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Content marketing world conference provides valuable info for associations


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These are my notes from last week's Content Marketing World Conference. An awesome event providing valuable information for associations and nonprofits.

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Content marketing world conference provides valuable info for associations

  1. 1. Powerful Messages for Associations from the 2012 Content Marketing World ConferenceThe CMW12 was loaded with inspirational sessions and specific tips about content marketingstrategies and tactics. Here are the rough (meaning not edited) notes I took at the sessions Iattended. Because of the number of sessions I attended, this is a much longer post that normal.I’m going to put a pdf version up on SlideShare in the event you want to download the file.The Content Marketing Institute provided additional highlights. You can find them here: Day 2 Highlights: Day 3 Highlights: TO REBOOT YOUR CONTENT FOR A MOBILE WORLDMITCH JOEL, author of 6 pixels of separation @mitchjoel5 massive movements affected businessesMarketers feel confused because the world they have known has radically changedThere are no fundamental beliefs anymoreIt is not hell but it is purgatory ... We are up to whims of consumers1. Power of direct relations  No longer need media to connect ... can create direct relationships  There’s shift in meaning: we’re actively competing against peers ...  Who owns the direct relationship? Us? Our partners? The platforms (Facebook, etc.)  You need to create direct relationships against those you need to expand your message2. Sex with data 1. Linear data 2. Circular data ... social ... data you are sharing 3. Merger of linear and circular data ... massive >>> loyalty programs that yield shared knowledge about customers  Biggest challenge: privacy vs personalization ... understand difference ... more you personalize, the less they raise privacy ... IF dont screw it up  Big Data  Amazons Price Check for iPhone ... App ... take pic of bar code of product ... tells you price on Amazon >>> retailers hate it!  Consumers okay with what Amazon knows about you because they are awesome!  Amazon now knows how you shop ...prices around US ...3. Utility ... create something people want  Apps that suck dont get used … what value does your App provide?  Utility: o "SitterSquat" ... tells you where clean bathrooms ... (hosted by Charmin) ... wiki platform that allows reviews ... leading to loyalty to Charin brand ... o Lego: .. face lights up at mention ... opened stores to create direct relationship ... how compete with ToysRUs, etc. So, how create utility to get customers to go to Lego store. Digital box ... hold it up, shows what final product looks like. o Lodge net ... app ... iPhone can be "clicker" for TV ... gives list of TV stations ... o SkullCandy ... shows best bike paths, waves, etc. near you.These apps have raised bar for content ...create utility to give people to connect with you. 1 of 13
  2. 2. 4. Passive vs active  Content/media is either active or passive  Majority of people not excited about their jobs ... they want to forget about today and tomorrow ... so, want passive media. o TV not likely to become active media ... most dont want it o Twitter is active media ..  Very few marketers have recognized difference and need for active media ... most people  Key questions: What can I do with my marketing fit for active, passive or both?  And, how do I make it shareable5. One Screen  Today, the only thing that counts is the screen in front of me  Screen (tablets) are multi dimensional  Best technology is the one that feels unlike technology  Transparent Smart WINDOW  MobileNations o Means mobilally-enabled content  kids growing up without keyboard and a mouse ... we will all work in world without keyboard/mouse o 350 million PCs but 1.7 billion mobile handsets globally last year; 1.2 billion people now getting broadband access on mobile o We live in a world where cant adapt as fast as new technology comes out  Were becoming, hyper-connectedPeople are willing to pay for good stuff that has utility and fits within the 5 issuesCut the Bull ... Build Powerful BlogJASON FALLS, Social Media Exploer  Search engines love content and blogs create content  Businesses got distracted by shiny new tool (Facebook)  To solve problems today, people go to Google firstWhy blog? About Strategy.  Why? We want to engage our audience (that doesnt help you make payroll)  Why? So we can grow our business  Keep asking "why" until you come to a measurable value propositionWhy use Social Media (including blogging)  To enhance brand & awareness (need to correlate to revenue #)  build community (needs to correlate to revenue $)  Product R&D  PR  Customer service  Drive sales leadsWhy blogging for business (associations): increase sales (memberships), buildrevenue, saving money 2 of 13
