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Do Real Company Stuff - Mozcon 2012 Version - As SEO's its time we live up to a higher standard, this presentation is not about Link Juice, or Do Follow blogs, its about what we should aspire to be, now lets go DO THAT!

Do Real Company Stuff - Mozcon 2012 Version

  1. Real company stuff…It’s a struggle Wil Reynolds Associate SEER Interactive @wilreynolds
  2. Warning - Warning - Warning@wilreynolds
  3. Scale – Scale - Scale@wilreynolds
  4. Ya’ll talkin about “LINK Juice?” Not Revenue, Not Engagement, Not SOV, LINKS, Ya’ll talkin’ about Links, man?@wilreynolds
  5. Business existed before search engines@wilreynolds
  6. 1986@wilreynolds
  7. How would you sell… Software@wilreynolds
  8. @wilreynolds
  9. @wilreynolds
  10. @wilreynolds
  11. #RCS@wilreynolds
  12. Before this?@wilreynolds
  13. Thinking…@wilreynolds
  14. Buy olddomains and Buy text links Buy text 301 them in footers 10,000 links in copy pinterest Cloaking Fake Reciprocal accounts Linkbait stumbles DIGG links 3 way link Network exchange IMG Alt White textPrivate link On White network stuffing background@wilreynolds
  15. @wilreynolds
  16. @wilreynolds
  17. #RCS is tough@wilreynolds
  18. True Story…@wilreynolds
  19. Mommy Bloggers for a construction company?@wilreynolds
  20. Yeah, it’ll get links@wilreynolds
  21. Get you laughed out of the VP’s office@wilreynolds
  22. OR@wilreynolds
  23. “Our company wants to inspire the next generation of engineers…”@wilreynolds
  24. #RCS gets results non-RCS can’t@wilreynolds
  25. @wilreynolds
  26. Real Co. Sh*t@wilreynolds
  27. @wilreynolds
  28. REALLY?@wilreynolds
  29. Protip: Find people copying your fashionistas images @alliebrown89@wilreynolds
  30. Tweet their post when they credit you@wilreynolds
  31. SEO’s w/ marketing plans?@wilreynolds
  32. Google’s favoring brands….@wilreynolds
  33. Finally rewarding brand activity@wilreynolds
  34. no followers no engagement no cust. service no content@wilreynolds
  35. WINNER!@wilreynolds
  36. I can build a legit business on…this strategy??@wilreynolds
  37. This sounds like some hokey bullshit, but OK@wilreynolds
  38. Cutts Mueller You You Penguin Slap!@wilreynolds
  39. Cleaning up low quality links?@wilreynolds
  40. @wilreynolds
  41. Develop a clean up your crappy business tool@wilreynolds
  42. Still not getting it@wilreynolds
  43. Today’s SEO wants Clients who@wilreynolds
  44. Engage@wilreynolds
  45. Rabid Fans@wilreynolds
  46. Stand for something@wilreynolds
  47. Share their expertise@wilreynolds
  48. Share their data@wilreynolds
  49. Share their data@wilreynolds
  50. Share their data@wilreynolds
  51. @wilreynolds
  52. Real company sh*t #RCS
  53. Building followers is the new link building@wilreynolds
  54. What writers, bloggers are following you?@wilreynolds
  55. Followerwonk@wilreynolds
  56. Writers 56@wilreynolds
  57. OUTCOME 57@wilreynolds
  58. RWW 58@wilreynolds
  59. No followers?Do it to a competitor!
  60. Client challengeNo new stuff for links
  61. Image search for logo + sponsorship @adammelson
  62. [companyname] + event
  65. Company already has done #RCS w/ content?
  66. 30 second #RCS Test? 68@wilreynolds
  67. 69@wilreynolds
  68. 70@wilreynolds
  69. 71@wilreynolds
  70. How quick is your “fall off”? 72@wilreynolds
  71. How well do you blanket your industry? 73@wilreynolds
  72. 74
  73. 75@wilreynolds
  74. #RCS gets copied @JHTScherck
  75. Protip: Set up G alerts after every major content push
  76. How do you develop content ideas?
  77. 30 second guide to content ideas
  78. How to sell #RCS to your boss
  79. Curious
  80. Built entire microsites off of this strategy!
  81. Q’s the web hasn’t answered
  82. Revenue mattersHow much traffic, newsletter signups, and conversions? Are you getting it?
  83. @jasonacidre
  84. Giveaway = $3900 (eevenue)250+ Social shares (engagement) 50 comments (engagement) 10 sales (customers) 1 new blogger (relationship)
  85. Giving away product made client $3900 in 1 week
  86. Oh, and their rankings are going up
  87. You talkin’ bout “LINK JUICE”
  88. “Vs”searches
  89. 97@wilreynolds
  90. 98@wilreynolds
  92. Who is going to own that convo? 100@wilreynolds
  93. 101@wilreynolds
  94. Do you have the content? 102@wilreynolds
  95. B2B? #RCS is even easier 103@wilreynolds
  96. Use PPC data! (client story) 104@wilreynolds
  97. Don’t need big brand $$ to do #RCS
  98. Skateboard Client
  99. @nicomicelli
  100. HOLD THE FREAK UP! (retrain the SEO mind)
  101. Add value
  102. Interview the builders Create a Google map of gov’t parks Most friendly cities for skate boarders # of skate parks [study] Go shoot videoHow to get your city to build a skate park
  103. There will be turbulence
  104. I’m gonnasue yourclient
  105. There will be HUGE wins too…
  106. “Search strategy should be driving content strategy” - Marketing VP of MAJOR brand
  107. SEO’s are best to drivecontent strategy IF (BIG IF) we can understand our role in a larger context
  108. We MUST stop this!!
  109. We are the ugly fish of marketing, embrace it
  110. I need the right PH & someone to feed me
  111. We eat shit….survive – you die
  112. Stop making ourwork about links & shortcuts
  113. =
  114. Start making ourwork about industry leadership
  115. Start making ourwork about caring for customers
  116. Start making our work about engagement
  117. Start making our work about education
  118. =I love those SEO guys
  119. We can win thebudgets we deserve
  120. Your first attempts will suck
  121. #RCS startssomewhere
  122. Now, its … THIS!
  124. Wil Reynolds Associate SEER @wilreynolds