Wil Reynolds - link building mistakes 2011

Wil Reynolds
Wil ReynoldsFounder Seerinteractive.com - We're Hiring!! at SEER Interactive
Link Building Mistakes,[object Object],1,[object Object]
2,[object Object],Adoro picanha,[object Object]
@wilreynolds,[object Object],3,[object Object]
Things we have actually screwed up,[object Object],4,[object Object]
#1Trusting in “Trusted” link sources,[object Object],5,[object Object]
#2 Poor competitive link research,[object Object],6,[object Object]
#3 Having NO Muscle(Value of social),[object Object],7,[object Object]
Too much trust?,[object Object],8,[object Object]
9,[object Object],Client who has links from,[object Object]
10+ years online.edu links from research4 million searches / month Newspaper / magazine linksSome SERPS are adult categoryCEO is sought after by media outlets,[object Object],10,[object Object]
1st Page of Google = no one had these kind of linksWe had 15-20,[object Object],11,[object Object]
Let me show you the reward we got…,[object Object],12,[object Object]
13,[object Object]
PAIN!!!,[object Object],14,[object Object]
This does not mean that if you get a link from a quality source you go DOWN in rankings,[object Object],15,[object Object]
Getting more quality links than your competitor is not always the path to success,[object Object],16,[object Object]
NEVER HURTS,[object Object],17,[object Object]
It does mean research would have showed us to not rely so heavily on that strategy…,[object Object],18,[object Object]
Poor competitive link research,[object Object],19,[object Object]
If your link building plan starts off every project the sameyou lose,[object Object],20,[object Object]
Month 1 – directory/guest postsMonth 2 – infographicsMonth 3 – Blog OutreachMonth 4 – Linkable assetMonth 5 – Paid links / RoundupsMonth 6 – Badges / Directory,[object Object],21,[object Object]
STOP THIS!!!,[object Object],22,[object Object]
Start this…,[object Object],23,[object Object]
24,[object Object]
Conditional Formats!,[object Object],25,[object Object]
26,[object Object]
Visuals!,[object Object],27,[object Object]
28,[object Object]
The research will show you where you are getting beat,[object Object],29,[object Object]
30,[object Object]
There are all types of linksQuestion: Which ones do you need?,[object Object],31,[object Object]
Trust# of linksAnchor TextInternal LinksLongevity / Pace of links,[object Object],32,[object Object]
I recommend you do all of them,[object Object],33,[object Object]
Research first helps you prioritize better and get results faster,[object Object],34,[object Object]
Execute, NOW!,[object Object],35,[object Object]
You ever pour your heart and soul into a link idea and get few links?,[object Object],36,[object Object]
You have no…social musclenetworkarmy of helpers,[object Object],37,[object Object]
I’ve seen two companies launch the same link asset and one gets CRUSHED,[object Object],38,[object Object]
Why?,[object Object],39,[object Object]
Muscle!,[object Object],40,[object Object]
The true value of doing social well is the MUSCLE,[object Object],41,[object Object]
Will Critchlow – TechCrunch,[object Object],42,[object Object]
Find people who are internet famous ,[object Object],43,[object Object]
Like this Guy!,[object Object],44,[object Object]
We hired a top mom blogger,[object Object],45,[object Object]
Has credible muscleNo “personas”,[object Object],46,[object Object]
Forums are very helpful,[object Object],47,[object Object]
Find top posters, employ them as your muscle,[object Object],48,[object Object]
Have them:Post in forums for you(when it makes sense),[object Object],49,[object Object]
Get quality links in forums without polluting the web,[object Object],50,[object Object]
Every linkable asset gets a Marketing PLAN!,[object Object],51,[object Object]
Wil Reynolds@wilreynoldsSEER Interactive,[object Object],52,[object Object]
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Wil Reynolds - link building mistakes 2011

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