  3. 3.  Blogs need to reach a critical mass of articles before they start to generate leads ... when reach critical mass in same content, search engines find you.  Getting 50-100 pages in Google brings double-digit lead growth ... the more leads to triple digit growth  If keywords hits Googles top 100, leads increaseExample: thought leadership platform ... via Hubspot research  53.14% found it via Google search  20.39% via referral  16.32% via direct traffic  Conclusion: 3/4ths of traffic came from outside his "community"FACEBOOK DISTRACTION  How many leads  Want them to come to my website not my FB page... so I can convert them  Want the to find me via search of my keywords ... not my name ... if they know me, they can come directToo much marketing today remains "yelling" at customers or potential customersTracking: 1) What people saying about you 2) How many are responding to your calls to action 3) What is conversion rate (see post to take action) 4) What is your sales rate? 5) Rankings is old school ... but, still check them (Careful: search engines give results based on who -- which computer -- is asking and where you are asking it from) 6) Conversions by source (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)  Google analytics, goals, setup goals, URL destination, etc. Add Goal Value (with $ amount of membership, conference, etc. ... if you sell online) Track because you want to measure  Build blog  Build audienceBlogging:  Produce "holy smokes" content ... makes reader say "Holy Smokes!" and makes them respond  Make it easier to pass it along (Ask them to share it!)  Present clear call to action (buy, download, register, etc.)WOM (Word of Mouth)... building your audience 1) talkers: who will tell friends about you? (Industry leaders, clients/partners, employees, early followers, others) 2) Topics: what will then talk about? (helpful ideas, thought leadership, entertainment, stir stuff up) 3) Tools: 4) Talking Part: dont settle for mediocre, drive engagement, make sharing easy; shine the spotlight on your readers; incentivize pass-alongs 3 of 13
  4. 4. CUSTOMER STORIES: HOW TO UNLOCK AN ABUNDANCE OF NEW CONTENTDEANA GOLDASICH, Well Planned Web @goldasischWhat do you do when your best customer in same room with your best prospect? You introducedthem to each other, shut up, get out of way.Position your customer ... not our brand (Its not about you) 1. Make customer the hero: they came up with solution, they reaped rewards  look at ratio of customer vs company mentions in the story 2. Make the customer relatable .. who would you rather meet. in interviews, challenge them to speak normally, concretely 3. Make their story relevant ... 3 circle graphic: customer story; prospects needs, your solutionGathering the story: think like reporter do in person, phone, etc. Do NOT do via email as it becomes a"testimonial," not story Research: who do I need to talk with ... ask sales, customer service reps, social media manager, etc. who should conduct interview? NOT someone on front line. Story tellers, facilitators, outside agencies, etc.Prepare to Listen:  Difference between assumed story vs surprise story  Prep with wide open questions  Prep with focus questions (such as why you selected xGet comfy (in interview) introduce yourself here to hear their story have questions Facilitate, dont interrogate Get them to bragRecord it  Lets you be a reporter, not secretary; keeps subject comfortable, open  Live scribe (pen records audio while you are writing ... Sound Note app)  conference call  written * notesUnfold master story transcribe the interview Highlight key elements - sound bites, background, problem, tangents, etc. Think like a writerYou are not done yet ...  Maximize your RIO (return on interview)  Contribute & distribute  Build databae of content (quotes, anecdotes, stats, blog ideas) that all (PR, marketing, content) can use 4 of 13
  5. 5.  Distribute: create tagging strategy (customer, product),  CollaborateFROM 0 TO 170,000 SUBSCRIBERS ... THE COPYBLOGGER CONTENTMARKETING MODELBRIAN CLARK & SONIA SIMONE, Copy Blogger MediaWere a small business that is totaling based on content. Started by me; now 22 employees,170,000 subscribers; 90,000 customersStarted with audience ... still our most important assetMost people think content creation is hardest part.Contents purpose is to sell, period!Regularly updated content is fundamental to content marketing3 types of content:1) Cornerstone content: tutorials, started with 10-part post on "how to write copy;" then a series on "how to write headlines" ... cornerstones are the foundation that serves your business basis. You want to rank them so they are SEO friendly. Takes a while: started as normal blogs; then combined into a separate "content landing page" to introduce the posts (Title, posts) Target the terms that matter to us.2) Connection content: designed to be shared and to build sense of community. want it to energize a corner of the audience with aim to build new followers. Entertaining AND useful. Need a little controversy to generate conversation. You want to resonate strongly with a segment.3) Customer content: what your audience has to agree with you for them to do business with you. You are building property. Example: digital sharecropping: they depend on your work to make money. What "team" are you on? Marketer? Blogger? What? Wrote post "Is your tribe holding you down?" Can you have a third tribe: approach blogging with a business mindset? A humorous rant. Defines where you want to hang out.Creating content for defined audience, defined customer. Define who is in yourtribe.Publishing Strategies:  Dont digital sharecrop ...  