • 3. Hi, I’m @dharmesh
  • 4. There is one thing I have some experience with…
  • 5. GROWTH! FOUNDED 11,000+ customers INVESTED IN 50+ startups CREATED 400,000+ members
  • 6. It’s a book about how to grow with inbound marketing. and I co-wrote this… inboundbook.com
  • 7. There’s a fundamental dilemma with marketing...
  • 9. It’s why marketers don’t get much love. Less Trusted More Trusted Stockbrokers Lawyers Car Sales Lobbyists Marketers Gallup Poll, 2013
  • 10. But, marketing doesn’t have to be evil.
  • 11. There’s a way to market that people LOVE. It’s called INBOUND MARKETING.
  • 12. Not only is inbound marketing a more humanapproach, it’s also more effective.
  • 13. You might be wondering…
  • 14. What is inbound marketing? 1
  • 15. Here’s how old-school marketing works…
  • 16. Start with a budget (big or small)
  • 17. Then, use that budget to interrupt your way into people’s lives.
  • 18. There are a few problems with this approach.
  • 19. NOBODY wakes up and thinks: “I hope I get interrupted today.”
  • 20. 95% of people don’t like being interrupted.
  • 21. The other 5% hateit.
  • 22. We’re all getting better and better at blocking out unwanted messages.
  • 23. Interruptive marketing is an arms race for attention.
  • 24. Your well-heeled competitor has a massive marketing budget. And you… not so much. .
  • 25. You can’t out-spend the behemoths. Not only do they have more money, they have fewer brain cells. (and they’re not afraid to ignore them!)
  • 26. You’re not really buyingattention, you’re rentingit.
  • 27. Ads are TEMPORARY. When you stop paying the “rent”, you stop getting the attention.
  • 28. 33 “OK fine. I don’t want to annoy people. What’s a better way?”
  • 30. Inboundtakes the marketing people know (and hate)
  • 31. It’s a different, more empathetic approach to marketing.
  • 32. It’s about people, instead of annoying them ATTRA
  • 33. It’s about out-thinking your competitors, not out-spending them.
  • 34. It also helps you get long-term leverage. you
  • 35. “I like the sound of that… …tell me more.”
  • 36. It’s simple. (but not easy) It’s about providing value instead of pushing your way in.
  • 37. And the most common way to do that is to create content that’s helpful.
  • 38. Some types of content you can create… Blogs Photos & Infographics Videos & Podcasts Presentations & eBooks Software/ Tools (This deck is a good example. It promotes the Inbound Marketing book.)
  • 39. The best place to start creating content is to start a…
  • 40. Warning: INBOUND TAKES WORK! Youcan’t just sit back and relax.
  • 41. In short…
  • 43. So that’s a bit about strategy and philosophy. Now, let’s dig in to some details.
  • 44. To better understand this, here’s a typical flow…
  • 45. Blogging CMS Social SEO Email Nurturing Landing Pages Calls-to-action Sales Analytics CRM Typical applications needed for marketing.
  • 46. Blogging Website Pages Social SEO Email 2.0 Landing Pages Calls-to- action Analytics CRM “Top Of The Funnel” is about pulling visitors to your website.
  • 47. Blogging Website Pages Social SEO Email 2.0 Landing Pages Calls-to- action Analytics CRM “Middle Of The Funnel” is about converting visitors to leads or customers after they visit your site.
  • 48. How do I attract visitors? 2
  • 49. Did you know there are 5.9 BILLION daily searches on ? (me neither, had to look it up)
  • 50. Maybe a few of those people would be interested in yourproduct?
  • 51. You need to know at least the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 52. Search engines are raining free traffic. SEO is about catching some of it. (Note: It’s not quite that easy. SEO takes work too.)
  • 53. “Wait. Can’t I just buy pay-per-click (PPC) ads?”
  • 54. Yes, you can. PPC ads are a great way to learnwhat works.
  • 55. But, it’s really hard to get any leverage. Oh, and also…
  • 56. Why pay to reach the 20%, when the other 80% are freelow marginal cost?
  • 57. Outbound Marketing
  • 58. And have those assets pull people in.
  • 59. So, invest in organic search. As ye SEO, so shall ye reap.
  • 60. There’s a chapter on it in the book. Want to learn more about SEO? inboundbook.com
  • 61. ONCE UPON A TIME, SEO was about clever tricks to get a web page to rank.
  • 62. Smart SEO experts will tell you: Don’t try these tricks, they can be toxic. (I’ll tell you the same thing)
  • 63. The first step in SEO is picking the search keywords you will focus on.
  • 64. Be mindful about the keywords you pick.
  • 65. You want keywords that have decent search volume. (people search for that word/phrase)
  • 66. Most clicks go to links on the first page of results. So, pick key words where you have a fighting chance.
  • 67. Don’t pick keywords that are so competitive that you’ll never rank well. (Don’t pick a fight with a ninja)
  • 68. Now, prepare for the advice on SEO you will ever hear... (at least from me)
  • 69. Solve for the searcher not the search engine. Happy Humans = Happy Google Happy Google = Better Rankings
  • 70. Don’t mass produce content. To succeed, you need to stand-out.
  • 71. Relevant, useful content makes humans happy.
  • 72. Fast web sites make humans happy.
  • 73. Clear, well designed sites make users happy. Invest in great design and user experience.
  • 74. Mobile friendly websites make people happy.
  • 75. Once you’ve created content, and optimized it. The next step is to spread it.
  • 76. That’s where social media can help.
  • 77. First, make it dead-simple to share your content. Put sharing buttons on your site. The easier it is to share, the more people will share it.
  • 78. For social to work, you’ll need followers (talking to yourself is not much fun)
  • 79. What’s the best way to get fans? Create value for the connections you hope to get someday.
  • 80. Don’t try and automate getting fans or followers.
  • 81. Numbers may go up, but your brand goes down.
  • 82. How I do I convert visitors? 3
  • 83. So, you’re creating a bunch of great content, rockin’ on social and people are starting to visit your website.
  • 84. It’s not a torrent of traffic, but everyone starts somewhere. Now, you need to start converting these random visitors.
  • 85. Based on your business, you want them to become: 1.users 2.leads 3.customers
  • 86. First thing you should do: Implement “Calls To Action” GET FOUND, READ THE INBOUND BOOK
  • 87. Other examples SIGN UP FOR FREE 30-DAY TRIAL SCHEDULE A DEMO BUY NOW (money back guarantee)
  • 88. Who do I hire for marketing? 4
  • 89. You want someone that’s going to jump in and start helping your future users/customers.
  • 90. Digital Citizen Analytically Driven Content Creator Reach Builder
  • 91. Where can I learn more? 5
  • 92. Tech savvy marketers you should learn from HitenShah @hnshah KISSmetrics Sean Ellis@seanellis GrowthHackers Leo Widrich@leowid Buffer Rand Fishkin@randfish Moz
  • 93. Connecting marketers to great content, and each other. (34,000+ members) Community you should join. inbound.org
  • 94. What are the chances that 139 5-star reviews are wrong? And, it’s in paperback now. And of course, buy the book.  inboundbook.com
  • 95. Read? Set? GET GROWING! Tell your friends: Would love feedback on this deck: feedback@inboundbook.com inboundslides.com