Everything driven back to our website  Frequency: Can grow on twice a week. Calendar cannot have any "filler" in it ... hurts you.  Write for readers first.  Moved from twice a week to daily ... because have a staff to do it.  Some benefit more by publishing less ... quality is the key  Consistency, voice, tone .... make sure it fitsSocial sharing: Content -- as part of integrated plan -- is most important form of social media Twitter/SM: goal to get people from Blog subscriber; newsletter subscriber, customer Social is the catalyst to get content moving Social first; then SEO Social likened to publicity 5 of 13
  6. 6. Engaging influencers & Your Second Customers  Influencers: those who share your content: passionate, engaged ... if you reach/engage them, others will find your content ...Content Is a Conveyor Belt Must have a business purpose Each piece of content gets your an audience: youre building a list (audience) not buying a list Goal remains to get people to opt-in (give you permission) Not trying to sell them from Day 1 Move people closer and closer down the conveyor belt toward your ultimate business goals ... creating an offer after people know, like and trust you. Challenge is getting noticedProduct Integration  started as a blog, not a business. But, same principles. Built an audience and then created the business (software)  Products were built for the customers based on their needs  Watch for patterns .. see what they tell you, give them that  Focus on listening: all your answers are in your market. Listen to them; shape what you do based on what they need. They dont always know what they need but they know what bugs them. They express on desires and needs.The business (association) you are in today more grow exponentially once youengage with your audience. Business may grow differently because of the audience.Repurposing content (Tactics): Once you have a great archive of content, you can compile them and repurpose them. visual content (infographics) still big. Blog can be a good first draft; take what really works and find ways to repurpose ... ebooks, white papers, audio, If do video/photos/art, be sure to incorporate your url so they can find youAgile content marketing ... put it out there and see what works vs what needs to be changed ...go with whats working! (Analytics important metric ... include email open rates of your emailedblog.)Headlines: be specific ... Working on headlines probably most important part of itWriting: subheads are important: we write them 2nd (after the headline)Be interesting ... write so people "like" you and who you are. Be the likable expert. 6 of 13
  7. 7. THE GIFT ECONOMY: CONTENT AS SOCIAL CURRENCYMARK BONCHEK, Orbit& CompanyGift economy: something given without payment in return Example: If you have friends help you move, you (most people) reward them with pizza and beer .They accept that. If you offered to pay them, they’d not like it but, most are okay to help pay their gas.Market economy: transaction ... you pay. About contracts; status is bought; financialcurrencyGift economy: creates a relationship ... creates an obligation, community, status is earned,social currencyCommunication revolution  500 years: One to many: broadcast (print/tv/radio)  25 years ago: Any to any (digital/web)  5 years: many to many (social/mobile)Changing role of brands: From persuade and promote to enable and empowerGoogle search: earned (organic growth) vs top & right which are adsSocial currency: Something given or exchanged to create or reinforce a relationship Grateful Dead bootlegged tapes were social currency Artist: wrote song, put on sheet music, has invited fans to put the music to it and share it; then hell use it as inspiration to make the "record" Potential new, engaging breakthrough music strategyNike plus: runner community .. fuel band new unit: social sportEpic mix: experience created by Vail Resorts ... NFIB tag in ski ticket ... tracks data; create socialcurrency with other skiiers. Started by looking at want skiiers did in the lodge at the end of theday.Turn your content into social currency.Where is status in your community?  what do they take pride in?  How do the express appreciation?  What is given to them as recognition?  What do people talk about?Transaction:  Give me your contact info and Ill give you my ... from Harvard Business 7 of 13
  8. 8. GOOLES ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTHSAM SEBASTIN, GOOGLE ..Winning the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMT)Manages Politcal campaign ads Massive ... $3-$5 billion on all candidates, all media TV audience down 30-40% from 2008 Digital: 4 mil tweets; peaked 14,000 per min during Romneys talk 2.8 mil YouTube videosWin at point of decision. 3-7 seconds as walking through isle.  P&G labeled as 1st moment of truth … 2nd moment of truth came when took it home and used for 1st timeTraditional mental model:Provide a stimulus (ad, etc.) to create need 1st moment of truth 2nd moment of truth (used product)Multiple screens in play ...  20% of Google queries via smart phone ... growing rapidly  complementary via PC and oher tools4 Screens to Victory ... strategy  1/3rd who saw TV ad online did not see it on TV station  24% mobile election  50% of tabes get news daily  50% of primary voters compared candidates online before votingNew 4 moments mental modelGoogle has now tested new model: New moment of truthNew research: Offline: 66% have performed a mobile search after seeing an ad 1) Stimulus (76%) 2) ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) 3) 1st moment of Truth 4) 2nd moment of truthInfo sources doubled from 2010 to 2011Average time doubledShoppers using stimulus, ZMOT and FMOT equallyZMOT:* searched online* talked with family friendsAlways On* 61% a biz after shopping 8 of 13
  9. 9. * 45% use smart phones for instore produce reseqrchPrices changed 15-25 times a day onlineTestimonial can be both SMOT and FMOT ... dependingZMOT: now "seemless" because of 24/7 and frictionless  Less message; more conversation  Engaging before get to purchase decisionStrategies to win ZMOT: 1) Put someone in charge  Most dont have someone responsible for all information/insight and to give a ZMOT point of view 2) Find your Zero moments  Google search: your brand, reviews of your brand, best (your category)  use keyword tool: including your website 3) Answer the questions people are asking  be specific to their ask ... search tools  in 2010: key question was "whats in health care bill" ... so Obama White House did a blog answering 4) Optimize for ZMOT  + 24pt recall +17pt engagement when ran messages all four screen as opposed to when ran only TV 5) Be fast!  70% of legal service seekers make decision within a week ... if you are NOT there when they have the need, theyll go to the next listing (on Google)  Betty Crocker June Launch of app 81.8 K users  5 months later Kraft (which much better) 9.9 K users  6 months first led to 8x users 6) Dont forget Video  YouTube is 2nd largest search engine  Video great for how tos  Relevant video out there .. 7) Jump in ... fail faster  Try, fail, adjust, try , improve  Learn on the flyFor more information, see www.zeromomentoftruth.comYou have our permission to use & modifyDISTILLING THE MAGIC & MYSTERYMARCUS SHERIDAN ...The Sales Lion & River Pools & Spas10/10/08 (7,882) stock market crashwithin 48 hours, 5 people cancelled pool ordersJanuary ... 3 weeks overdrawn, nearing bankruptcyMarch 2009: discovered content marketing 9 of 13
  10. 10. Who here is the exception?2 types* take the advice .. exception ... do it* skeptics ... cant do it, it wont work ...Mystery #1 getting started, then staying inspired strategy ... LISTEN ... great listeners NEVER run out of blog ideas they ask; you answer write down every question that you get in a day ... turn them into blog headline Price, problems, comparisons, the best, reviews. We vs them comparisons is powerful on Google ... "versus articles" "In Google we trust!"Searchers are like kindergarten student; Google is like school ... Google needs lots of teachers(resources, content)If want to build links, write awesome content about questions people are asking about yourbusiness (association), industry or profession.Blogged answer to question "who are best pool builders in Richmond, VA."  This one article ... made them $150,000 in pool sales in 2012.Mystery # 2 My competitors will steal my secrets."  But, really, we have no secrets!  McDonalds in Canada.. answers questions ... including “what is your secret sauce?”  Transparent marketing era ... if you are transparent, you’ll win!Mystery #3 Time .. I just dont have time  If content marketing is important, youll make time ... it should be like payroll ... its what we do. Don’t allow yourself to say you dont time. Those who say they don’t have time dont get it and dont understand what it means to the bottom line!Mystery #4 Thought Leadership  You become the ultimate trust agent by becoming the best teacher in the world.  We ALL should have desire to be thought leader  Wrote piece called: “How to buy a swimming pool the right way from the right company at the right place." The next day, every pool manufacturer called me. Led to people wanting to fly him around world to supervise installation of their pool.  Nobody likes gray: Have a dang opinion and share it ...Mystery #5 ROI  Becoming the best teacher in world, you can cut your ad/marketing budget.  Address cost and price of what you are doing  Use Metrics: #visits, #visit to lead, #leads (filled out form), # of purchases  I know that one article on pool pricing has led to $1.2 mil in salesMystery # 6 Content Marketing  MoneyBall ... on base percentage key metric ... re run scoring  Money ball content marketing tipping points 10 of 13
  11. 11.  Metrics: fill out form, bought; filled out form did not buy  30 – Discovered that if read 30 pages of info, 80% would buy  Run with it ... marketing focused on page views ... get them to 30 page views before we went on sales goal  No idea of how much content consumers will consumer until we give it to them. o Example: Search phrase re cost ... kept reading ... 375 pages ... his wife searched "Richmond pools" and read 149 pages  Strategy on listen and answer is ultimate SEO  Content is greatest sales tool in the world. period.  Insourcing will be greatest marketing ... it is NOT about tools its about the cultureMystery # 7 Buy-in  Not my job; not what I do ... @kristakortla asked for help to convince her staff to buy-in ... helped each company staffer understand  What did they not understand: WHY we should do content marketing  Because they did not understand the why, they didnt get it.  Block Imaging example (case study) with Krista Kortla o Who we knew and what we knew no longer our secret saunce ... because of linkedin (who) and google (what) o Belief shift: all of us are part of marketing; all of us content experts; all of us contribute content; help grow sales and business. Understand they were a teacher and had something to offer o We pay staff to work and have knowledge but dont expect them to o Results: went from 1 to 40 staffers who contributed content regularly (now he 40 teachers in company) ... o What happened: content helped us demonstrate we care and helped create credibility o Phase 2 ... video ... had teams of three create videoThe Golden Circle:  Your story has to start with Why, then how, then what  the WHY is what motivates youFind your deeper why!Youre a teacher and have something to say.How to Create Epic Content that Drives BusinessANN HANDLEY of MarketingProfs.comCreating content easy; creating great content hard ..Epic:  fun  experience  element of surprise  enjoyableAlways tell your story. Pinterest can help tell stories. Example behind the scenes at a bridal show 11 of 13
  12. 12. 1) find distinct & consistent voice (using it across all platforms)  let your mission lead your voice  Wisconsin Milk Marketing Boards Cheese Academy  Make customer the hero  McKay Flooring blog ... Glascow, Scotland 10 Cool & Unusual Flooring Ideas; using Pinterest & Instagrm  Instagram great training tool ... links well with mobile  McKays blog ... 13% of $6 mil sales come from online2) Take risks  know who you are not ... Marketing Profs: to promote their B2B forum, they did a post from "Don Draper ... Why Im not attending the B2B Forum"  Associations: youre selling seats to a conference"  25-30% increase in open rates  29% of all tweets .. social buzz  3 conferene salesin 1st hour  Data helpsFlawsome “ awesome because of flaws not despite them3) Wings & roots  Owen Blethers: Concrete Answers TV (a YouTube channel)  Use Postwire to share a storyRemember: Address Frequently Unasked Questions (FUQs) as well as FAQs.Speak human not corporate3 SUPER SS: SYNDICATION, SEARCH & SOCIALMICHAEL PRANIKOFF, PR NewswireContent, once created, must be found* Multiple media platforms has dramatically changed the tradition sales funnel.New formula: EC = MC (Every Company is a Media Company)Content can create authority ... IF ... start the conversation organically.Content that moves is power online. If easily shared, it grows.Who has ability to move content along (without you doing it manually)Principles1) Make sure content is Accessible (mobile, PC, etc.)2) make it easier to view3) make it easier to useGoogle has replaced library card catalogues17.9 Billion searches in US in July 2012; 65% done via Google94% look at page 1 articles 12 of 13
  13. 13. Only 6% go to page 239% of people link search ranking to company prominenceWhat is your digital shadow  Searches finds more content that what you have created yourself. Your shadow is what others are saying about you.Know your audienceSpeak like your audience doesWhere should I go today?  connect content to all platforms ... integrated; cross-linked  be sure where you want people to go**** comScore ... data mine blogContent can raise awareness but needs to connect with where you want audience to go nextMore multimedia = more views(text, text + photo, text + video9.7 x more views + 35% more engagement with your contentAdd multi-media to the white paperBuild authority through content, context and curationTakeaways  focus on content creation process  content that audience wants to share and participate  Give content best opportunity to be found organicallyGETTING THE CHOIR TO SING: SELLING & DEVELOPING THE PROCESS FORCONTENT MARKETING INSIDE THE ORGANIZATIONROBERT ROSE:NEW WAY of looking: real differentiating power  For full presentation, go to HTTP://BIT.LY/2BTHECHANGE 13 of 13